Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 38 Recap


Yu Shu also received the news from the maids, and learned that the concubine Chen was about to give birth, and Yu Shu asked Yue’er to take out the Jiegu sent by Pan Liang, and when the concubine gave birth to the emperor heir, he rang the jiegu at the door of the delivery room, attracting The civet cat then waited for Pan Liang to solve the problem.

Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 37 Recap

The nurse is still helping the woman to induce labor, and Su Yijian keeps pacing at the door, but even if the nurse has exhausted all the means, she can’t see the sign of the child’s birth. Time is running out, so the nurse has to get on the carriage and return to the palace. The night has darkened, and the Cao’s banquet is still going on. Everyone toasted each other. Pan Taifu and the Korean grandfather discussed about the imperial heir’s labor. The Korean grandfather thought that his daughter had not been favored. He felt very uncomfortable, but Cao Taifu felt that , Perhaps everything is God’s will.

Su Yijian told Liu E about the pregnant mother’s lazy month. If there is no other child, Liu E would never snatch Wan’er’s child, so she resolutely refused Su Yijian’s request. The nurse rushed to the delivery room and distracted everyone, but there was an old palace lady who sneaked out a civet cat out of the box and placed it quietly under the bed. On the other side, Wang Ji specially prepared several Kongming lanterns in the capital for Yue Zhang to celebrate his birthday. And Liu E went to Neiku alone with Yingluo in order to prepare to send her son Guanyin to Wan’er. The Kongming Lantern flew up, but lost control in the air, burned into a fireball, and ignited the inner library. The maids and ministers became a mess at once, and everyone hurried to fight the fire. In Nekuri, thick smoke billowed. Su Yijian went to fight the fire together. Zhang Jingzong reported to Yuan Kan about the situation of Neiku, which was far away from the delivery room. Knowing that Wan’er was still in labor, Yuan Kan hurried away and ordered the generals to fight the fire. Liu E thought of Wan’er’s situation, and hurried to the delivery room after coming out of Neiku. The fire grew stronger and the delivery room was set on fire. The prince was born safely. The nanny hurriedly wrapped up the prince. Who knew that there was a dead civet cat under that layer of cotton. The nanny hurriedly threw down the cotton and wrapped it up. Emperor heir. Now that the fire is extremely strong, considering the future of Song Dynasty and Liu E’s position as the queen, the nurse is helpless, so she has to ignore Wan’er on the bed and take the prince away. Just after escaping from the delivery room, the nurse ran into Liu E, so she hurriedly handed the prince to Liu E, who was close to begging Liu E to take the prince away, and hurriedly went to the rescuer and rescued Wan’er. The nurse found Su Yijian at the entrance of Neiku and hurriedly asked her to go to the delivery room to save the person, while the maid at the entrance of the delivery room found Wan’er’s younger brother Zaifeng. Knowing that her sister was in trouble, Zaifeng bravely rushed into the fire, but the fire continued to burn the pillars. Zai Feng couldn’t escape with Wan’er. At this time, there was heavy rain, lightning flashes and thunder, and the chopped tree trunk fell down and hit the old palace lady who was putting the cat. And Liu E was very happy watching the heavy rain. Yuan Kan rushed to the door of the delivery room under the heavy rain, but the ministers just knelt in the rain and dared not speak. In the heavy rain, Zaifeng escaped from the fire with Wan’er in his arms. Yuan Kan and others hurriedly took over the parcel in Wan’er’s hands. Unexpectedly, the corpse of a civet cat was removed, and the audience was shocked. Pan Liang was puzzled, but at this time, Yingluo hurried over under an umbrella and reported to Yuan Kan that the queen gave birth to a prince. The ministers listened in their hearts, but Pan Liang looked astonished and lost the game after all.

Yuan Kan rushed to Liu E’s bedroom, holding the newborn child, smiling, but Liu E was thinking about Wan’er’s situation. At this time, the smudged nanny rushed to report that Chen Fei had given birth, but she escaped. After the fire scene, he was in a coma. After Liu E heard it, tears quickly filled his eyes, very distressed, but Yuan Kan didn’t care at all, just kept teasing the child in his arms.

In a fire, Mr. Cao cut off his desire to seize the position. Pan Liang began to pursue the old palace lady who placed the civet cat, who knew she had been struck to death by lightning, nor did she know the whereabouts of the “thing” that confessed her…


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