Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 31 Recap


Thinking back into the livelihood of his own life, Wang Qinruo could not help but feel unhappy, holding a hands of the lake into his hands, and decided to walk from the lake. Before taking two measures, the household members of the Wang family chased after him, advising his dad to not throw him to the river easily.

Adhering to Yuying’s boundless phrases, Wang Qinruo still wrinkled a face, focusing on looking for death. Just then did Yuying state she along with her mum and Concubine Dee will sew the phoenix robe lately, and they’ll surely get near Liu E and mention a few great things to Wang Qinruo. Sure enough, with all these words, Wang Qinruo awakened tremblingly like viewing the sunrise. Yuan Kan was really moved when she saw it. He even took the rattle to entertain the child. A lot.

In the last couple of days, Liu E was sinking into the clothing area, occupied sewing the phoenix dress for your Queen Mother Xiao, Yuan Kan could not help flashing a hint of guilt in his heart, but he expected this phoenix gown to be in a position to achieve that. The Shangyifang is at full swing. Liu E comprehends that firing jade is desperately needed from the substances, but the slave shook his head and stated that firing jade is missing. Then the spouse on the side included that South Korean dad Pan Bozheng had obtained fire jade out of General Liao.

Pan Yushu heard concerning the shortage of passion jade from the stitching of phoenix dresses, and hurried into the analysis to search for this. Pan Liang stood apart and watched quietly, imagining that Yushu was attempting to acquire Yuan Kan’s love during the emperor of passion jade, and he didn’t stop him . When both spoke about the previous time, they counseled that the brother to not go it alone, otherwise the entire family could be impacted. Yuan Kan arrived to locate Yushu to get Huoyu, but if he was going to step in the bedroom, then Yushu watched the shadow of a civet cat flashed through the window. Yushu dropped to the floor in a panic, even the Huoyu in his arms had been broken into the floor. . Yuan Kan revealed that the fire jade was busted all over the area, frustrated, and had to depart with disappointment. Knowing the flame jade was busted, Liu E found there was just 1 embellishment of flame jade overlooking on the previously made phoenix robe.

The women beside him indicated additional jade for a substitute, but it wasn’t as fantastic as the flame jade. E denied one . The flame jade was crushed, Yuan Kan was angry, and summoned the ministers to attempt and prevent Yelu, who had been going to depart tomorrowfrom remaining behind. The gate opened, Yelu remained behind and others rode in the direction of the gate. The eunuch came to record and stated Lord Xing and Lord Xing needed a method to locate Huoyu. Wang Qinruo clarified that firing jade will fall out of the skies under the auspicious omen. In desperation, Yuan Kan simply Can visit Shangyifang to test, who understands Liu E still talks about the shortage of flame jade.

Yuan Kan turned to look at Wang Qinruo and others, only going to perpetrate crimes. Currently cranes appeared at the skies. One after the other, they lined up at a lineup and flew all the way into the city gate. Everyone saw that the cranes put a kit down and opened it. The flint was discovered, and the tailor made from the Shangyifang immediately took it and immediately completed the last procedure of this phoenix robe. Zhang Jingzong found the Daxiang centre volume was attached to the kit. This opinion happened to be noticed by Yelu staying across the side, and he could not help being afraid that when he worshipped Emperor Xuanyuan, the hundred ancestor Xuanyuan could cause Daliao to obtain retribution from paradise.

At this moment, the phoenix robe has been finished, Liu E took the final product, and handed it to Yelu to remain behind. The Queen Mother Xiao’s birthday has been decreased without delay. The cranes appeared, and after the phoenix robe was stitched. Yelu remained behind and had to give up the strategy to worship. , opt to return into Daliao. If it were not for this mishap’s”God”, then Yuan Kan could have arranged Su Yijian to utilize violence to intercept Yelu left and others. Now’s calm situation is due to Liu E’s creativity and hard work. Yuan Kan requested Liu E the way he thought of the”Novel of Heaven”, Liu E didn’t say much, but stated that God’s will is really so. Yuan Kan went to locate Master Xing. Master Xing, who may just observe the occurrence, pointed out that the place of Zhou Boxing for Yuan Kan.. It was now that Wang Qinruo arrived to watch…

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