One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 22 Recap


Wang Ziyang took a few dishes and apologized to Chen Annie in public. Annie ate two bites perfunctorily. Then Wang Ziyang took out the canned fish for his colleagues to taste, and told them that Annie had brought it back from Plai Island, and Annie hurriedly took the prince. Yang La went out to ask the reason, Wang Ziyang told her that this is a can of torpedo sclerophylla. He asked a friend to adjust the formula to suit the taste of the Chinese, and he believed the supplier would be satisfied. Annie asked Wang Ziyang why he wanted to help herself. Wang Ziyang bluntly said that she was afraid of her being hurt, so she would accompany her to bear it with her.

One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 21 Recap

Tianyue called and asked about Chen Annie’s renting. Wang Ziyang drove Annie over. Annie explained that she did so because she felt that it was not easy for a little girl from Tianyue to work hard in Shanghai. Tianyue bluntly stated that Annie’s purpose was to move herself out of Ding Kai. Home, Annie admits that she has worked hard for Ding Kai. She reminded Tianyue not to forget why Laishan resigned and the crew could not fall in love with tourists. Ding Kai was punished for abandoning the exam last time. I hope Tianyue will not let Ding Kai be punished because of himself. Said that he left the rent for the time he was staying and took the box and moved out.

Wang Ziyang did not leave. He saw Tianyue carrying out his luggage angrily. He probably guessed what had happened. Chen Anni explained that she did this because she was afraid that the company would punish Ding Kai. Wang Ziyang said she was very concerned about Ding Kai’s affairs. , But right or wrong depends on a person’s perspective on the problem. He felt that Chen Anni was right, because they were the same passer-by and understood what she was thinking.

Tianyue had nowhere to go. He pulled his luggage to find Laishan, begging him to lend herself to the dance studio for a few days. Laishan readily agreed and helped her move. Tianyue asked him not to tell Ding Kai where he lived.

When Ding Kai came back and saw the note left by Tianyue, he called her immediately. Tianyue pretended to say that she was only temporarily staying before. During the call, Ding Kai heard Laishan’s voice and Tianyue hung up quickly.

After going to work, Wang Ziyang told Ding Kai that Tianyue and Annie liked him, and because Annie didn’t want Tianyue to live with him, she tried to make Tianyue move out. Ding Kai saw that Wang Ziyang was so angry, and teased whether he liked Annie? Wang Ziyang was angry that the woman he liked fell in love with the man with two boats. He asked who Ding Kai liked? If he likes Annie, he is not allowed to hurt her, but he will compete fairly with Ding Kai. If Ding Kai likes Tianyue, take her back and don’t give Annie any more illusions. Ding said that he has never been a barrier between Wang Ziyang and Annie. If Wang Ziyang likes Annie, he should use his sincerity to impress him. Wang Ziyang reminded Ding Kai that if he was not decisive, he would hurt two women at the same time. If he really cared about Tianyue, he wouldn’t let her be in the current situation.

Drake has completed the handover procedures and will return to the UK tomorrow. He told Ding Kai that he should have a broader vision, not to limit himself to daily life, but to look at his work from a deeper level. To be a captain, he must not only be skilled, but also always keep in mind that the original intention of cruise design is for people. He hopes that Ding Kai will not only be the manager of the cruise ship, but also participate in every voyage, so that his vision will be broad. The captain asked about the Blue Star. Ding Kai said that he had gone to several places but had no clues. Drake took the report he had kept for Ding Kai’s reference. He reminded Ding Kai to pay more attention to Eric’s nephew. He went to the library according to Eric’s nephew’s instructions. Not only did he not get the letter but was also kidnapped. He called the local police to monitor the library and found nothing. Eric’s nephew is very mysterious and doesn’t know what he is going to do. Ding Kai felt the same way. He couldn’t find any clues every time Andre’s e-mail, but it was not completely useless.

When Ding Kai went home, he sent an email to Andre, saying that he had not found any information about the Blue Star and that the investigation might not be able to continue. Andre replied that he did not want to be involved, but would give Ding Kai help within the scope of his ability. Francis on the other side told Olsen that a friend of Macau Cargo Insurance told him that Ding Kai was secretly investigating the Blue Star list, but he has not found any clues so far.

Lai Shen took Sumi to the newly rented dance studio on the anniversary of love. Sumi was so moved that she was so distressed that Lai Shen must have spent a lot of money. Tianyue told her that Lai Shen had indeed spent much for this studio. Mind, he was looking for the best place for Sumi to realize his dream, so every furniture and decoration was bought by Laishan himself. Su Mi was sobbed that he complained that Laishan had suffered so much but refused to tell him anything. She couldn’t help but threw herself into Laishan’s arms and sobbed. Tianyue wanted to move out before they moved in. The two enthusiastically invited Tianyue to live together. Tianyue finally agreed, but insisted on paying the rent and begged them not to tell Ding Kai. After arriving at the travel agency, Tianyue told Manager Ma that he did not want to take a cruise group anymore and asked him to adjust himself to a land group.

Sumi’s dance studio cannot recruit new students, and can’t afford to pay the rent. Tianyue decided to go to the park to promote with Lai Shen, and Sumi was in charge of online enrollment. The three of them were busy for a day. In the evening, Lai Shen told Sumi a good news: He showed Sumi’s dance video to the aunt who danced the square dance, and they invited Sumi to the park to give them lessons. Lai Shen told them that there was Su Mi. Mi pointed out that they will definitely get a good place in the competition. At this time, Ding Kai called Lai Shen and asked him to recommend a route for his mother to travel. Lai Shen deliberately asked him to find He Cai and Grandpa Jiang. Ding Kai had to ask him to think of a suitable acquaintance. Then Lai Shen called It was given to Tianyue, and Ding Kai asked Tianyue to return to the company tomorrow to show him the information. He asked about Tianyue’s life, but Tianyue didn’t want to talk more, so he hung up the phone in a hurry.

The aunts who danced square dance paid Su Mi for tuition, but Su Mi did not charge any money. They patiently taught them to dance in the park. The aunts were very satisfied.

Chen Anni and Wang Ziyang showed the new formula of canned fish to the person in charge of the trading company to taste. They were very satisfied with the taste of the sample, but said they needed to integrate online and offline resources, otherwise he would not dare to place an order rashly.


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