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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 8 Recap



Xiaoxi maintained a jar of blessed stars and walked into the railing. Xiaoxi advised Grandpa Jiang that each star in the skies was changed by people. She wishes to save a lot of celebrities and try to become the one. , So that mother and dad could see themselves when they appear, but she does not know if there’s sufficient time. When Grandpa Jiang return into the couch, he discovered the ring only set on the table was goneonly the empty box has been abandoned. He asked Xiaoxi in which the ring was.
Wang Ziyang told Chen Anni the captain of the voyeuristic case was likely to be handed to himbut Ding Kai insisted on carrying it upon himself. It appeared he was really worried about Tianyue.

Captain Drake and Ding Kai known as Doctor Paula and inquired if she’d seen a ring Xiaoxi. They Wanting to rule out the youngster’s distress, Xiaoxi’s daddy said mentally after hearing his son or daughter couldn’t steal something. He pointed into Tianyue and stated that she had been there in the time, since Tianyue Xiaoxi only dropped, therefore Tianyue is also supposed.

He bluntly stated he had no energy and was searching for somebody to run it because of him. Xiong Kailin on the opposite side called and informed another party that regardless of which way, this company could simply fall . At the time, Xiang Mude obtained a telephone, which appeared to be from a different planned spouse. He Cai did not mind.

Following Manager Ma heard of this episode, he requested He Cai to help cope with the aftermath. Ding Kai advised Tianyue that according to international law, they had no right to research and has to hand Tianyue into the Sardinian authorities, but he thought Tianyue would accompany her. Tianyue was removed by the Sardinian authorities yelling, and Ding Kai assisted her pay the handcuffs together with clothing. He Cai, on the opposing side, stated that she had some things to address, also handed over the company course to Chen Anni and other people to look after her.

The Sardinian authorities advised Tianyue they were planning to hand her over to the Chinese authorities for tackling, so to ship her back into the nation, she needed to take the closest flight back. When Tianyue was in a reduction, Ding Kai came and he advised the authorities he could take action. Require Tianyue straight back, and the authorities agreed.

She informed Mu De when she wished to explore the conditions of the contract with the business. He Cai stated that it had been her very own company to purchase a home, and she inquired when Xiang Mu De would agree with him. Others in the group were referring to expanding tourism jobs. After hearing this, He Cai did not say a sentence, also signed it easily.

Once the training course was performing outside activities, the instructor requested to put all of the awkward things from the basket. After Tianyue set the data in her hand, He Cai unexpectedly found that the ring which Grandpa Jiang dropped in Tianyue’s bag.

There was a fantastic friend who desired to choose the Maritime Academy, therefore she wanted to assist on the cruise boat. A fantastic friend patted the sea, also Laizun was incredibly disappointed. Chen Anni and Ding Kai requested the authorities to allow them to see the video of this aircraft.

They soon discovered the area where Grandpa Jiang dropped the diamond ring.
After hearing that Tianyue explained that Xiaoxi was ill, he gently conducted to the infirmary to search for her at the middle of night. Seeing Xiaoxi was asleep and the nurse out was asleep, he gently pushed Xiaoxi from this ward to observe the stars. After Xiaoxi’s parents came and watched the two kids talking to the celebrities, they could not bear to disrupt them.

Following the Sardinian authorities took Tianyue into the police station, Ding Kai wasn’t permitted to follow up. Ding Kai telephoned the local attorney and hired a lawyer. The authorities immediately came out and advised Ding Kai he had finished the handover and was prepared to leave. Ding Kai expected that another party would create results whenever possible, since Tianyue wasn’t just their visitors, but also a representative of this cruise advertising partner.

He advised Tianyue he didn’t wish to go to college in Italy, since when he did, he’d be separated from his dad forever, but when he had been with his dad, it would be tricky to see his mom . He understood the father and mom quarreled for himself, he wish to the stars daily, hoping my mom will be joyful. At this time, Ding Kai arrived to allow Tianyue remember that until Xiaoxi passed , did anybody else have contact Grandpa Jiang? Tianyue explained that the incident occurred too abruptly. She took Xiaoxi into the infirmary in the time, also did not listen to if there were other folks around.

Tianyue replied that there wasn’t any such thing. Ding Kai said honestly that Tianyue’s feeling was the largest at present. Tianyue requested Ding Kai to feel that she didn’t. Did this. Grandpa Jiang did not feel that Tianyue chose the ring .

She thought Tianyue wouldn’t do anything. Lai Kun was speaking on the telephone and watched a round flying saucer over his mind. , Instantly hurried to chase, and eventually conducted a couple of roads and only caught up, but had been removed by the authorities who hurried over.

Paula told everybody that Xiaoxi had leukemia and also the prospect of cure was quite tiny. She did not understand when she’d awaken or if she could finish the voyage. The priest asked Paula to inform Xiaoxi’s parents that they were intending to dock in Sardinia and implied they move Xiaoxi into the hospital.

The captain named Ding Kai out the cottage to speak alone. He requested Grandpa Jiang he consistently forgets things, and if the ring was initially not in the box. Ding Kai believes there is not any such chance for Jiang for a person. After observation and viewing the dialogue between both, Allen told his subordinates that Ding Kai should have left Drake dissatisfied. The previous episode of Ding Kai did not appear to be battling for fame and fortune, but in actuality, he had been a fanatic in his own bones to catch the limelight.

Olsen advised the captain who according to international law, Tianyue has to be handed over to the neighborhood for Entry at the following port. Ding Kai suggested this issue ought to be dealt with care, since it’s not possible for thieves to place dirt in a translucent bag in complete opinion Olsen believes this is really where Tianyue is wise.

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