One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 27 Recap


Ding Kai called Olson and told him that Fang Qiang was in the emergency room and asked him to organize blood donations immediately. But unfortunately, after a while, Hathaway, Ding Kai, and Chen Anni watched Fang Qiang’s vivid life disappear from the window.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 26 Recap

Hathaway is discussing with Ding Kai whether to tell Fang David about Fang Qiang’s death. Qi Shou’s father ran over emotionally, clamoring that they could not be found everywhere, and even the tour guide was missing. Did they let the tourists live or die? In the heart? Hathaway said that if it was the responsibility of the general party, they would never shirk it.

Ding Kai saw Jiang Chen, who had just woke up, and asked her what happened. Jiang Chen said that the car suddenly lost its balance at the time. She tried to catch Liu Chang but was unsuccessful, and then she couldn’t remember what happened. Ding Kai saw Jiang Chen. Her leg was injured, and she promised to help her find Liu Chang.

The police told Hathaway that the tourists said that the incident happened too suddenly and they didn’t know the cause. At present, the bus driver is still in a coma. At this time, he broadcasted an emergency call to the ship representative to the emergency room. The doctor told Hathaway that Liu Chang was dying.

The nurse found Tian Yue who was hiding in the bathroom. Qi Shou’s father ran over and accused Tian Yue that her son was still in a coma. She was hiding here because of such a major incident. Ding Kai saw Tian Yue, who was splashed with blood, curled up. The corner of the bathroom was distressed. He reminded Qi Shou’s father that Tian Yue was also a victim, but Xie Pang’s mother even questioned Tian Yue’s lack of qualifications as a tour guide after arriving.

Wang Ziyang and Hashmi took Liu Chang’s mother to the hospital. Ding Kai persuaded Tianyue that if she did not speak, no one could help her. Xie Pang’s mother pointed out that they were originally a pair. Of course, Ding Kai was arguing for Tianyue. The two sides are arguing. Hathaway is here. Ding Kai tells her that she has everything now. The parents determined that the tour guide caused the accident. Hathaway reminded Ding Kai that he now represents the ship and should be cautious in his speech.

Jiang Chen leaned on crutches to inquire about it, and finally learned that Liu Chang was in the operating room for first aid. She knelt to explain the cause of the matter to Liu Chang’s mother and begged her for forgiveness. Seeing that Tianyue’s expression was wrong, Hathaway arranged for He Cai to contact the insurance company as soon as possible to handle claims. She reminded Ding Kai that he is now the first officer. It is his duty to understand the progress of the accident and deal with emergencies in a timely manner, but at the same time he must treat everything fairly.

The bus driver was still in a coma, and Ding Kai saw Fei’er also coming, and asked her to help herself accompany Tianyue. When Faye found Tianyue, she was alone in the dark room and fell into deep self-blame. Faye hugged Tianyue heartily to persuade her not to be upset. Tianyue heard that Liu Chang was in first aid and was crying to find him.

Olsen reported that the cruise ship was delayed for two hours without sailing, and the emotions of the tourists have been difficult to calm down. Hathaway decided to take the slightly injured back first, leaving Ding Kai as the first officer to deal with the aftermath. Chen Anni and the emergency team cooperated. Don’t let the situation magnify.

In the end, Liu Chang died of ineffective medical treatment. Someone provided the police with a video on the car, which proved that Tianyue disturbed the driver and caused the accident. The police took Tianyue away for questioning. Ding Kai begged the police to let himself watch the video. After he watched it carefully, he told the police: The video was taken at 4:10 and the time of the accident was 4:30 and 5, which is enough to show that the video is not the real cause of the car accident. The reason was that another policeman found a video on the phone of the deceased. The video showed that Qi Shou was repeatedly asking the driver whether the things he bought were genuine. When the driver looked back, there was a car in front of him, causing the driver to evade. Accident.

David Fang has been unable to get in touch with Fang Qiang. He told Hashmi that he had a bad feeling. The two talked about Fang Qiang. David Fang said that he had never seen Fang Qiang treat a girl so sincerely, hoping to cause Hashmi’s troubles. Don’t take it to heart.

The police told Tianyue that the accident had nothing to do with her. She could leave. Ding Kai took Tianyue away and comforted her that the matter had been checked out. Tianyue cried and said how could it have nothing to do with her? Fang Qiang died, and Liu Chang was also dead. Her team members were either dead or injured. Liu Chang died after changing positions with herself. She let Fang Qiang ride back in her car and let him die. Their deaths were the same. Have a relationship with yourself? Seeing Tianyue’s emotional breakdown, Ding Kai held her in his arms distressedly and comforted her to calm down. There are many things waiting for them to deal with, but Tianyue couldn’t calmly break free and wanted to run out. Ding Kai’s eyes were tearful. Holding her and saying that her heart hurts like this, Tianyue begged Ding Kai to let herself stay for a while.

The police told Hathaway that the key to the accident was the taxi driver who was parked on the road. If the taxi driver can be found, the investigation can be continued. Chen Anni told the travel agency tourists that the cause of the accident has been found to have nothing to do with Tianyue, and the ship will be responsible for handling it to the end. Hathaway urged Chen Anni to avoid any conflict.

Hathaway and Dika returned to the ship with the slightly injured. Hashmi eagerly asked where Dika Fangqiang was. Hathaway took out a bloody ring and told her heavily: The doctor said Fang Qiang was there. He woke up during the rescue, holding it tightly in his hand until the last second. Hashmi cried and told David Fang the bad news. David Fang held back the pain in his heart and continued to host the stage with a smile. Hashmi, who was behind the scenes, burst into tears when he saw it.

Hathaway received a call from Ding Kai, saying that the taxi driver saw the TV report and took the initiative to explain to the police that the car was parked in the middle of the road because a passenger was drunk and cursed. Because the taxi was parked at the port, Ding Kai suspected that the man was Morgan, Olsen immediately arranged for Wang Ziyang to check if Morgan was drinking that night. Wang Ziyang recalled that he did smell alcohol in the staff passage that night.


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