Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 37 Recap


Yuan Kan confessed that Doctor Dong was fully responsible for taking care of Liu E and others. On the other hand, Pan Liang found the girl who offered nectar on that day. Yuan Kan gave the unborn emperor heir the crown prince at the Taizu Temple. This caused Pan Liang to suspect the girl. In order to eliminate the future troubles, Pan Liang directly poisoned him.

Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 36 Recap

The dead girl, in addition, ordered Yushu to explore the reality again. A few days later, a banquet was held in the palace again. Liu E and Jia Ling sipped tea. Yu Shu pretended to be cute and served Liu E with soup. Liu E thought that Yu Shu had finally changed his mind, so he drank the lotus soup. Sure enough, when Liu E was choosing silk and satin, he felt terribly painful in his stomach. Yuan Kan hurriedly helped Liu E and called for the imperial physician. Unexpectedly, it was not Dr. Dong that came, but the unfamiliar Dr. Huang. After Huang Tai doctor diagnosed the pulse condition, it was found that it was a double pulse, and it was confirmed that it was the pulse condition of the pregnancy. After the doctor Huang left, Liu E said that he had taken the secret medicine provided by the nurse and was able to pretend to show signs of double pulse. The emperor Huang turned around to report to Yushu. Liu E, who had taken the soup by mistake, did not have a serious face. The pulse did have double pulses. The emperor Huang reported that Liu E was indeed pregnant. After hearing this, Yushu was disappointed and still treated Liu E. His stomach is suspicious. In order to find out whether Liu E’s body was in serious condition, Yuan Kan once again called Dr. Dong. After Dr. Dong checked, he learned that Pan Yushu had put the secret poison in the soup bowl that would only cause stomach pain when normal people ate it. Yuan In order to keep quiet, Liu E persuaded Yuan Kan not to punish Yu Shu. But Yuan Kan still told Su Yijian the matter and ordered him to investigate the matter thoroughly. Su Yijian found Liu E, and the two began to recall Yu Shu’s actions, because the suspicious thing was when Xiangguo Temple prayed for blessings, but Liu E still couldn’t tell which part of the problem went wrong. Su Yijian had to wait for Liu E. When you have ideas, ask again.

Wan’er and Liu E looked at the new silk. Liu E listened to Wan’er talking about all the things that the two children could do together after they were born. Her face was full of happiness, but Liu E felt very uncomfortable when she heard it. Yuan Kan wanted to take Wan’er’s child to herself, but Liu E always regarded Wan’er as a sister, how could he do such a vicious thing. Seeing Wan’er drink the tonic, Liu E had to remain silent.

The nanny was walking in the village and found a very lively house. There were five boys in the yard playing and having fun. The woman in it was still pregnant with the sixth child. The nanny caught the unborn woman in the belly of the woman. One. So he took out the silver and reported to Yuan Kan back, everything only waited until the fetus was born. Liu E had heard of the plan, but still couldn’t let go of the guilt in his heart for Wan’er, and specifically asked Yuan Kan to treat Wan’er better in the future. After listening to Liu E, Yuan Kan took Wan’er to the Ting Pavilion to see the beautiful scenery the next day. Yuan Kan and Wan’er bet that there must be a healthy male fetus in their stomach. Wan’er was very shy after hearing this. But the joy on his face could not conceal the joy in his heart.

Taifu Cao held a birthday banquet. The ministers came to attend. The imperial decree came along with the music. It turned out that it was Yuan Kan’s plaque. After seeing Yuan Kan’s handwritten plaque, Cao Taifu didn’t say much, but bowed deeply. .

Wan’er had prenatal labor pains, but the woman on the side of the nurse had a lazy month, and it might take three days to give birth. Yuan Kan quickly sent Su Yijian to find the nurse, and the other side urged the maids to send Wan’er to the delivery room for delivery. Liu E was originally in the dormitory who was preparing to pick up the biological products for Wan’er. The maids passed by, and Liu E and the others accelerated their pace. However, Liu E was still unstable in her heart, stroking her belly silently, vaguely aware of the danger .


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