Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 34 Recap


The queen canonization ceremony started, Liu E placed onto a phoenix crown and walked to the hallway, with countless military and civil officials lined up with himYuan Kan looked in Liu E below the hallway with gratification, and hurried to help him up.

Seeing Baiguan bow , both eventually confronted each other hand in hand. Yu Shu was immobilized at the palace, heard the sound of the canonization ceremony, bitterness rebirth in his center, toppled all of the jewellery, watched the rings that dropped on the floor, the rings the enthusiast gave that afternoon, Yu Shu softly picked it up and put it on quietly, looking at herself in the bronze mirror, looking closely, softly…

Jialing looked in the beautiful sachets and was profoundly moved. Today Wan’er seems dull, she has to be pregnant together with the prince. Liu E could not help but feel somewhat frustrated after hearing this, but he tolerated it did not make any accusations. Yingluo could not help speaking about that which Jialing said now before Liu E, but Liu E no longer desired the arrival of this prince, so long as it had been the blood and flesh blended with Yuan Kan, she’d be fulfilled.

From the hallway, Wang Qinruo said when this canonization ceremony was held, a bunch of reddish butterflies seemed, which has to be a fantastic omen. Kou Zhun softly listened to Wang Qinruo’s exaggeration, until Wang Qinruo suggested to create a palace away from the palace to its royal concubines to increase a baby, Kou Zhun subsequently created a rebuttal. The beautiful son’s excited Yuan Kan immediately dismissed Kou Zhun’s words and allow him Ding reported he was accountable for the building, and when Wang Qin watched the strategy succeeded, he awakened. Seeing that King Zhao, who’d rebels, expired under his hands, and he needed to eliminate the sister that married the King Zhao and Xiao Chuo. Xiao Chuo shed leads to pain, and unexpectedly coughed. Emperor Xiao became worried, however, Xiao Chuo couldn’t hear this, but asked to determine the way the soldiers practiced. Seeing the Daliao warriors collect, Xiao Chuo’s couple speeches boosted morale and significantly enhanced the devotion of their soldiers. Beneath Xiao Chuo’s sequence, the soldiers started to drill again. Xiao Chuo was relieved to hand over the army power to Emperor Xiao and requested Emperor Xiao to not violate the Liao-Song Covenant. After everything were clarified, Xiao Chuo felt weak and dropped on the chair.

Wan’er is seeing. Everybody is laughing and talking. Zhang Jingzong hurries to deliver covert guards. It ends up that it had been the information of the passing of Queen Mother Xiao. Over the courtroom, the ministers mentioned that the Liao Dynasty had no potential, and also the Pan family suggested to struggle . Cao Taifu along with the other ministers considered that peace ought to be precious, but Kou Zhun also suggested the principal battle. Seeing this controversy became disorderly again, Yuan Kan had a headache and had to escape temporarily. Thinking back on the times when he had been in Liao, he raised his wine glass to honor the Empress Dowager Xiao’s Spirit in Heaven. At nighttime time, Yuan Kan was worried about what happened now. Liu E wear a chilly coat . Yuan Kan could not help inquiring Liu E’s view on whether he’d struggle between the Liao and Song dynasties…


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