One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 30 Recap


Wang Ziyang told Mr. Tang and Annie that he had contacted Allen a long time ago and knew the date of his appointment with Morgan in advance. After that, he bought the staff and put a recorder on the appointment place. Mr. Tang laughed and persuaded Annie not to be princely foreign. Annie left in anger, and Mr. Tang encouraged Wang Ziyang to chase after her.

Tianyue’s father pulled Manager Ma at the door of Baohua Travel Agency to understand the situation. Manager Ma said badly that everything was caused by Tianyue. She was still talking nonsense in the court. He suggested that Tianyue’s father take his daughter to the hospital for a brainstorming. The shock proved that Tianyue’s head was mad, and Tianyue’s father was so angry that he was about to beat Manager Ma, and Manager Ma hurried into the travel agency and hid. Tianyue, who was at work, asked her supervisor to go to court, and the supervisor suggested that she should resign.

In the second hearing, Ding Kai submitted a video to the judge. The video showed that Qi Shou knocked on the driver’s seat behind him and interfered with the driver’s driving before the incident, causing a car accident. After the car overturned, Tianyue was the first to wake up. She struggled to call Liu Chang, moved him out of the car with great effort, and then began to move other passengers until she was exhausted and collapsed on the ground, and then Fang Qiang woke up. Helping Tianyue to save people together, when only He Cai was left in the carriage, the body was already hanging halfway up the mountain and it was very dangerous. Fang Qiang held Tianyue and told her not to go again, but Tianyue insisted on going in and rescued He Cai. . After watching the video, Liu Chang’s mother cried and said: She is not suing, so she withdrew the case.

After leaving the court, Tianyue was going to leave in anger. Ding Kai pulled her and said to take her to a place. He rode a motorcycle with Tianyue speeding by. Tianyue sat behind and hugged him in fear. Chen Anni saw After trailing behind. Ding Kai took Tianyue to a beach and stopped. Tianyue was so mad that he was crazy and didn’t want to live anymore. Ding Kai said that Tianyue didn’t want to live, did he think about his parents? Ever thought of yourself? He said affectionately to Tianyue: I love you! She kissed her gently, begging Tianyue to promise him not to hurt herself anymore. Tianyue cried and nodded. Chen Anni saw this scene and ran away on her motorcycle sadly. She ran to Wang Ziyang’s house and took the initiative to fight He had a relationship.

Tianyue’s parents invited Ding Kai to dinner and thanked him for finding the video for her daughter’s crimes. Tianyue’s father suggested that her daughter go to work at Gu Imaging Co., Ltd., and he has already asked someone to leave the relationship.

The next day, Wang Ziyang was in a good mood. He brought coffee to all his colleagues in the office when he arrived in the morning. The colleagues drew away wittily and gave him and Annie a space to be alone. Wang Ziyang asked Annie to have dinner together at night. Everyone is an adult, and even if something happens, it doesn’t mean anything. They are just friends. Wang Ziyang said that whether or not Annie accepts it, he can’t stop him from liking her.

Tianyue came to Guxiang Co., Ltd. to apply for the job. The examiner bluntly said that there was no suitable position for her.

Wang Ziyang suddenly thought that Blue Star had had a share split information before, so he came to Kuala Lumpur to investigate. In the evening, he emailed Eric’s nephew, saying that he had found the original information. At this time, Ding Kai received a call from Wang Ziyang and asked him to play ball with a few friends in the freight industry.

Mr. Tang told Chen Anni that he had decided to retaliate with virtue in dealing with Bangwei governance, because the continued existence of a consumer-oriented industry depends on providing high levels of consumer satisfaction, rather than focusing on suppressing peers to obtain benefits. Their enemy will always be themselves. The cruise industry wants to make the cake bigger, not to let everyone share it on the original basis, but to learn to use their weaknesses to contain each other, as long as they share the market with each other, there is a chance to create a win-win situation.

While playing, Ding Kai told Wang Ziyang that he suspected that Eric’s nephew knew the truth about the Blue Star. He showed the goods receipts he found from Kuala Lumpur to Wang Ziyang. Wang Ziyang said that Ding Kai did not know the origin of the other party. Purpose, it is not advisable to act rashly and contact him, suggesting that he should remain unchanged. At this time, Ding Kai received a call from his mother, and Wang Ziyang took advantage of his carelessness to drop the receipt.

After returning in the evening, Ding Kai sent an email to Eric’s nephew, and Eric’s nephew replied that if he didn’t want to give the photos, it would be fine. There is no need to meet.

In fact, Eric was not dead. Before meeting Ding Kai, Wang Ziyang had contacted him, and Eric asked him to go directly to the house to obtain information. After taking the receipt, Wang Ziyang met Eric in the hospital and asked him if he had hidden this receipt for so many years, there must be a secret in it. He showed Eric to the photo of him and Ellen and others, saying that he had learned about Eric’s condition from the nurse, he could not bring the truth to the grave, and he still owed the victim a truth. Eric told Wang Ziyang that only receipts were not enough, he had to have original receipts. That’s why Wang Ziyang used Ding Kai to find the original documents. When he returned home, he drew the original documents and all the people related to the blue star on the blackboard, thinking hard about the connection between these people and things.

During work, Wang Ziyang exaggeratedly gave Chen Anni a big cake. He overheard his colleagues talking about him, saying that he even dared to chase after the little princess Chen Anni, who is studded with gold and diamonds, and he must have a lot of background.

When Wang Ziyang came to Wang’s Village, his third uncle urged him to understand his father more, but Wang Ziyang said that he had nothing to do with his father today.


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