Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 40 Recap


Yuan Kan walked into the palace and snatched the paper in Liu E’s hands, all corroborating the evidence of Pan Yushu’s fornication. Yushu was delusional to quibble, and Cao Liuli on the side said that before his death, Ouchi guard Zhong Qiao had boasted with his colleagues that he had an affair with his concubine, and even asked that colleague to create a token of affection, and the colleague lied to Zhong Qiao and said the earrings. The pattern of Yu Shu was lost in order to preserve the evidence to see which concubine it was. Seeing Cao using the pattern of the earrings to escape from the cuffs, Yu Shu suddenly felt desperate and could not speak.


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