Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 36 Recap


After almost two decades, Xu Tan returned into the national team , facing several new faces and also the advancement of his former players, his disposition is now distinct. Xu Tan remains immersed in practice each day, sometimes calling Wang Siheng, daily expect is to obtain a spot within another World Table Tennis Championships.

Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 35 Recap

Ever since winning the Grand Slam,” Yu Kenan has become a superstar in the sport world, and there are a high number of fans pursuing him everywhere. There’s also a fat and brief guy who would like to signal Yu Kenan to his sports business. Yu Kenan simply took the picture got in the car to pick him up, just to understand that his driver had been the obese guy. Yu Kenan realized it had been too late for him to choose the incorrect vehicle. Use Yu Kenan’s inability to depart, the fat guy lobbied in a variety of methods and appeared to comprehend the simple situation of Kenan’s household, also persuaded Yu Kenan to sign up a contract with him. Since coming from London, Liu Shi continues to be in the door of the infirmary, awaiting Yuan Ran to reunite before waking him up.

Before Liu Shi ever requested Yuan mum’s feelings, he wished to formally present Yuan Ran to his buddies as a newbie. Together with Liu Shi’s idiotic mind, Yuan Ran intentionally teased himbut also tacitly acquiesced in the love affair between both people. This time during Su Chang’s connection, he introduced to Jia Yu. Jia Yu is much more sophisticated and slick than in years past and he’s even more hypocritical. This has been noticed by Wu Kai, deliberately teasing himbut additionally counseled Su Shun to keep away out of Su Chang. Who understands that Liu Jie didn’t create a scheduled appointment with Qin Zhen, plus they had been miserable. Yuan Ran dragged Sister Liu into the vacation together.

Throughout the period of time, she examined Qin Zhen’s ideas together with her, and she enjoyed Qin Zhen but could not state this, and the way her heart was she spoke about Liu’s softheartedness. After hearing this investigation, she promptly went to search for Qin Zhen again, considering sending warmth to another party. In reality, this was matched by Liu Shi and requested Yuan Ran to convince Sister Liu to not give up. She only wished to go to Xu Tan. Who knew that it was Christmas now, so she purchased a couple of pairs of socks on the rug. Such socks can stun a couple of folks a day, however Xu Tan remains just a little sweeter in desperation. So as to have the ability to follow Xu Tan, Wang Siheng has started to consider matters after graduation, and even wishes to become Xu Tan personally as a helper. Two individuals take pleasure in the long run. At the candy span, Wang Siheng doesn’t wish to get separated from Xu Tan for an instant.

He believed he could eventually qualify to the Paris World Table Tennis Championships, but the group gave the sixth position to Yu Kenan. Fang Yue has got the heart to fight Xu Tan, but Fu Chuanzhi still believes that Xu Tan does not have any expertise and considers that the Grand Slam winner Yu Kenan is much more protected. Fu Chuanzhi expected that Xu Tan should reveal more dazzling outcomes and allow him to grow gradually. He appeared to be somewhat worried that being overly frustrated could make Xu Tan replicate Fang Yue’s mistakes. When he left a couple of decades back, he listened to these words, and he is back, he could still only hear these outcomes.

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