Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 37 Recap


He had been paralyzing himself with coaching daily. At the federal table tennis bash, Xu Tan appeared at Yu Kenan beneath the shining stars and intentionally avoided the competition.

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With this event, Yu Kenan couldn’t prevent meeting Jia Yu. He climbed up, he was no more the person who could not assist his temper when he watched Jia Yu. After being assisted back to the resort by the fat guy’s representative, he fell on the couch, unconscious and confused. Taking benefit of Yu Kenan’s drunkenness, the fat guy took a contract out, stating he had discovered a particularly competent sports firm for him and guaranteed to package Yu Kenan in a variety of manners. Yu Kenan wasn’t interested in this type of thing, but he could not stand the fat guy’s constant persuasion. The fat guy forced the pencil into Kenan’s hands and chattered in his ear. Yu Kenan had not defended the fat guy, and since he had been drunk, he’d no obvious understanding. To be able to create the fat guy closed up, Yu Kenan signed the contract before seeing it.

Before Xu Tan abandoned the national team, he had been dismissed as having physical fitness. Xu Tan strove desperately to get in touch with his physical fitnesscenter. He believed his attack power wasn’t enough, so that he tried his very best to clinic attack power. Table tennis. The federal team considers they can’t take part in the contest without expertise from the contest. This sounds like an infinite loop, making Xu Tan no more see expect. Wang Siheng has found work in Beijing, believing that he will spend more time together with Xu Tan, and it’s her perception and encouragement which makes Xu Tan recover his confidence.

Xu Tan requested Fang Yue for a chance, and he had been prepared to take part in any contest, simply to compensate for his lack of expertise. Xu Tan looked down to this type of commercial championship, but so as to amass experience, he had to concur. Many players in precisely the exact same time as Fang Yue engaged in this sort of competition. After Xu Tan really played, he found that the true contest and coaching were entirely different from the past Universiade. Xu Tan dropped the match by three factors. At this time, he knew what the so-called encounter of this championship supposed.

In this time, Xu Tan has been engaging in a variety of forms of competitions, slowly amassing expertise in the contests, along with his mentality is becoming more powerful. Xu Tan will participate in the Japanese sport . Before the match, he expects to fulfill Wang Siheng. Unexpectedly, since Wang Siheng could not adapt to the present life, she got a plaster on her leg injury. In order to not stress Xu Tan, she’d rather hide and shout than visit Xu Tan. After Xu Tan formally participated in the contest, Wang Siheng also intentionally refused to answer the telephone. Since Xu Tan engaged in a variety of competitions and won several championships, but not just Ma Chuan and many others believed he became indifferent, even Fang Yue also detected that the issue. It is only that Xu Tan himself does not think there’s a issue with his standing, like as long as he wins the tournament, nothing things.

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