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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 28 Recap



Yu Kenan and Xu Tan created a consultation, however, Zheng Hao Briefly ceased him. The possibility to see the investigation of the rival from the World Table Tennis Championship left Yu Kenan opt to quit up. Xu Tan failed to stick to Yu Kenan’s phrases if he had been lonely, he also insisted going to Fu Chuanzhi. He had been somewhat dissatisfied, as though he was left by his own brothers.

An athlete needs to have their or her own heart skills. Xu Tanzheng is performing exactly the task of accumulating the ball playing miscellaneously having a disappointed saying.

Zheng Hao additionally works by using him negative instruction substance to frighten and remind different gamers. Xu Tan spent some time working hard all of the way . Everybody else is depending upon their or her own attempts. Together with Kenan’s persuasion, he’s finally eager to select the initiative to struggle for chances out of Fu Chuanzhi.

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