Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 32 Recap


Xu Tan has been coaching actively recently and also his condition has slowly recovered. Feng Zhonghe wrongly thought he had let go of this haze, but he didn’t anticipate that Xu Tan could continue to be reluctant to take part in the Universiade. Xu Tan began working hard because he had been a young child, and eventually reached the maximum point . Now that he’s dropped greatly, it will surely take the time to overcome this barrier. If you cross , you get a bright future. If you can not cross , it is going to stop here.

Zheng Hao appeared down to Liu Shi and Ma Chuan, irritated Yu Kenan, also needed to play Liu Shi on the place to let everybody see they’re also the top players. Liu Shi demonstrated his power using one ball, and abruptly suffered a back injury. It was more severe than previously. It’s hard to state whether he is able to completely recover. The budding newcomer from the table tennis sector also has many hardcore fans. Becoming a sports superstar didn’t make Yu Kenan joyful and complacent.

This year’s Ping Pong Super League is going to Start. Tianjin Guoben Club will perform Lvteng Normal University in the home, playing Henan. As the sponsor, the Lvteng Ping Pong faculty group is accountable for helping the secretary. Following the assembly, Wang Siheng pulled everybody on a grill to unwind. Taking advantage of this chance to be lonely, she intentionally uttered Xu Tan’s private psychological condition. Wang Siheng was thrilled to find out that Xu Tan hadn’t been in love, but when she understood Xu Tan had someone she enjoyed, and she remembered something, her grin immediately vanished from her face

. When Xu Tan inadvertently mentioned that Lei Lei had a boyfriend, Wang Siheng cried back, her disposition was constantly influenced by Xu Tan. He did not even take into consideration the fact that Wang Siheng already enjoyed him. Xu Tan wished to reunite the dining table tennis racket to Lin Haozhi, however, Lin Haozhi did not feel the present condition was Xu Tan’s end stage, like everybody else Xu Tan himself preserved confidence . Leng Yi faced Fu Jingchun. Even Lin Haozhi might observe that Fu Jingchun was stable, but he wasn’t any more as hard as before.

Fu Jingchun has joined the team and filed an application to draw from the group. He plans to convince Xu Tan to also go into the Guoben club. Provided that you do not give up, Xu Tan does not need to play only for cash. At this time, Xu Tan unexpectedly got a call from his dad who had been severely ill and has been hospitalized. If Xu Zhan doesn’t undergo operation to replace his liver, he’ll confront the end result of cancer. The escape occurred in the nighttime, and the performance charge of 500,000 yuan was unknown how to fix it. The lender whose parents had borrowed cash before went into the hospital to request the cost.

They owed a whole 100,000 yuan for a month or two, and Xu Tan could just ask another party to permit another ten times of elegance. Wang Siheng was initially kind, but since he enjoyed Xu Tan, he covertly came to stop by Xu Zhan. Wang Siheng also requested his classmates and parents to borrow cash, so he could always pay the expense of the very first surgery. But, Xu Tan appears to have made programs. He’s reluctant to take loans from anybody. He wishes to be prepared to take Fu Jingchun’s proposal and input the Guoben Club.

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