One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 29 Recap


During the trial, Manager Ma of Baohua Travel Agency stated that the accident had nothing to do with their travel agency, and the tour guides He Cai and Tian Yue could testify. He Cai testified that the bus was outsourced to a local taxi company, and the driver was found by them, so the travel agency did its due diligence.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 28 Recap

When it was Tianyue’s turn, she looked at Liu Chang’s mother who was crying, and the once young and vivid face of Liu Chang emerged in her mind. Tianyue said that everything was her fault. Liu Chang’s mother immediately cried to the judge since the witness had admitted. , They must pay the price, and the judge adjourned the court.

Manager Ma accused Tianyue of being ungrateful outside the court. If something happened to the company, he would fight her hard. Ding Kai reminded Tianyue that she would not do anything to help things, and would only make innocent people suffer more, in order to make themselves. I feel better inside, this approach is too selfish! Tianyue was angry that they all left things clean, saying that they were not responsible, who would be responsible for the dead? Ding Kai emphasized that the accident had nothing to do with Tianyue, and Tianyue ran away crying.

Tianyue’s testimony caused Luo Ya to become passive. All Weibo, WeChat, public accounts, and forums appeared to discredit the company. Chen Anni received questioning from the media without listening. She only understood the cause of the matter after watching the video of the court trial. . On the other side, Tianyue also didn’t think about eating and drinking at home. His parents didn’t know what happened, so they could only follow along in a hurry.

After the meeting at the headquarters, Hashmi revealed to Chen Anni that there was news from the headquarters that he would make personnel adjustments in the Asian region.

Chen Fei, Director of Human Resources of Bangweizhi, and Pan Wei, Dean of Maritime University Department, are Wang Ziyang’s university classmates. They invited Wang Ziyang to dinner. Congratulations to him for becoming a deputy captain candidate. Chen Fei told them that Bangweizhi was going to open a new route. According to big data, in the next five years, the number of tourists choosing cruise ships in the world will increase exponentially, and China will become the world’s largest cruise market. He and Wang Ziyang Encouraging Pan Yu to also come to the cruise industry, but Pan Wei still loves to teach and educate people. After the dinner was over, Chen Fei told Wang Ziyang that their company was expanding new business and was hiring a lot of people. Luo Ya also came to many people, if When Wang Ziyang can come to their company, the two brothers can fight side by side, Wang Ziyang just smiled.

Father Tianyue didn’t know what had happened to his daughter, so he had to come to Ding Kai to find out. He didn’t expect that Ding Kai mistakenly knocked Tianyue’s father down as a thief after get off work because of the dim corridor lights. Ding Kai helped Tianyue’s father come home and told him what happened. He said that Tianyue has been immersed in guilt. The family of the deceased took the travel agency to court. What he worried most was that Tianyue didn’t know the serious consequences. Sex.

Due to the unfavorable response to the media, Chen Anni was called by the company to be held accountable. Wang Ziyang saw that she was in a bad mood and accompanied Annie to the gym to punch her after get off work to let her vent the fire.

In the evening, Chen Fei met with Wang Ziyang again, formally invited him to join Bonwich, and promised to increase his salary by 10%. Wang Ziyang said that he might become the deputy captain in Loya. At this time, Chen Anni called and told Wang Ziyang that there was a new post on the Internet, saying that the bus incident was related to the internal staff of the Ocean.

In just a few hours, that post had hundreds of thousands of comments. At night, both Mr. Tang and Annie Chen were worried about this matter. Annie told Mr. Tang that Hashmi had come back from the headquarters meeting and heard that the headquarters will be about Asia. The district makes manpower adjustments. If the sales performance in the Asian region declines, it will affect the confidence of the headquarters in them.

Wang Ziyang made an appointment with Chen Fei and asked him where he could sit. Chen Fei promised the most deputy captain, and Wang Ziyang offered a condition: salary increase by 25%, guaranteed to let him be the deputy captain within two years, Luo Ya’s breach of contract They will pay for the gold. Chen Fei wondered if their highest expectation was 18%, and Wang Ziyang did not compromise. Chen Fei proposed that both parties make a concession and increase their salary by 20%. Wang Ziyang first resigned to express his sincerity. Wang Ziyang proposed to prepay 40% of the first contract remuneration to himself, so that both parties would be guaranteed. Chen Fei agreed.

The next day, Chen Anni stopped Wang Ziyang in the corridor. She already knew Wang Ziyang’s plan. She was angry that the company was facing internal and external troubles, but Wang Ziyang left at this time. She always thought that Wang Ziyang’s egoism was a manifestation of progress, but she did not expect him to be. This kind of person, she was very disappointed.

Chen Fei asked Wang Ziyang again, saying that the new project will go online for about a week. After the legal affairs are finished, he will sign a contract with Wang Ziyang and let him be responsible for the development of a new route. This route is that his company has used many methods to get rid of competitors. Down.

When colleagues learned about Wang Ziyang’s visit to Bonwich, they came to ask Anne Chen. Anne was upset and didn’t want to talk more.

A week later, Chen Anni gave Wang Ziyang a legal contract, but Wang Ziyang took out Allen and Morgan’s recordings to Chen Fei. Chen Fei had to admit that the company had indeed hired Morgan. Wang Ziyang said that he had contacted the navy on the post a few days ago as a victim of the bus. They admitted that they were hired by Bonwich at a high price. Chen Fei said about the new routes, port negotiations, and their competition. One of the opponents is Roja. If he publishes this information, the consequences can be imagined. Chen Fei promised to increase Wang Ziyang’s salary to 25% in the second year. Wang Ziyang put away the recorder and asked Chen Fei to immediately stop discrediting Luo Ya, otherwise he could not bear the consequences. Because what they did was very nasty, if he gave the evidence to Mr. Tang in Luoya, Chen Fei could think about the result. He had already talked to Mr. Tang before leaving his job. Chen Fei finally understood that Wang Ziyang’s job-hopping was fake, and it was true that Wang Ziyang deliberately approached himself to obtain information.

Wang Ziyang handed the Bonwich’s contract and recording pen to Mr. Tang and told him that he was a person who knew how to be grateful. If he hadn’t had him today if Mr. Tang hadn’t helped him, he would stand firmly no matter what happened. On the side of the company. When Annie came in, she misunderstood Wang Ziyang and sneered at him. After Wang Ziyang explained to Annie, Annie was angry that he didn’t tell herself earlier that Wang Ziyang said it was for the company on the one hand, and Annie on the other.


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