Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 29 Recap


Liu E appeared in the infant in the arms of their grandma. But for the equilibrium of the nation and also to include the courtroom, Liu E had to maintain the little prince at the palace. The autumn festival is all about to come, however Yuan Kan has no intention of waking , and Liu E’s heart can not help but stress.

Considering Yuan Kan’s sleeping face, Liu E could not help pouring out recent issues, calling out Yuan Kan’s title, Liu E could not help but think about Yuan Kan waking . Days, both could have another kid, and as soon as the state changes hands, both will discuss a happy life . I found Liu E holding Yuan Kan’s own body, crying softly in the gorgeous fantasy.

Now’s tradition arrived, along with the ministers nevertheless didn’t see Yuan Kan.. Pan Taifu believed that Yuan Kan hadn’t been in court for ten times, but he criticized the memorial punctually. He could not help but feel puzzled and encouraged Zhang Jingzong to visit him. Can Yuan Kan actually”feel the end cold sometimes”. Liu E appeared punctually and ordered for the fall festival on the basis of departure that the emperor’s verbal purchase.

Xiao Chuo appeared at Yelu left and spoke the affairs of this courtroom together with the prime minister. Both considered that Yuan Kan wasn’t intentional. Xiao Chuo believed that he must return the authorities to the emperor, he doesn’t wish to refute the emperor too much.

However Wang Ji, that had been on both sides, dedicated himself to replicating the paintings, and could not hear the crying noise in any way. Taifu Cao nodded predicated on a couple of days of speculation, however, King Ji guessed the disorder appeared immediately following the civet cat, and it had been the emperor’s institution of a spy. All doubts can wait until the fall festival day, if the emperor appears.
Kou Zhun freely suspected the memorial handwriting came out of Liu E, however Liu E and Yuan Kan’s handwriting were similar to that Mr. Cao, who had been a teacher of Yuan Kan, couldn’t differentiate. Taifu Cao again said he wished to confront the saint. When Liu E asked concerning it, Cao Taifu hesitated to discuss the prince. Liu E took the chance to challenge the offenders of the or her officials. This frightened everyone to hurry and see Liu E. E leaves.

It was that it was Liu E who suggested to maintain the newly-born small wolf Yuner from the palace for a couple more days. There’s an effort, it isn’t the purpose of throwing a rat avoidance apparatus.

In the past Mid-Autumn Festival banquet, Pan Liang intentionally guided Yushu to indicate Liu E to play drums, however, the trickery failed. Now it’s not possible to repeat the very same tricks. Yushu retorted he and Yuan Kan would not have a boy, and however vain they had been. Unexpectedly, Pan Liang’s goal Isn’t only to allow Yushu compete for favor, but to follow the case of Taizu to win against the Nation and Allow the throne alter the surname Pan…

Taifu Cao across the side also Started to assault Liu E and requested Yuan Kan to look. At the start of the banquet, Yelu Liushou introduced the faulty goods and asked for a justification. Yuan Kan saw Yelu’s aggressive look and stayed quiet.
Su Yijian hosted a feast in Jiying Hall according to Liu E’s will. Seeing Liu E seemed independently, the ministers started to inquire about Yuan Kan’s bodily state, but Liu E refused them one by one. Unexpectedly, when Yelu remained behind, he cried to watch Yuan Kan in person, asserting that Yuan Kan had broken the covenant.

Yu Shu dropped to the floor in fright. He eventually lifted a civet cat which went mad when he noticed the drums, and has been inadvertently let go by Yushu.

Throughout Yuan Kan’s coma for over ten times, Li Wan’er insisted begging Buddha to worship God so as to beg for Yuan Kan’s awakening. Today Yuan Kan went into the feast, along with the palace girls hurriedly informed Li Wan’er of this information. Li Wan’er clearly could not endure the sudden stimulation and fainted from the Buddhist hall. Following the identification from the royal doctor, Li Wan’er has been said to become weak and fainted because of fatigue for several days.
They confessed they would prepare forty million fabrics to come back to the Liao Dynasty, and prohibit Wang Qinruo to return. towards.

Su Yijian discovered a high number of Liao military riding on the road on the road. When he watched Yelu, the chief, remained behind, Su Yijian immediately reported to Liu E the person who arrived this time has to be bad. Luckily, it had been Su Yijian which Liu E showed.

Yuan Kan handed over the faulty merchandise to Kou Zhun for evaluation and promised that an excuse over ten days. However, Yelu Liushou intentionally mentioned he was planning to worship Emperor Xuanyuan, the ancestor of earth, and he’d worship Emperor Taizong himself. This movement was obviously a breach of this covenant between the 2 nations. I expect Kou Zhun can figure out the truth when possible.


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