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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 6 Recap

The previous man who arrived was President Xu. He was rather disappointed with the chair organized by Tianyue. Subsequently President Wang picked up the issue and stated that President Xu hadn’t ever heard punctuality and ethics. Secondly due to the battles in the company world that year, Chen Anni ordered for safety to be known instantly.

The company course officially started. Chen Anni asked everybody to discuss the intent of studying here. Tianyue awakened and requested them to quit quarreling. Bai Ling reported that his real goal in coming here is to locate partners and companies with prospective and future prospects.

After seeing the new captain training program and analysis procedure created by Captain Drake, Deputy Captain Olsen thought the price and time and energy to set up and operate the new platform wouldn’t be worth the reduction, while Drake thought that training fresh abilities and enhancing providers Perhaps not only a contradiction, Olsen left miserable.
Ding Kai reported that he only wanted to guard the sea facing him and safeguard their ship.

Grandma Hu hunted each of the clothing but they weren’t formal. Grandpa Jiang requested her to look throughout the cupboard . Grandma Hu inadvertently discovered there was a recently bought apparel in the cupboard. Grandpa Jiang said that he had not given it to Hu in a lot of decades. An adequate apparel for grandma. Both came to the abandoned theatre in formal apparel.
Grandma Hu believed they’d arrived . One of these was dressed exactly the like Grandpa Jiang on the point.

Dress declared that the headquarters will start the captain training regime for the Asian marketplace. The candidates ‘ Ding Kai, Wang Ziyang and Allen, along with the three will begin the evaluation from today on.
Tianyue took this arrangement, and conducted into intervene in between Xiong Kailin and Xiang Mu De and stated that there were several issues using Xiong Kailin’s data that had to be assessed. Xiang Mu De said goodbye, Xiong Kailin advised Tian Yue to not mess with other people, differently, individuals are bad for themselves.

Tianyue delivered a spa voucher to Grandma Hu, also Chen Anni came to notify them they will need to use formal attire to attend the captain’s dinner at the subsequent two days. Laishan on the opposite side discovered another graffiti at the corridor. Ding Kai and Wang Ziyang were amazed they had cleaned up two weeks ago and it seemed , but they could not see anything odd.

Subsequently Ding Kai watched UFOs emerging on the sea into his defense, and he advised everyone to pay more attention in this period.

Laishan, Mayfair and many others were rather happy to understand that Ding Kai was capable to pick guests to get your captain’s dinner. All of them agreed that the captain could make it possible for the new chief partner to pick guests to get the captain’s supper, suggesting that he had been quite important to him.

Provided that he can observe your strengths, cash isn’t a issue. Xiong Kailin bluntly stated that she arrived to Mu De, also He Cai faked to state she always cooks in the home, she’s to get awareness. Tianyue said sincerely she had been honored to study together with all the business elite and gained a lot.

He determined that Ding Kai could pick the guests this moment. Ding Kai believed that it was improper for him to become a newcomer to acquire this honour.

Tian Yue strove to convince him to make peace, and proceeded out the safety supervisor. Following the safety supervisor came out, both instantly shifted their faces and walked off.

Tianyue heard from Ding Kai the two had arrived at the safety space and wished to direct them. After Ding Kai showed her how, Chen Anni saw from supporting that Ding Kai appeared to be quite affectionate to Tianyue. Wang Ziyang on the opposite side found a bit of graffiti in a corridor whilst patrolling.

Sure , the pupils of the company faculty are elites from the company world. When they introduced themselves,” He Cai immediately assessed their net worth in their cellular phones and recognized Italy following comparison.

Mayfair told Tianyue he discovered Ding Kai’s family was especially great, and there was a specially amazing homestay in his loved ones, but he didn’t possess the pretense of a wealthy guy. Tianyue added he was a guy when he had been rescuing people.

The captain advised Ding Kai privately he had only obtained assistance from Interpol, asking them to help the International Armed Police in discovering an financial fraud. The scam team has been secured in the company course of Baohua Travel Agency and will likely leave another vent on the railroad. Before beginning, Ding Kai’s job was to guarantee the protection of tourists after the global armed authorities completed arrests.

He Cai subsequently came to the fitness center and intentionally asked Xiang Mu De to assist her align the gear, and teased him if she asked for guidance, but Xiang Mu De didn’t take it whatsoever.

Ding Kai did not clarify. Chen Anni bluntly stated that she did not like other people to bully Ding Kai. She had been jealous and enjoys to struggle against injustice. Ding Kai only laughed.

After Ding Kai scrutinized the lifeboat, he discovered the roller skating was but the team told him he needed to report directly to his superiors. Ding Kai was going to call the team’s exceptional, Ai Lun, and Wang Ziyang arrived to mediate and stated The technology department did it. Shortly the technology department assessed the shelf life of this roller skating. Wang Ziyang advised the team that even though the roller skating didn’t perish, Ding Kai’s rigorous requirements were right. Arguing again.

Tianyue thankfully ran over to describe that courses could begin within the following moment. He Cai was really disappointed. He pulled Tianyue apart and said, The girl Xiong Kailin is attempting to be a wonder to Xiang Mude. To be able to stop her from slipping the traveling agency’s company, Tianyue needs distinguish the two. Tianyue asked strangely if he Cai was considering the undertaking or Xiang Mu De, and He Cai told me that the undertaking has to be won.



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