Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 30 Recap


After learning that he’d been in a coma for a couple of days, Wan’er had prayed from the Buddhist hall. After viewing it with his eyes, Yuan Kan was transferred and hugged Wan’er closely. Liu E, that was here to provide the cloak, watched the both of them, and walked silently with Yingluo.

Wang Qinruo reported he had obtained all of the guilt on behalf of his own son-in-law and has been accused by Yuan Kan.. Ding Wei sighed as he saw Wang Qinruo’s carriage move away. Liu E approached Zhang Jingzong and inquired about the situation from the hallway, and heard that Yuan Kan was negotiating at the hallway. Liu E ordered Zhang Jingzong to inform Su Yijian to prevent Yelu from remaining behind along with others. Yuan Kan was in the hallway and Kou Zhun and many others considering how to prevent Yelu from remaining behind.

Everybody’s claiming voices caused Yuan Kan to really have a hassle, but if she actually inquired concerning the countermeasures, they fell quiet again. Should you allow Yelu remain behind to worship Xuanyuan. Emperor, you’re surely going to make progress later on. There was actually no method, Yuan Kan suddenly felt embarrassed of his ancestor, therefore he arrived at the Taimiao and took his crown. Leave 1 person kneeling in the front of the pill.

It was be asking all to sew the phoenix robe. Everybody learned concerning the ministers kneeling in the heart of the hallway , and much more mindful of the significance of the phoenix robe. However, Yu Shu on the opposite side intentionally escaped the hardship on the reasons that Shouan was infected with cold and wind. Liu E’s collection of fabric products to experience person’s job has impressed all of the female households.

Su Yijian ceased Yelu staying behind based on Liu E’s will, and Liu E hosted a feast to converse to Yelu remaining behind. Yelu remained behind believing that Xiao Chuo’d love to deliver the items to Liu E, therefore that he introduced it. Following Liu E opened it, he also found it had been the shroud worn by Zhao Ji using a letter by the prime minister. Liu E didn’t anticipate Xiao Chuo to possess this kind of shroud. Yelu wasn’t simple to shirk, so that he agreed to remain for the next five days.

Yuan Kan was talking expedient steps with the ministers from the hallway. Taifu Pan has been the primary battle and has been enticed by the emperor. Cao took benefit of using Yelu to maintain decent arrow abilities along with a combative character. It’s much better to try out the arrow abilities together with him and allow him to stay the same. Losing arrows, thus there’s a reason to maintain Yelv staying. Even though it sounds absurd, Yuan Kan has no option except to take this strategy.

Liu E discovered that Yuan Kan was kneeling at the Taimiao for 2 hours, so that he hurried back into the Taimiao to report. Subsequently Kou Zhun awakened, and Kou Zhun requested who’d successfully abandoned Yelu to remain.

The plan was only as Su Yijian and Cao took good advantage of the expectations. Luckily, Su Yijian’s archery abilities are great and he’s beaten Yelu to remain behind. But after a lengthy period, Su Yijian will definitely be an opponent, therefore he must shorten the contest time and haul it to tomorrow .

Wang Qinruo missing the best to visit the courtroom, revealing a distressed look, and also place to the official mansion within her own house. Madam Wang appeared stressed, and watched Wang Qinruo walked right to the doorway. Before everybody ceased, Wang Qinruo was sitting.


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