Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 36 Recap


Liu E and others returned to the palace and lay back on their chairs. Liu E couldn’t help feeling tired, but Zhang Jingzong came to report that Yuan Kan Longyan was furious. When Liu E arrived, it turned out that it was Wang Qinruo and Su Yi. After Jane returned from negotiations with the envoys, the party’s Li Deming wanted to receive a title and salary. Such shameless demands made Yuan Kan furious and felt that he would directly help Jimo attack the rebellious party. Liu E just wanted to ask more, but Yuan Kan deliberately stopped Liu E from asking more questions. Liu E felt very cold after hearing this, and decided on the spot that he would not attend the evening New Year’s Eve banquet. When Yushu and others saw Liu E hurriedly leaving, they deliberately sent Yue’er to visit.

Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 35 Recap

At the beginning of the dinner, Liu E never showed up, but the party envoy wanted to come. The situation was surging among the ministers, but Yuan Kan looked lonely and looked at everyone indifferently. Liu E called the imperial physician in the bedroom, but it turned out that he had a fetal gas, and his body was a little tired. General Dangxiang came to the Jiying Hall and asked Yuan Kan’s opinion on the peace treaty. Yuan Kan deliberately kept silent, but only invited his envoys to the table. It was at this time that the king of Chu shouted that there was snow outside the window. It turned out that it was really heavy snow falling, and everyone looked at the warm scene and sighed. As soon as he returned to the house, Liu E suddenly noticed that the abdominal pain continued, and the blood kept flowing between his legs. Zhang Jingzong got the news and ran back to call the doctor Dong. Yuan Kan hurried back to the bedroom after hearing the news, but Liu E was already I passed out in pain.

Just as Yu Shu was about to change clothes and fall asleep, Pan Liang sent a letter to him, stating that Liu E had mistakenly used the nectar of a fetus and asked Yu Shu to check it out. Yu Shu had just walked to the door and was about to rush into it. Yuan Kan was drunk by Yuan Kan. Yu Shu was reprimanded by Yuan Kan and had to return to the palace in disgrace. On the other side, Doctor Dong said to the emperor with a disappointed look that the fetus in Liu E’s womb was not protected. Looking at Liu E’s sleeping face, Yuan Kan asked the nurse that it was the baby boy who had been lost. Yuan Kan was extremely disappointed and stood alone. Outside the palace, the nurse comforted Yuan Kan, but Yuan Kan still couldn’t cheer up. Now there is only hope in Wan’er’s belly, but if Wan’er really gives birth to a son, is it going to make Wan’er a stepmother? At this time, the nurse deliberately proposed to change the baby to the queen, or to exchange the baby in Wan’er for Liu.

The next day, Yuan Kan still agreed to Liu E’s intention and agreed to the peace agreement with the party. In addition, Yuan Kan deliberately made the “male fetus” in Liu E’s belly the crown prince, and held the canonization ceremony despite Kou Zhun and others’ blockade. When he returned to the bedroom, Yuan Kan gave Liu E the medicine by himself, but Liu E’s eyes were full of doubts. If he really responded to the nanny’s trick, it must be unfair to Wan’er, but Yuan Kan is willing to take this tactic. , Is definitely to help Liu E to keep her as the queen. Even if Wan’er gave birth to a daughter, even if she was a male baby, as long as she can call them both as parents, Yuan Kan is willing to let Liu E teach him and become the king of the future. Choice. Liu E suddenly felt that God’s will was making people, but he still silently obeyed Yuan Kan’s meaning.


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