Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 33 Recap


Yuan Kan looked in the toys alongside King Chu and asked where they obtained them. Then the people stated they were shipped with Wang Qinruo’s extended queen Yuying. When Yuan Kan discovered it, he could not help but collapse into believing.

Yue’er arrived at Shangyifang to select up winter clothing, but Yue’er found the design and cloth weren’t brand new. Wan’er and Yingluo across the side arrived, but Xu Shangfu provided the newest winter clothing fashions, which left Yue’er envious and could not help but ridicule. Li Wan’er obviously did not need to contend with such a individual, and was going to turn around and leave, but Yue’er was loath to grab up all of the way.

Yingluo furiously assaulted her heart, and was going to lift her hands to battle against Yue’er. It was at the chaos which the step with Yue’er triggered Wan’er, and Wan’er dropped off the staircase and fainted into the floor. After Wan’er awakened, she discovered that Liu E was sitting before the bed. Yuan Kan also dashed over. Yuan Kan hugged Wan’er closely, and both were so mad. Liu E on the side left and turned quietly after viewing the circumstance. Yu Shu was enjoying the piano at the lawn, wondering why Measure Yao and Yue’er took the winter clothing but there wasn’t any news. Both slowly walked .

Seeing that their faces weren’t correct, Yu Shu was going to inquire, Zhang Jing Zong arrived by order and stated that Yue’er and Bu Yao had collaborated together with Li Wan’er’s bronchial petrol and demoted into the coat area. Hearing that Li Wan’er, that looked down , was pregnant, Yu Shu’s heart was struck by a Massive blow, and she felt that the world was turning… Kou Zhun implied that Li Wan’er ought to be the queen, but Cao Taifu as well as the Korean daddy quickly objected. After everybody contested they believed that after awaiting Li Wan’er to give birth, then they’d choose whether they ought to be the heir of the emperor. At nighttime, Liu E prepared a table of food, simply to wait around for Yuan Kan to look, however, Yuan Kan didn’t appear for quite a while. Zhang Jingzong came and stated that Yuan Kan had gone Wan’er’s bedroom, and Liu E didn’t include any more.

The accusation was sitting back to the bedside and stitching the clothing for Wan’er’s unborn child. Late during the night, Liu E repeatedly could not sleeptook out Zhao Ji’s shroud in the cupboard, and quietly approached and sniffed. Liu E overlooked his kid very much at the moment. Yuan Kan came quietly, kneeling aside too. Yuan Kan understood that Liu E had led to ‘er being pregnant this time, but now Liu E requested Yuan Kan to function as queen. However, Yuan Kan wasn’t affected by the overall look of this emperor heir into Liu E’s conclusion. In Yuan Kan’s head, the only person on the planet who’s the mom of ritual is Liu E facing him.

There was still another feast at the palace, and the concubines accumulated. Li Wan’er was overdue due to nausea and nausea. Yu Shu intentionally offered to provide presents to observe Wan’er, so that he took the bowstrings he’d ready, and stated triumphantly the bowstrings can turn the embryo in Li Wan’er’s stomach into a man. He said he assessed Wan’er’s birth date, which has to be a indication of giving birth to a girl. After Yuan Kan softly shot the bow and crossbow series, he advised it on the floor and arranged Yu Shu to depart. The reluctant Yu Shu squatted down, but took the chance to pull the tablecloth, inducing a desk of soup to hit and fall Liu E.. . It is crap. Yuan Kan understood obviously, but what had been concerned about at the moment was Liu E’s entire body, so that he purchased the imperial doctor to test carefully. Who knew the royal doctor took a heartbeat and discovered that Liu E was pregnant at the moment. The child born from the blood of both will eventually come again… Wang Yuying appeared in the toy in her hands and could not help but think of King Chu of the day, with a grin on her mouth.

Currently Zhang Jingzong arrived at the Wang’s home and declared the royal decree. After Zhang Jingzong abandoned, Wang Qinruo was worried to ask Yuan Kan to return his will. , But Wang Yuying ceased Wang Qinruo and said shyly she had been prepared to wed King Chu. Cao used the information to inform his dad, but Mrs. Cao stayed quiet and was bothered by the collapse of his plan. Cao used to convince his dad to stop being connected, and everything interferes with God’s will and may no more be ruined, but Cao Taifu nevertheless walks off. Pan Bozheng and Pan Liang desired to stop by Yushu, but Yushu left a large mistake on the afternoon of the feast and has been banned.

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