Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 24 Recap


Later, Empress Guo known as Liu E by her bedside, along with the memories involving both flashed turns. However, Queen Guo could not help but keep to rely on her own flaws. The ordeal that Liu E must experience has come to a finish, Queen Guo especially acknowledged that Liu E will probably be in control of the Sixth Palace and also look after the emperor. Liu E watched Queen Guo holding her hands tightly, tears could not help but lose…

The Following Day, Zhang Jingzong gave the notice written by Queen Guo into Yuan Kan.. It was that Queen Guo chose the final breath and composed the note especially to Yuan Kan, describing that Liu E would alternative her place. Yuan Kan remembered her husband and spouse for several years together with all the Guo family. He could not help but grieve. He had a headache . Liu E showed up punctually. Liu E whispered relaxation, and both met again.

Liu E discovered the report of this royal doctor and especially ordered not to inform Yuan Kan relating to this, lest Yuan Kan suffered repeated blows and misunderstood the authorities. Empress Guo also reportedly sensed her deadline was coming, so she especially summoned her dad Guo Xian and requested Guo Xian to not embarrass Liu E again. When Guo Xian discovered that Liu E came into the palace to cure Zhao You , he felt sorry for him. He believed that what he’d done was really incorrect.

Yue’er arrived to watch Yuan Kan together with the princess within her arms. Yuan Kan started to question when she saw that the bandage on the Lady’s hand. Yue’er only clarified the midwife was hurt by error, and she has been shipped from the palace. Yuan Kan no more stated more, Yue Just then hurriedly took back the princess to feed. Needing a prince but not able to accomplish this, Yuan Kan had an apprehensive aggravation and re-offends. Zhang Jingzong on the side reminded him in 2 weeks, Liu E’s time limitation for maintaining the spirits died, and Yuan Kan increased his spirits and reluctantly requested Zhang Jingzong to visit the emperor.

The smallpox gradually receded, also Liu’e’s contribution to assisting the villagers identify herbal medications for treatment and prevention can’t be lost. However, Liu E nevertheless insisted on coming to the royal tomb and abiding by the guardian contract.
Pan Yushu was going to give birth, Yuan Kan waited outside the doorway, and eventually cried out, but the midwife revealed that the newborn infant was a princess with hands. Yue’er hugged sent and over the midwife away. Yu Shu was frustrated when she discovered that she had been giving birth to a girl, but Yue’er educated Yu Shu with a look of terror. When Yu Shu watched Liu Zhi, she dropped her mind. However, now Yuan Kan is waiting in the door and can’t conceal it, Yu Shu anxiously took the scissors out on both sides and extended it from the newborn girl…
Taking a look at the face in front of himZhao You just remembered Liu E’s individuality and of his brother Zhao Ji from the way. Both spoke about Zhao Ji, Liu E’s eyes were so mild, Zhao You noticed his brother Jill was brave, and he appeared to be filled with power, no more fearful of disorder. However, before Liu E gave the following medication, Zhao You had been out of breath. When Liu E stated it , Queen Guo immediately felt heartache. , Fainted from the mattress. Yuan Kan discovered his son had passed away and wished to observe that the previous side, but Zhang Jingzong stopped him in the doorway. At this time, Liu E and Yuan Kan were divided by just a wall.


Learned the emperor would require Liu E backagain. Taishi Cao arrived at Guo Mansion to locate Guo Xian to talk countermeasures, but Guo Xian has shifted his position below the previous order of his daughter. Taishi Cao saw he couldn’t convince himso that he had to wave his sleeves and depart. Zhang Jingzong arrived at the royal mausoleum and delivered with a special message. Yuan Kan additionally gave Li Zaifeng a formal place and gave Wan’er the name of Jieyu. When Liu E believed his son Zhao You’d eventually have the ability to input the Taimiao as he did, all of the suffering appeared to be well worth it.


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