One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 23 Recap


Wang Ziyang told Manager Huang that the commerce company can open flagship stores on their platform and they are responsible for the delivery, so that the interests of both parties can be maximized. Manager Huang is very satisfied with his cooperation plan. After coming out, Wang Ziyang told Annie that before he came, he had consulted that the product must include e-commerce elements, so he has contacted the e-commerce platform. In actual operation, it should be no problem for them to communicate with each other. Annie looked at Wang Ziyang with admiration. Wang Ziyang took the opportunity to offer the two to have a big meal to celebrate, and Annie readily agreed.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 22 Recap

The aunts won the championship in the square dance competition. They are all retired teachers, so they took the initiative to help Sumi promote the dance studio. Soon a group of children came to the studio to sign up to learn to dance. Sumi and Laishan were very happy. Also happy.

Manager Ma called and said that the tour guide of the Marine was suddenly ill and arranged for Tianyue to take over. Tianyue refused. After hearing this, Laishan quietly reminded her: Ding Kai was still on the mandatory vacation stipulated by the company. He was not there for this voyage, and Tianyue agreed to take the order.

Olsen is in his hands. He is looking forward to the appointment from the headquarters. He is the captain. Francis even prepared the cake in advance. Everyone lined up and applauded to congratulate Olsen as the new captain. Unexpectedly, the one who was waiting was sent by the headquarters. The new captain Hathaway, she went to the Ocean to give an inaugural speech, and pointed out that what made her dissatisfied after boarding was that a little boy was ignored when he needed help. Later, a staff member communicated with him, but did not squat down. Hathaway emphasized that seafarers must abide by the service rules and communicate equally when communicating with tourists, and hope that similar incidents will not happen again in the future.

Francis was disappointed to take the cake to Olsen’s office. He wanted to let Hathaway get out of trouble. Olsen said that things that would harm the company’s interests and image could not be done, but it would be good for the company to properly test the level of the new captain. Gatekeeper.

He Caitai is still the VIP group, and this time she pays special attention to the tourist Dong Bin. Tianyue brought a decompression group for the college entrance examination. She ran into Jiang Chen, a tourist with a flying vehicle last time. This time, she was with Liu Chang.

Before the cruise ship departed, Francis reported to Hathaway that there was a problem with the engine room. After inspection, Hathaway said that the pressure in the inflation system was insufficient. She arranged for the backup inflation system to be activated immediately, and personally inspected the oil pumps, air pipes and other power equipment. The water hole of the diesel engine gun is full of sand, which is caused by the silt being sucked into the water circulation system of the diesel engine body by the propeller. She pointed out that Francis has reported to herself in every detail, but there is no doubt that he can handle these small problems by himself. She hopes Everyone is doing the right thing at the right time. This is teamwork.

He Cai asked David Fang to check Dong Bin’s economic status and spending power. David Fang said that the information involved the personal privacy of VIP customers and he could not disclose it. He Cai said that she had the means to turn around and leave. Fang David stopped her and wanted to sort out the relationship between the two, but He Cai refused.

Ding Kai boarded the Ocean as a tourist. He saw someone smoking a cigarette on the non-smoking deck. He stepped forward to stop him but was rudely punched by the other party. Wang Ziyang came to see Ding Kai afterwards. Ding Kai self-reviewed what he had just done. He should be handed over to the seafarers. Wang Ziyang told him that Tianyue was also on board, and Ding Kai was delighted.

Chen Anni showed Tianyue the schedule of the decompression group and said that the house she rented before had not returned. Tianyue could move in if she had no place to live. Tianyue asked Chen Anni to rest assured that she would stay away from Ding Kai and not become Their obstacles.

Francis and Olsen were communicating in a low voice on the deck, and they saw Wang Ziyang coming from a distance. Wang Ziyang reported to Olsen that Ding Kai had stopped the tourists from smoking. After he left, Francis thought Ding Kai It is not like his style to get on the boat as a tourist. One of the stops on this trip was the place where the Blue Star had an accident.

At the meeting, Hathaway told everyone that she would call at four ports this time. She requested that both VIP guests and ordinary guests be treated equally. Olsen stated that the Ocean will be more and more under the leadership of the new captain. Great.

Facing the blue and beautiful sea, Jiang Chen, Liu Chang and others stood on the deck and sang loudly. Their youthful breath infected Tianyue, and Tianyue sang in unison with everyone. Chen Anni on the other side approached Ding Kai on the deck and asked him why he was on the ship. Ding Kai said that he wanted to look at the cruise ship from a different angle. This was the idea that the old captain gave himself before leaving. He asked about the reason why Annie rented a house to Tianyue. Annie said that it was for his sake, because Ding Kai was the key training target of the Asian Talent Program and he could not bet on his career, so Ding Kai invited Annie to dinner as a thank you .

Dika criticized Fang Qiang’s cutting potatoes for not complying with the operation process. Fang Qiang refused to accept it. The refutation process could not be eaten as food. Dika warned Fang Qiang to send him off the ship again. After Dika left, Fang Qiang and the chefs bragged. Someone came up with an idea to write the name of a female crew member. Fang Qiang chased after her whoever caught her, even if he won. Unexpectedly, Fang Qiang caught Hashmi.

Ding Kai deliberately sat next to Tianyue while eating in the restaurant and asked her why she wanted to move. Tianyue said lightly that she moved away when she found a house. Annie followed and wanted to sit down next to her. Tianyue said that there was someone. Liu Chang quickly gave up her seat when she saw it. Annie gave Ding Kai the sauce, saying that people with poor cooking skills can only eat this when they go abroad. Ding Kai said that she was good at cooking, and asked her to ask Tianyue. Anne kindly asked Ding Kai to disembark and cook for herself. Ding Kai did not comment, but gently let Tianyue taste the sauce. Tianyue was so angry that she got up and went to the bathroom. Annie followed. She told Tianyue that Ding Kai was a good marriage partner. She was handsome and had a good job and good character. Tianyue was angry that Annie said that she wanted to live in Ding Kai’s house just to catch a golden turtle. , Annie said it was normal, He Cai in their tour group was just such a person. Tianyue was so angry that she pointed out that Annie said that she did not respect people. Annie said that she could not let Tianyue’s choice affect Ding Kai’s future. She admitted that she liked Ding Kai and believed that Ding Kai was only suitable for her when she was with her. It is Ding Kai’s best choice. Tianyue was speechless, saying that this passage should be recorded to let Ding Kai know that his life-long event was decided in the toilet like this.

Wang Ziyang invited Hathaway to participate in safety training and gave them advice. Hathaway said that Ding Kai was responsible for this matter before, and Wang Ziyang bluntly said that he has this ability. When he walked out, Alan blocked the door and said that he was acting fast. Ding Kai was punished and is still on vacation. Therefore, they are the most competitive opponents in the company’s training program. Wang Ziyang said that his position today depends entirely on his own. In terms of strength, Allen disdains that the cruise industry has always been dominated by Westerners. Wang Ziyang told him that in the past, there will be Chinese in the future as captains.

Hashmi was in a meeting with the waiter, Fang Qiang came to disrupt the situation and said that she was very much like his mother’s daughter-in-law, Hashmi announced that the meeting had ended and left angrily. Fang Qiang chased him all the way upstairs, Hashmi warned Fang Qiang to harass him later and let him disembark. Fang Qiang was surprised that Hashmi was spicy enough, that he was the type he liked.


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