Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 38 Recap


Liu Shi fulfilled Yuan Ran’s mum officially. He had been solemnly dressed in a lawsuit, but he couldn’t conceal his ridiculous look, and he had been nervous and in a loss when confronting Yuan Ran’s mom. Yuan Ran’s mom didn’t embarrass Liu Shi, but since she had known that he had been an orphan, she had been prepared to look after the union.

Yuan mum’s mother deliberately gave an invaluable watch to Liu Shi. This view has been also a wedding present in Yuan Ran’s grandfather to her or her parents. During this particular meeting, Liu Shi simply listened from begin to finish, without mentioning a word, however, he took Yuan mum’s mother’s words . Liu Shi is currently twenty five years old, and there’s absolutely not any future in his profession, and of course there are families that want him to look after.

Liu Shi has planned to retire, he will work while he’s still young, and take decent care of Yuan Ran. Su Shun fulfilled again using Jia Yu in Su Chang’s petition, but he did not give Jia Yu a fantastic face this moment. He did not convince Su Chang to steer clear of Jia Yu before both Sushun brothers were abandoned. Su Chang entered the society a couple of years before, endured all sorts of bitterness, glistening his water chestnut long past, and started to be slick and sophisticated for achievement. Su Shun understood Su Chang’s painstaking attempts, but he couldn’t agree with this strategy, particularly seeing Xu Tan’s tough work step by step to the current accomplishments, Su Shun desired to conquer the competition by his own efforts, instead of relying upon some unwanted stances. He could only opt to utilize Su Shun’s racket.

Everybody’s racket differs, but Xu Tan considers people are enjoying, not the racket. This type of turning defeat into success has never occurred in the background of table tennis. Xu Tan gained fame within this game. Xu Tan won the championship that moment, also Yu Kenan, that has been in a negative condition, additionally re-examined himself. Taking a look at the racket around the desk, Su Chang remembered the inexhaustible life back and looked down Xu Tan’s self, and a tear dropped on the racket. Fatty nevertheless brings Yu Kenan two actions, and brings a sign of invitation to feminine celebrities. It is only that Xu Tan’s accomplishments this time enabled Yu Kenan to clean his mood up and go back to the training floor. Shortly, though Yu Kenan has diminished compared to earlier, his entire state remains at the top status in the first group. Ding Zhenxin’s retirement abandoned the name of team captain vacant. Fu Chuanzhi intentionally asked the trainer to inquire about the fantasies of the players and started to contemplate the candidates to another captain.

Wang Siheng took the initiative to fulfill Xu Tan, however, the air between them was somewhat wrong. As soon as three weeks before, Wang Siheng altered an internship, and he never said to Xu Tan. Wang Siheng considers there is an issue in the connection between her and Xu Tan. The connection that’s too busy and cannot protect each other will constantly experience more evaluations. Fang Yue saw this all in his eyes. He considered that when Song Min can enhance the technical troubles, Song Min’s upper limit could necessarily be greater than Kenan.

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