Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 34 Recap


Lei Cheng took a pan out especially created for Xu Tan. The entire body of the pan has been made from lead. In case Xu Tan may use this pan to pull backward, then once he picked up the racket, then regardless of what type of racket it had been, it’d be amazing.

The anti-pull competition has excellent explosive power. Sometimes, I could still appreciate Wang Siheng’s distress. She clearly did not like hair rings, but she wished to”against her conscience” to demonstrate her love and revel in the sweetness. Ultimately, Xu Tan employed his power to acquire the recognition of the group members, replacing others’ qualifications to the Universiade.

The full procedure of this dispute between Yu Kenan and Zheng Hao was seized from the camera, and Fu Chuanzhi wasn’t permitted to show mercy to his guys and opted to suspend coaching for a single month. There continue to be twenty days ahead of the World Cup in Paris, meaning that Yu Kenan will eliminate the probability of the match, and will totally overlook the Grand Slam. Maybe due to the purpose factors of this game, or due to the unity of the group members, Fu Chuanzhi eventually shifted his mind to allow Yu Kenan have a chair in this game. In the Shenzhen Universiade at 2011, Xu Tan readily won his competitor, passed the evaluation all of the way, defeated many overseas players, and advanced into the final.

Before the closing, Xu Tan hauled with Wang Siheng on the telephone. Provided that he wins that Paris game, Yu Kenan is just 1 step away in the Grand Slam, and this measure is the second due to his actual strength. Zhang Caiwei especially came to see the Yu Kenan match but didn’t go in. Just if she ran into Xiao Jun out the stadium, she had the chance to discuss her ideas. Zhang Caiwei saw Yu Kenan step by step to the top. She felt she could no more grip the racket. Zhang Caiwei’s heart became increasingly worried, but Yu Kenan became increasingly unable to comprehend her feelings. Maybe they had drifted away. At the closing of this Universiade, Xu Tan confronted Japan’s Minano Juichi.

This individual has undergone many world-class contests. From the first match, Xu Tan won fairly easily, but by the next match, Minano Juichi was aggressive as a individual, and Xu Tan couldn’t fight back.

Following Lei Cheng educated him, Xu Tan found that Nanye Juichi is quite like Yu Kenan. If Xu Tan can not do away with distracting thoughts and play with confidence, then he’ll surely lose miserably. At the start of the new round, Xu Tan’s general popularity is now distinct, and the difference was pulled back by one. As it came into the decisive purpose, Xu Tan abruptly made a gesture when he awakened with Yu Kenan, and he looked like a serene cheetah awaiting his meals. This ultimate target was pulled back, letting Xu Tan to win the tournament along with the cheers of the crowd. Xu Tan would like to visit the planet, win the world championship and conquer Yu Kenan. In the media conference, Fu Chuanzhi revealed that Zheng Hao had retired and moved Yu Kenan into Teng Biao. When Yu Kenan moved into the restroom, he ran into Jia Yu.

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