Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 33 Recap


The parents at the hospital don’t desire Xu Tan to look after them all the time. He’s now filled with heart about the best way best to increase enough for therapy and arrears. The ideas of the 2 individuals were self explanatory. Even though it wasn’t said in the mouth area, the connection of love was created, and ultimately after the shift and fatigue, there’s something which may make Xu Tan joyful and comfy.

So as to have the ability to amass enough cash when you can, Xu Tan met with Mr. Zhang of Guoben below the assistance of Fu Jingchun, also requested another party to care for the principal players. Xu Tan’s operation is already regarded as a powerful player in the club, but after all, he hasn’t engaged in any world-class contest. Seeing the principal therapy, Mr. Zhang appears somewhat embarrassed. He chose to generate a military arrangement. If he wins at the following matches, then Mr. Zhang will have to provide him the major therapy, otherwise the wages is going to probably be as happy as another party.

Xu Tan was pressured to a dead end, but that which he did not anticipate was that another game against Guoben was really Yu Kenan. After Xu Tan is defeated, but he won’t just be made to input Guoben, but he’s also not capable to become picky about therapy. Ahead of the match, Fu Jingchun still expects that Xu Tan is going to be set in the 2nd only, but Mr.

Zhang clearly needs Xu Tan to confront the hopeless opponent Yu Kenan, so he can not just play with Tianji horse racing, in addition, it can signal Xu Tan to the best extent and in the lowest cost. It was a foregone conclusion, Xu Tan didn’t escape, so he packed his mood up and ready for the very first official game. No one was pleased with the success from the first match, even Yu Kenan himself. Zheng Hao is extremely disappointed with his performance. Someone who was withdrawn in the federal team can get six things at the palms of Kenan. This appears to be a pity for him as a trainer. From the next match, Xu Tan was suppressed and desperately distressed.

He remembered the consequence of instruction using Lei Cheng. Xu Tan was pushed into a dead end, and there’s not any need to be worried about matters that he did not dare to earlier. Zheng Hao didn’t anticipate Xu Tan to have the ability to play this type of chunk beneath Kenan, and promptly called the match to a stop. The match wasn’t over and Xu Tan’s success was meaningless. Though he succeeded in registering with Guoben together with the most important therapy, Xu Tan cared about being vertical together with Yu Kenan and enjoying a fantastic match. With her companion, Xu Tan did not feel lonely, and began to be filled with fighting spirit. Xu Tan Would like to fulfill Yu Kenan at a real match.

Just by continuously improving himself and engaging in a variety of competitions can he fulfill more chances. He wished to induce Xu Tan to hurry, fight , and continue! Lei Cheng arrived at the college’s table tennis training space, and once more focused on assessing the outcomes of the match with Xu Tan in an objective standpoint. It’s incontrovertible that if the sport isn’t left halfway, then the likelihood of winning the match is Yu Kenan. The 2 masters and apprentices examine Yu Kenan’s attributes and Xu Tan’s own shortcomings. The consequences of this backhand will end up Xu Tan’s weakness to be suppressed with his enemies.

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