One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 28 Recap


Wang Ziyang went to Morgan’s room to check. Morgan said that he had eaten bonbons, but the alcohol content in Morgan’s body was 65.5.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 27 Recap

Morgan told Wang Ziyang that if he supports him in the company’s talent plan competition, Wang Ziyang will only make a profit. At this time, the results of Morgan’s experience came out. The results showed that the alcohol content of his blood was above the standard. Wang Ziyang said Morgan had been on the ship for five hours and the alcohol content was still above the standard. It is conceivable that he drank too much alcohol when he was on the ship. Olsen arranged Wang Ziyang immediately sent Morgan off the ship.

After half a month, Ding Kai couldn’t get in touch with Tianyue, so he went to Baohua Travel Agency. Manager Ma angrily said that if Ding Kai found her, he would immediately notify her to come back and go through the resignation procedures. Ding Kai asked He Caiyou to tell him the news of Tianyue immediately, and then called Chen Anni to find out. Of course Chen Anni didn’t know. She was in a bad mood after receiving Ding Kai’s call. At this time, Wang Ziyang came over to give Annie a cake, and Annie sent Wang Ziyang away on the grounds that she was busy with work.

Mr. Tang came to ask Chen Anni’s solution. Anne was at a loss. Mr. Tang suggested that she need to change her way of thinking to increase performance, such as increasing consumer participation. If Annie wants to continue in this industry, she must be prepared to sacrifice a lot of life. Chen Anni is not afraid of the joy of being on the Internet.

At this time, Tianyue was hiding in a warehouse in the supermarket and carrying goods with the men. The female supervisor was surprised that Tianyue, the newcomer, was rushing to do all the hard work. Someone chewed the supervisor and said that Tianyue worked so hard if he let the manager see There was nothing to be done when she was promoted to the supervisor, so the supervisor found fault and severely criticized Tian Yue.

Tianyue had dinner with her parents at noon. They asked about her daughter and Ding Kai. Tianyue didn’t want to talk more. At this time, an employee from the supermarket came over and asked Tianyue to move the goods in a while, and then Tianyue’s parents knew that her daughter would change jobs. So, my mother decided to ask Aunt Tianyue to help her find someone.

When Tianyue moved the goods, I heard from the supermarket elder sister that there was a father who was desperately toasting wine for helping his child find a job. At first sight, he was not a drinker. One can imagine how incompetent this person’s child is. Later, when Tianyue was working at work, she saw her father holding on to the pool to vomit. Then she realized that the person who was fighting alcohol was her father. Tianyue’s father told his daughter that he had no other skills and knew these apprentices, but the apprentices were all engaged in business later. Yes, he begged them as a master, and they all agreed to consider it. Tianyue felt sorry for her father to beg for herself like this at her age. She cried and said that she was useless and worried her father. But my father refused to listen to Tianyue’s persuasion, and insisted on going in and continuing to drink.

The lonely Tianyue and Ding Kai passed by on the street. Grandma Hu helped Grandpa Jiang to roll around and met Ding Kai. Grandpa Jiang no longer knew Ding Kai. Ding Kai asked Grandma Hu about Tianyue’s news. Grandma Hu told him that if he wants to find Tianyue, don’t give up. Whether it’s looking for a year or ten years, don’t be like yourself and Grandpa Jiang. If you miss it, it’s a lifetime fault. .

Ding Kai went home and looked at the self-portrait of Tianyue, thinking about the scenes when she lived at home, and couldn’t help but ask the portrait: Where are you? Grandma Hu called Tianyue when she got home, but Tianyue didn’t say a word, and the supervisor scolded her for being lazy and asked her to go to work as soon as possible. After get off work, Tianyue came to see Grandma Hu and Grandpa Jiang. Grandma Hu took advantage of the time Tianyue was chatting with Grandpa Jiang and quickly called Ding Kai. After Ding Kai arrived, Tianyue had already left. Ding Kai judged the supermarket where Tianyue worked from the environment described by Grandma Hu and Tianyue on the phone, and the gifts Tianyue brought over.

Tianyue wanted to hide when he saw Ding Kai. Ding Kai felt distressed that Tianyue lost weight and told her that if he only wanted to stay here temporarily to calm herself down, he would be willing to stay with her, but this is not a long-term solution. Tianyue called himself It’s a coward, so she can be at ease by hiding like this. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the cruise ship, including Ding Kai, because when she closes her eyes, there are scenes of the car accident everywhere, there are wounded and blood everywhere, so she doesn’t want to see Ding Kai , Tianyue turned around and ran away after speaking.

Ding Kai came out of the supermarket and saw Tianyue’s parents. Tianyue’s mother asked Ding Kai: How can Tianyue not be worthy of her? Ding Kai frankly told them that they had never started. Tianyue’s father became angry and said that Ding Kai turned his face faster than a book. Tianyue saw them arguing and hurried over to persuade them. At this time, He Cai came and let Tianyue go right away. A trip to a travel agency.

Manager Ma told Tianyue that tourists have to take the travel agency to court. Many tourists who have reported to the group have asked for a refund. Once the travel agency has gone to court, the sign will be smashed! This is the consequence of Tianyue’s own trouble and disappearance. He asked Tianyue and He Cai to unify their slogans once they went to court, saying that the travel agency had no responsibility. Tianyue remained silent and turned around after listening.

After leaving the travel agency, Tianyue told Ding Kai that He Cai asked him about her work address and notified her to go to court.


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