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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 25 Recap

Fang Qiang just heard that the result of the infirmary test was that the passenger had caused the rash. Hashmi came to the back kitchen to officially inform. Fang Qiang exaggerated that he was inexplicably suspected and was hurt.

He grabbed Hashmi’s heart. He let her touch her injured heart. After Hashmi threw it away, Fang Qiang retorted that he was a grass and deserved to be suspected casually. Hashmi apologized to Fang Qiang. Fang Qiang said that he had fantasized about what he would look like. He knew it from the first time he saw Hashmi. He wanted to watch the sun rise and sunset with Hashmi every day. She is the master of his life, so he promised to date him after getting off the boat. After hearing Fang Qiang’s romantic confession, his colleagues applauded and booed, but Hashmi told Fang Qiang that the one who could handle him hadn’t appeared yet. Colleagues encouraged Fang Qiang to catch up. When Fang Qiang ran into the corridor, he met David Fang’s ex-wife Li Qian. Li Qian pulled Fang Qiang and asked him to help him find David. Fang Qiang said that he ran away in a hurry. At this time, He Cai went to the front desk to find a humorous place to accompany her. The front desk recommended Fang David, the entertainment director.

Li Qian approached David Fang’s office and said that to send Yoyo to an international school, she would need more than two hundred thousand tuition fees a year. She also had to buy a house around the school. David Fang was the child’s father and should bear this cost. David Fang was angry that all the money he earned was spent on her and You You, and hoped that Li Qian could also consider for herself and do what he could, and Li Qian proposed to remarry. At this time, He Cai came to find David. Li Qian took the initiative to introduce herself and emphasized that she and David Fang were about to remarry. He Cai left immediately after hearing this.

David Fang warned Fang Qiang not to harass Hashmi again, because he had never been serious about playing this game before. Fang Qiang said that he really liked Hashmi this time and must pursue her. Fang David talked about Li Qian asking herself for money to let Yoyo go to an international school. Fang Qiang said that her husband was not his own. Of course, he could squeeze as much as he could. Neither of them could persuade the other. They broke up unhappy.

Hathaway saw that Wang Ziyang organized the crew to do safety training exams and praised this method as very good. She said that the marketing department arranged for herself to participate in a decompression group photo session. This was her first public appearance, and she didn’t know what to say. Wang Ziyang suggested that Hathaway be herself, so that everyone can feel her sincerity. Hathaway praised Wang Ziyang for not only doing administrative safety work, but also very insightful in other aspects.

Ding Kai followed Tianyue back and forth, saying that he would take a group photo with the captain. The two were fighting, and Chen Anni came over. After Hathaway came, she told Ding Kai that she had heard about his rescue and rescue of the captain at sea. Ding Kai said it was his duty, and all the crew members were the greatest legends. When the captain took a photo with the tourists, Jiang Chen deliberately pulled Ding Kai next to Tian Yue, and Chen Anni felt sour when seeing Ding Kai holding Tian Yue’s hand to get what she wanted.

Hathaway asked why Ding Kai came to the ship. Ding Kai said that he wanted to change his identity and look at the Ocean from another angle. Hathaway asked Ding Kai whether she was confident as a candidate for the Asian Talent Training Program. Ding Kai said that she only wanted to do her current job. Hathaway admitted that Ding Kai was too humble. She felt that other candidates were very active. Ding said that maybe he will make changes in the future.

Ding Kai went to the room to find Tianyue and go to dinner with him. Chen Anni was unhappy when she saw the two appear at the same time. Qi Shou’s father said that a few days ago, Liu Chang’s father specially asked him to invite Ding Kai to drink. Ding Kai explained that seamen cannot drink and Chen Anni wants to drink for Ding Kai. Mr. Qi said that seamen can’t drink, and seafarers’ colleagues can’t drink anymore, so Tianyue Volunteer to drink for Ding Kai.

Jiang Chen felt that the party was a bit boring, so he pulled Liu Chang to the deck to play. Liu Chang hoped that one day he could also drive such a boat. Jiang Chen promised to take Liu Chang’s boat to travel around the world by herself. She wanted Liu Chang to get off the boat this time. Play for a while. If the business passes, she won’t find other handsome guys in the future, but he has to find a reason to keep his mother on the boat, and Liu Chang promised to give it a try.

Tian Yue was drunk, and she said without a word that she knew that Ding Kai’s father’s affairs had a profound impact on him, but Ding Kai could not hide in the shadows after the incident had been so long. And Chen Anni, her art of war is very good, she used it to catch and play, rebel, and beautify. Ding Kai saw that Tianyue became more and more outrageous, so he quickly covered her mouth, Wang Ziyang hurried over to help Ding Kai. Tianyue returned to the room.

After setting up Tianyue, Wang Ziyang told Annie Chen in the corridor that Tianyue’s desperate effort to block the wine for Ding Kai was enough to show that she had Ding Kai in her heart, and Ding Kai’s attitude towards Tianyue had already indicated his choice, so Annie should Recognizing the reality, Chen Anni felt irritated and reluctant to talk more, so she went back to her room to rest. Ding Kai on the other side returned to the room and compiled a message and wanted to send it to Tianyue to apologize, but after thinking about it, he deleted it again. He plans to tell Tianyue in person tomorrow.

At breakfast the next day, Jiang Chen asked Liu Chang how things were doing. Liu Chang didn’t know how to speak. Jiang Chen had already figured out a countermeasure: let Liu Chang’s mother consult Chen Anni about studying abroad, so as to avoid other parents. Liu Chang agreed. After eating, he went to tell his mother that he could also gather some experience for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen said that he wanted to be a star. Fang Qiang immediately leaned over and said that Jiang Chen’s conditions are so good, and he signed himself. After she became popular, he could show off. Jiang Chen was overjoyed and said that Maritime University was good, but he made too little money after he came out. Liu Chang believes that being a star is not worth betting on his great youth. Jiang Chen refutes that his desire to be a star is the same dream as Liu Chang wants to be a seaman. Fang Qiang also supports Jiang Chen. Liu Chang sees that the two have formed an alliance, so he has to avoid it. .

Hathaway accidentally discovered through a telescope that there was a small fishing boat on the left front of the cruise ship. Olsen said that it was impossible to avoid the fishing boat at the speed of the cruise ship because there were cargo ships on their right. It should not be too late. Hathaway personally operated it and succeeded. Avoided the fishing boat, but fortunately there was no danger. Hathaway criticized Morgan. The watchman had a heavy responsibility. He was almost drunk and made a big mistake. Olsen also criticized Morgan for only knowing to look at the right. Allen echoed the accident. Morgan simply couldn’t bear such a big responsibility. Olson will handle the rest. After she left, Olsen criticized Allen. This incident was not only Morgan’s negligence, but he was also responsible. Why didn’t they find the small fishing boat when they were operating it? Allen has been thinking about the assessment. Now that something like this has happened, how does Hathaway think about the working ability of these senior seamen?

Fang Qiang made a big cake To Wuyue and gave it to Hashmi. Wuyue and Dingxiang joked that Fang Qiang seemed unreliable in chasing Hashmi. Fang Qiang said that he didn’t think it was reliable at the beginning, but now he feels that he is just for it. When she came to the world, she was destined to follow her for life, and Wu Yue and Dingxiang sounded goosebumps with this sleazy love story.

Tianyue ran to ask Mayfair what happened last night. Moer said that she was very brave last night and put everyone on balance. Tianyue was ashamed of herself after listening to the process.

Fang Qiang asked Tianyue about the place where the brooch was repaired on the street. Tianyue took him to a watch shop. Fang Qiang told the watch repairer that the brooch belongs to his favorite girl and begged him to try it out. The master agreed. Trying, Tianyue was moved by Fang Qiang’s obsession, and Fang Qiang told her that this brooch was Hashmi’s.



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