Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 35 Recap


This time Liu Shi desired to make the most of everybody’s spare time plus Fu Jingchun would likewise formally leave the national group. Xu Tan chose Wang Siheng and Lin Haozhi to combine Liu Shi, and the second he watched Yu Kenan, he couldn’t help being somewhat stiff.

Liu Shi expects to make the most of the chance to covertly convince Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to forego the past, and in precisely the exact same time it’s regarded as a clinic for Fu Jingchun. The brothers who had not seen each other for half of an year sat down to eat , and everybody shifted their cups. As matters handed, Zheng Hao had resigned, and Fu Jingchun’s grievances slowly let go. He was just disappointed that he considered Zheng Hao as a comparative.

Because of this, Zheng Hao didn’t stand firmly by his side. Just then could Fu Jingchun rush and laugh at everything. He’s self-righteous. Xu Tan felt that emotion in precisely the exact same style, and at precisely the exact same time appeared towards Yu Kenan. Ma Chuan was cheap as ever, and once the alcohol was on his own mind, he started to blame Yu Kenan for disrespecting Zheng Hao and compelled another party to resign. As soon as the only chance was put in front of himhe had no option. Though there was no direct communication, the two of these lacked what they desired to state that the most, allowing one another to understand the bitterness and insecurities in their hearts. Yu Kenan abandoned in anger, the air fell into humiliation, but Xu Tan received a telephone from Fu Chuanzhi.

In 2012, Xu Tan’s chance came, he re-entered the federal first group, along with the actual turning point in his lifetime also opened. Fang Yue turned into a group trainer. Xu Tan nevertheless remembered that the towel Fang Yue gave him every word he’d said . Xu Tan suspended the towel inside the room, he wanted to win, ” he wished to win the Grand Slam. Xu Tan had believed a great deal, but the majority of them were dreams, which didn’t permit him to make significant progress, but he has put his thoughts into reality. This time Xu Tan re-entered the federal team and appeared in the familiar place along with the table with a great deal of emotion. The distinction is that Xu Tan was filled with energy and affinity previously, but today Xu Tan is significantly more secure, but also has a feeling of space. The initial team came with a rookie Wu Kai, that appeared to possess the identical affinity as Xu Tan previously.

Wu Kai wasn’t miserable, but stressed that Yu Kenan would focus on training and neglect to eat. There’s still no title for Xu Tan. Fu Chuanzhi especially asked Fang Yue, Xu Tan is quite thoughtful and has to be polished, Fang Yue can also be convinced he can see Xu Tan’s title within another competition record. It could be tough for them to return to where they had been when they had been together, but their guts to bless one another and cheer hasn’t changed. Throughout the discussion, Wu Kai and Su Shun inadvertently revealed that Xu Tan had chased him for acting just like Yu Kenan, but he was serving as a former spouse for Yu Kenan. The speaker was accidental, as well as the listener was deliberate. Su Shun had felt that Xu Tan appeared to have shifted himself. He deeply recalled this sentence. He’s just like a rising star, quitting in the maximum stage to make people appear.

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