Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 28 Recap


Yu Shu believed extremely angrily, just hoping to see Liu E’s fruit.
Who understood Yushu’s daughter Shouan came hurrying crying, Liu E hurriedly hugged Shou’an and comforted, however if Liu E touched Shou’an’s flip side, he also discovered an abysmal scar Before Liu E requested in detail, Yu Shu dashed over, and following a sneer, he shot Shou’an away.

At this moment, a court woman hurried over and said a couple of words from Liu E’s ear. Liu E’s face shifted radically, and he hurried into ‘er’s bedroom.

Liu E quickly referred to as the royal doctor. After seeing the royal physician’s identification, ” he said worriedly this time he had been hurting the origin. When Liu E asked concerning the system of therapy, the royal doctor wasn’t sure about any of this, so that he could just utilize silver needles.

Yushu learned in the eunuch the emperor hadn’t ever been outside of this palace, and the emperor and Liu E went , and they never came out again, and could not help but wonder.

When Yu Shu headed Shou’an into the sack, Liu E opened the doorway to obstruct, which sparked the doubts in Yu Shu’s heart. At this time, the nurse rushed to her. Seeing Yu Shu obstructing the doorway, she suggested to go in and take a look.
Yingluo remained in Liu E’s bedroom, and both spoke about one another, and they could not help speaking about Yuan Kan again. Liu E could not help but speak about the procedure for both primary acquaintances. Both met in misery, fell in love from the fires of war, also stood by each other in chaos. Liu E enjoys Yuan Kan’s tender eyes really much, as well as his eyes are full of happiness. Yingluo was transferred after listeningand sighed and dropped asleep. While soothing Liu E, then he also thought of the late at night. He made this strategy for Jiangshan Sheji to triumph. I really don’t understand if Yuan Kan will comprehend his intentions.

Seeing the maids say the emperor didn’t need to see anybody, Yu Suspicion appeared in Shu’s heart, and Zhang Jingzong attracted a brand new box of memorials. He said the museum to the emperor was issued this afternoon, and Yu Shu was utterly scared. Just allow the grandma go searching for a trip. Dare to excite Yuan Kan and depart Shou’an.

Zhang Jingzong advised the ministers had accumulated in the hallway, awaiting the top courtroom before Liu E consented and requested the emperor to provide the needle. The affairs of the authorities were so barbarous that Liu E could simply compose the memorials again.
Yuan Kan and Jing Zong were walking at the Yuyuan, however they suddenly saw Wan’er sporting a tulle and dance gracefully. Wan’er stated that the dancing was educated by Liu E, therefore Yuan Kan known and ordered for Wan’er to sleep . .

Looking at Wan’er from the candlelight, Yuan Kan appeared to see . The other facet overwhelmingly dropped to the agarwood, demonstrating affection.
Yingluo was more able to speak, and implied that Liu E go inquire Yuan Kan to approve her to depart the royal city, so the two could go to the industry together. Have fun.

Unexpectedly, it had been blended with 20,000 faulty goods. Yelu remained behind and took the chance to acquire furious, stating that he’d assault Da Song to pay off the humiliation, however, the prime minister believed there was fraud within it. Who understands Yelu Remaining supporting, according to his own view, suggested to assault Da Song.

On the next day, the ministers took their memorials and found the handwriting on the memorials was quite potent and the structures were quite appropriate. However, Taishi Pan saw the”emperor” diminished the army power and handed it on to Su Yijian. He was quite reluctant, but he can just swallow it into his stomach. To be able to learn what occurred, Pan Taishi intentionally asked her daughter Yushu to stop by Yuan Kan..

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