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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 4 Recap



When Tianyue fulfilled her mum, her mom cried and told her daughter she had spent all her household’s cash in the last couple of years into a peer reviewed grid loan. In the last couple of weeks, she’s lost cash. She advised Tianyue to not inform her daddy.

Otherwise, her dad would struggle her tough, Tian Yue comforted her mum and stated he had employed the cash. She persuaded her mother to quit thinking in peer reviewed internet lending, which can be illegal fundraising. Her mom complained that Tianyue was an afterthought, and that she had been busy changing jobs daily, and she did not have enough time to handle herself.

He Cai wrongly thought that Manager Ma had murdered her. Tianyue came for her to get revenge. She explained with a guilty conscience that Tianyue had been in trouble about the cruise boat. She had been the reality. In all honesty, Tianyue understood it had been He Cai who set her sneakers on supporting her back.

Wang Ziyang reported that everybody had established that he’d heard the directions, but Ding Kai hadn’t heard it. Judging in the coordinate position of Ding Kai as well as the walkie-talkie in the moment, this scenario is hopeless, unless Ding Kai is lying ignoring the captain’s order.
Ding Kai said the captain of the freighter was struck by drifting things and handed out. He placed on a life jacket and an air tank and proceeded to sea to save him. Wang Ziyang requested Captain Ding Kai to the next Location. Whether he noticed the next sequence, Ding Kai replied he heard it.

Ding Kai knows that there’s not any evidence to show that he didn’t hear it at the moment, but he expects that the captain considers in his devotion for this profession. Rex educated Ding Kai the provider only believes in evidence and facts.

Suddenly, her heels got stuck at the back of the elevator. Chen Anni’s attempt not just dropped her sneakers, but her skirt broke. Gentleman Ding Kai took her coat off and place it onto Chen Anni and helped her catch it. Together with out the shoes, Annie has a fantastic impression of Ding Kai.

He considered that Ding Kai endured from post-traumatic stress disorder after his biological dad was struck by a shipwreck and has to be clinically diagnosed immediately. At this moment, Chen Anni opened the door and stated that she’d seen something about the medical helicopter that afternoon and believed that something was odd. Now, she encouraged the most well-known acoustic professional in China to watch it collectively.

Mr. Tang is comfortable with Annie Chen. He told Annie that she’s joined the business for the fourth calendar year. Though she’s a gift of the cruise business, he hopes that she is able to let go. Chen Anni reported it is difficult to give up what she selected. Mr. Tang educated her that lots of things on the sea are surprising, just enjoy this time the very first mate Ding Kai about the Ocean to rescue folks from a typhoon was initially a heroic deed to be commended, but Because he dismissed the return to take the headquarters analysis.

Ding Kai told him that it was a mystery.
She suddenly thought of a method and instantly jumped to predict the acoustic professional Professor Lin.
The next questioning of this hearing starts. Wang Ziyang took out the most recent survey data and requested regarding Ding Kai’s household situation.

Ding Kai said that there have been people in the household, such as himself, mom and stepfather. Wang Ziyang requested Ding Kai’s biological dad, Ding Kai was hushed.
Following the assembly began again, Wang Ziyang played with the proof set video of this investigation group. At this moment, the movie was interrupted, essentially at precisely the exact same moment. , The priest issued an order to return instantly.
Wang Ziyang educated Ding Kai that team members have the responsibility and responsibility to defend the property and life of their cruise boat, and has to rigorously implement the captain’s orders rather than making their own conclusions. Wang Ziyang requested Ding Kai when he’d discovered the captain’s order to make him go back to the voyage desperately. Ding Kai reported he had discovered that the captain’s order for them to research and didn’t hear the arrangement of their crisis return. Wang Ziyang suggested to adjourn the meeting for about ten minutes.

He heard the captain’s three reunite orders. When he heard that the next education to run the lifeboat to reunite, Ding Kai had boarded the lifeboat. After Lai Shen turned about, he noticed that Ding Kai was wearing it. Leaving the oxygen tank and leaping into the sea, Lai Shen testified he and the next officer Morgan attempted to maintain Ding Kai, but neither of these had contact Ding Kai since Ding Kai had jumped to the sea at that moment. When they reacted and predicted, Ding Kai had vanished from the water. Consequently, Laishan didn’t concur with the next officer’s testimony since Morgan didn’t fulfill Ding Kai.

They stated that except for the crying kid, everybody clearly heard that the captain’s order to return instantly. The second partner Morgan of the Oceans testified in the scene, stating that he noticed the captain’s order to go back three occasions: the first time was supposed to search and save, the next time was supposed to rescue the kids, and the next time was supposed to prepare to reunite.

The Following Day, Chen Anni waited at the lobby ancient. She informed Ding Kai she shouldn’t be worried about the investigation and also only tell the truth in truth. Ding Kai thanked Chen Anni because of her hope in herself, stating that she had been the first China she had handed to Roya. friend.

He explained that the result today, even a moment of hope, is meaningful .
After he obtained the next purchase Ding Kai was outside the doorway of their lifeboat. The walkie-talkie was plugged to the walkie-talkie chair. After the walkie-talkie issued an arrangement, Ding Kai had climbed on the lifeboat. He had been going to inform Laishan they needed to come back instantly, but Ding Kai was wearing it. After getting about the oxygen , he strove to visit Latin Kay, telling him that the priest had arranged a return travel. Lai Shen also went into the scene .

Taking advantage of her mum’s time to serve meals, Ding Kai immediately took out the seaman certification within her purse and hid it.
She had been so mad she squatted on the floor and began crying, but believing that there wasn’t any other manner, she knocked on the door and cried He Cai to shoot in her. She owed the travel bureau. QianHe Cai transferred a concealed guts to let her remain, but requested Tianyue to look after all of the housework, Tianyue was filled with words and could not request it.

Supervisor Ma advised Tianyue she needed to cover 980 yuan into the firm after deducting the expense of repayment for the sea amount in the commission she headed the group. Tianyue looked in the listing, and it was that she’d ruined the tableware and washing machine whilst chasing the winter from the restaurant. For gear and other expenditures, Tianyue expects the travel service can repay her deposit. She does not have any cash to pay the lease, but Manager Ma informs as long as it’s an employee of the business, the deposit can’t be refunded. He indicated that Tianyue reside with her parents.

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