Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 35 Recap


He just hoped that the kid in his belly might be born at the calm and prosperous era, but Yuan Kan nevertheless overlooked the prefectures of Yanyun in his center.

Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 34 Recap

Liu E advised Yuan Kan to not hurry for fast success. It’s the times once the people of Li are secure. Yuan Kan believed it made sense after hearing , and declared the decision the following day. But in this moment, the Dangxiang dispute revived, also Dangxiang appealed to Da Song for serenity, simply to reduce Da Song out of intervening in the issue. However, the Lee brothers resisted Da Song in the moment, and also the Korean people advocated fighting . Kou Zhun would discontinue it . Taking this chance to ruin the party, the ministers could not assert, Yuan Kan could just create Su Yijian move to satisfy the envoys initially, and behave in line with this chance. The Korean dad then raised the problem of establishing a priest, and the courtroom actually had yet another dispute. Su Yijian and Liu E lightly drank tea from the backyard. Jialing came to inquire about Su Yijian concerning the affairs of this celebration envoy. However, Su Yijian was taboo in regards to the principles of this palace and didn’t disclose that Jialing, that had been born in Hamam, was obviously worried. The emperor would collude with all the celebration to assault Zamo. Seeing Jia Lingchang kneel down, Liu E reluctantly assisted up him and comforted him.

After listening to Master Xing and celebrating that the celestial happenings, Yuan Kan stated that the prince may be disadvantaged, therefore he carved a pendant to plead to the embryo at Liu E and Wan’er. The love that was unspoken, has disappeared. Wan’er gently stroked her bulging abdomen, Yuan Kan’s Caring leaves Wan’er no more obsessed with Mu Yi, and softly throws the sachet to the cooker. Ding Wei requested Kou to beverage. Ding Wei carefully suggested the new year is coming and there’s a good deal of cash to be postponed. It ends up that it’s a great deal of wood required to build the palace. Ding said he wished to start the canal, so that he intentionally and secretly asked if he would make it personal Kou Zhun accepted. Kou Zhun kept quiet, but proposed that the cash for wine now ought to be removed by himself. Seeing Kou Zhun depart his sleeves, Ding Wei can see his approach had failed, however, Ding Wei was unwilling and has to find ways to dig this out canal. Yuan Kan leaned on Liu E thankfully and listened into the motion of the embryo.

Suddenly, after Yu Shu discovered that Liu E had lifted the ban for himself, she wasn’t thankful, and even talked harshly , presuming Liu E was a bogus compassion. Liu E knew she shouldn’t take care of Yu Shu, but abandoned a couple of words of information indifferently. He abandoned but Yushu was gritting his teeth while viewing Liu E’s leaving figure. Both were really happy and quickly purchased another person to prepare foods. Liu E made a decision to visit Xiangguo Temple using Yingluo to pray for blessings, but did not mean to observe the barbarous footsteps of Cao Li and many others. It was that the Liao Emperor chose to send troops to fight against Goryeo at the moment.

Favorable diplomatic connections were used to comprise Daliao. Yuan Kan believed this suggestion was exceptional, so that he consented to it. Yingluo and Liu’e arrived at the temple to beg to the Buddha sincerely. Following the bell struck, the abbot indicated that the folks desired to find the queen prayed to the prince from the way. They agreed with all kindness. In the start, a part of the public maintained he had eight sons and especially shipped nectar to Liu E. Yingluo was puzzled and wished to discontinue Liu E, but Liu E was nevertheless quite reassuring. Satisfied grin.


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