One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 24 Recap


Hashmi finds David Fang and asks him to restrain his strong behavior, otherwise it will be bad for him and him if he stabbed Louzi in the future. David Fang immediately went to the back kitchen to ask the teacher for the crime. Ding Kai was also in the restaurant.

The two did not expect that Fang Qiang announced that he was pursuing Hashmi. David Fang strongly opposed it, on the grounds that Hashmi was ten years older than Fang and she was the hotel director on board. , Fang Qiang and her are too far apart in terms of age and level, while Fang Qiang believes that there is nothing wrong with bravely pursuing his love. He pointed out that his uncle David Fang should actively develop the second spring after the failure of his first marriage instead of staying in place. David Fang refuted his development. Fang Qiang claimed that his uncle only knew work in the past few years, and the money he earned was posted to his ex-wife, which Will girls like him? There is also Ding Kai, who is usually stereotypical and serious and has no taste. When he is in love, a girl is chasing him. He doesn’t even know whether he likes it or not. Ding Kai was touched. Ask Fang Qiang how to know if he likes it or not. Fang Qiang told him that when he couldn’t see her, he would think about her, knowing that she was in trouble, would go all out to help her, and she would be tolerant of her mistakes. This is love. In the evening, Ding Kai returned to the room, looked at Tianyue’s photo, and thought of Fang Qiang’s words, and his heart was warm.

The next day, Tianyue led the team to the basketball hall to play. Ding Kai followed and asked her why she was avoiding herself? Jiang Chen knew that Ding Kai was the chief executive officer, and surrounded the tourists. They asked Tianyue to help Ding Kai intercede and let them visit the cruise ship. The parents of the students asked Tianyue to help Ding Kai guide them. The next thing about applying for the Maritime Academy.

Back in the room, Tianyue called Lai Shen Xingshuai to inquire about his crimes, complaining that his information was inaccurate, and causing him to run into Ding Kai on the boat. Now a member of the group wants to get to know Ding Kai, and she doesn’t know whether to introduce him or not. Sumi told Tianyue that if he really wants to forget him, first treat him as a normal friend. At this moment someone knocked on the door and Tian Yue hung up the phone in a hurry. Annie found Tianyue on the pretext of work and mentioned that she was playing basketball with Ding Kai. Tianyue claimed that Ding Kai was only using her to avoid the little girl who struck up her. Anne provocatively said that she naturally knew that Ding Kai had already told her, she said. Nothing with Tianyue. After Annie was gone, Tianyue asked Ding Kai out and conveyed the words of the parents of the students. Ding Kai thought that they should let the children learn more knowledge instead of getting involved with them.

The college entrance examination student Qi Shou had vomiting and diarrhea. The parents suspected that it was food poisoning on the ship. Hathaway arranged Hashmi to appease the passengers. Dika immediately checked the food the passengers ate and sent for testing if there was any remaining. Hashmi was afraid that this matter would affect the appraisal, and Hathaway said that nothing is more important than the safety of passengers.

Hashmi went to the back kitchen to check the food hygiene. Fang Qiang took the opportunity to tease. At this time, Dika came and said that there were two dishes. Fang Qiang changed the cooking method without authorization. Hashmi criticized Fang Qiang for failing to follow the procedure. Who would bear the problem? ? The tourists in the group also talked a lot about the results of Tianyue Food’s test. They were afraid that this would affect the child’s college entrance examination. Liu Chang’s mother asked about Tianyue Maritime Academy. Tianyue apologized and said that Ding Kai couldn’t help. , Liu Chang’s mother was very dissatisfied.

Jiang Chen took Liu Chang and sneaked to the crew area. He was accidentally ran into by Ding Kai. Ding Kai said that Tianyue could not help the team members. Tianyue was embarrassed and had to persuade them to go back quickly.

Ding Kai went to Chen Anni’s room to ask for help and told her that some students wanted to apply for the Maritime Academy. This time she came to visit and asked Annie to communicate with the ship to allow them to visit. If they have the motivation to apply for the Maritime Academy through this personal experience, they will definitely be able to apply for the Maritime Academy in the future. She will fight for the marine career, and Annie also thinks this is a good thing, and she readily agreed to help. But she asked Ding Kai to help her advise her on what clothes to wear for the captain’s dinner. Ding Kai couldn’t agree to it. Annie changed her clothes for Ding Kai to see. Ding Kai said it was very good-looking, and went out of the room under the pretext of answering her mother’s phone.

After coordination, Wang Ziyang personally took the college entrance examination candidates to visit the cruise ship. He overheard Jiang Chen telling Liu Chang that this process was temporarily added by Ding Kai to Chen Anni. Annie must be interesting to Ding Kai. Wang Ziyang didn’t feel happy after hearing this. .

Tianyue thanked Wangziyang, Wangziyang told her that Ding Kai asked Annie for help in this matter, and he did all this for Tianyue. Tianyue didn’t believe it, Wang Ziyang told her that Ding Kai had been alone since he got on the Ocean, and would never go on board with a person? He knew that Tianyue was scrupulous about the seafarers’ regulations and feared that Ding Kai’s work would be affected. Ding Kai is now a tourist. This is an opportunity for him and Tianyue.

After Hashmi and Dika reported the results of the investigation, Olsen believed that Fang Qiang had changed the cooking process without authorization. Tens of thousands of tourists were suspected of food poisoning. Dika explained that Fang Qiang did this as an emergency and was able to serve food on time. Hathaway said he waited until the test results came out before drawing conclusions.

The tourists thought that Qi Shou had a rash on his body, it must be a problem with the food. Annie expressed condolences to everyone on behalf of the ship and brought a bonus: a photo with the captain.

Hashmi approached Dika to see the captain. Fang Qiang said that if there was a problem with his cooking, he would do everything alone. Dika and Hashmi reminded him not to be a hero and they will deal with it.

After seeing Hathaway, Dika first stated that his food hygiene is very strict. If something goes wrong, he is willing to take the blame and resign and step down as a chef. Hathaway told him that the test results had come out, not food poisoning, and Dika felt relieved.

Ding Kai asked Liu Chang why he wanted to take the Maritime Academy. Liu Chang told him that he likes the sea very much and that seafarers can make money and travel the world. Ding Kai asked Liu Chang about the tour group and learned that a suspected food poisoning incident had occurred on the ship. Tian Yue seems to be sick.

The doctor told Qi Shou’s father that the child was not food poisoned, but a normal rash. Just rest. Qi Shou can lift the isolation and return to his room to rest. Ding Kai also came to Tianyue. He caressed Tianyue’s head and asked if she was sick. Tianyue ran away in fright.

Ding Kai asked Annie for the schedule of the decompression group. Annie asked him about the purpose, and Ding Kai kept it secret. Qi Shou fell ill, and there was one less player in the basketball game of the travel agency. Ding Kai volunteered to join. Tianyue disagreed, but the team members were very enthusiastic and welcomed Ding Kai. Tianyue had to compromise. Chen Anni sat in the audience and watched indifferently.


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