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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 26 Recap

Fang Qiang told Tianyue that he was chasing Hashmi. Although he always blows up pieces in front of others, he wants to impress Hashmi with his sincerity. Tianyue encourages him to use his heart, and the other party will definitely feel it, just like As long as the clock goes, the time will come.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 25 Recap

Fang Qiang asked about Tianyue’s love clock. Tianyue said that when she was walking, she was turned back by others. If it was wishful thinking, she would rather not start. Fang Qiang encouraged her to give both parties another chance and it would become your wish. Fang Qiang was afraid that the crew would not be able to make the return trip after the watch was repaired, so Tianyue enthusiastically invited Fang Qiang to go back with him.

Morgan was very depressed and went to the street to drink alone. Olson had just criticized him saying that they would be done if it were not for the captain’s skills. He begged Morgan to stop causing trouble for himself.

The other members of the He Cai group had been sent back in advance by the ground escort. He Cai accompanied Dong Bin on a tour and took the Tianyue Decompression Group bus before catching up with the bus. She sat next to Dong Bin affectionately and invited him back to the ship to have a meal, but Dong Bin said that she was used to being alone, and He Cai had to switch back wittily.

On the way, Tianyue explained the story of the Meidiqi family to everyone, and Liu Chang praised Tianyue for his knowledge. Hu Xu Mi on the boat accepted Fang Qiang’s cake, and Wu Yue teased her that this gift was very heavy.

Morgan was afraid that he would not be able to get back on the boat, so he kept urging the driver to drive faster. The driver became angry and said that Morgan was drunk. If he was urged to send him to the police station again, Morgan would calm down.

Wu Yue, Ding Xiang and Faye gossiping together. Wu Yue thinks that Wang Ziyang is very capable as the chief executive officer and he has no girlfriend. Faye reminds her that the whole ship knows that Wang Ziyang is chasing Chen Anni. The three discussed that Fang Qiang was ten years younger than Hashmi. It must be a moment of freshness. This will not last, but they still hope Hashmi will fall in love, because she will be more tolerant to them if she is in a good mood.

After Morgan walked, Wang Ziyang smelled the strong alcohol in the corridor. After a while, Allen also found out about it and wanted to report to Olsen. Morgan begged him to give himself another chance. Allen was afraid of magic roots. If something happened to hurt him, he asked him to clean it up immediately.

There are still ten minutes to leave the ship, and there are 26 people who haven’t returned to the ship after Hathaway’s inventory. Olsen arranged for Hashmi to immediately confirm the tourist information and urged him to return to the ship. After Olson contacted the local police department, there was no recent alarm record. Hashmi called Chen Annie to inquire about the tour group information, but Annie was talking to Liu Chang’s mother about the Maritime Academy, and she never heard it.

After the sailing time has passed and the 26 tourists have not returned to the ship, Hathaway notified all the senior officials to go to the bridge for a meeting. At this time, David Fang was chatting with Ding Kai on the deck. Ding Kai immediately called Tianyue when he heard the news. , But the phone has not been connected. He then called Annie and asked her to contact the tour group immediately.

Hashmi reported to Hathaway that there was no news from the bus. Hathaway went in to discuss countermeasures with Olsen. Hashmi talked with Dika and David Fang about Fang Qiang. When the three of them laughed, Hathaway walked in. When asked why, Dika said that Fang Qiang liked Hashmi very much, and Hathaway said she supported it.

Ding Kai’s instinct was very bad, and he asked to see Hathaway. Hathaway suggested that the yellow warning be activated. Olsen believes that doing so before there is definite news will cause panic among tourists. Hathaway said she cannot keep these tourists behind. Olsen believes that this will disrupt the subsequent itinerary. The headquarters will definitely be dissatisfied.

Hathaway agreed with Ding Kai. Ding Kai told her that there must be something wrong with the tour group. He knows the tour guide. She is a person with a strong sense of time. Now half an hour has passed since the boat trip. This must not be simply being late, because today When it rains at night, the tour group usually arranges to return to the ship early, and it must be an accident that they have not returned yet. Allen pointed out that the tour guide had lived in Ding Kai’s house, so they were so familiar. Ding Kai explained that he had borrowed before. Allen asked whether to borrow his house or his bed. The two were arguing. Hashmi suddenly I saw that TV news reported that an travel companion had sent a message saying that a bus overturned in Noli Mountain had been confirmed as a tourist on the Ocean. The police had rushed to the scene. The current casualties are unknown. The most worrying thing happened. Hathaway arranged for Olsen to immediately apply for a delayed departure from the port. Wang Ziyang reported that the injured had been sent to St. Mary’s Hospital. Hathaway arranged for Hashmi to contact the headquarters to establish an emergency The emergency team went to the scene of the accident to assist the police. David Fang arranged to open all the entertainment equipment on the ship to ensure that the mood of the tourists was stabilized. Ding Kai stayed on the bridge, Allen suggested that this is inappropriate, Hathaway said that special treatment during the special period.

After Hathaway reported to the headquarters, the headquarters agreed to her emergency plan. Hathaway wanted to visit the wounded in the hospital as a representative of the ship. Olsen disagreed. He proposed that it would take two hours to go back and forth to the hospital, which would take too long. Hathaway retorted that they could not do nothing. She finally decided to go to the hospital and take the slightly injured back to the ship. Olsen hoped that Hai Piwei would set off from the overall situation. At this time, Hathaway received a call from Wang Ziyang and learned that many tourists protested against sailing. Olsen once again proposed to postpone it, which is not only an economic issue, but also a greater safety issue. Hathaway said that she must go to the hospital and she will bear all the responsibilities. Hathaway arranged for Ding Kai to disembark with herself. Elson stayed on the boat to ensure the safety of tourists.

Liu Chang’s mother has been unable to contact her son. She ordered the dishes and waited for her son to eat the hot pot, but she didn’t know that Liu Changzheng was pushed into the operating room covered in blood at this time.

When Qi Shou’s father woke up, he found himself in the hospital and immediately looked for his son everywhere. Tianyue saw the aisles, stretchers, and patients waiting for emergency treatment. She just saw Fang Qiang helping the doctor push the stretcher over. Suddenly he fell to the ground with bleeding in his mouth. Tianyue hurried to the doctor to push Fang Qiang. Go in for first aid.

Qi Shou’s father finally found his son. Qi Shou was still not awake. He pulled the doctor to ask him to rescue his son. The doctor told him that the child was slightly injured and he wanted to rush to treat the seriously injured patient. Qi Shou’s father could not start looking around. Tianyue.

After Hathaway and others arrived at the hospital, the police told them that they had now sent all the injured to the hospital, and the cause of the accident was under investigation. The doctor told Hathaway that the patient was bleeding heavily and the blood bank was in a hurry. Hathaway asked Ding Kai to contact the crew on board to donate blood immediately.



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