One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 21 Recap


Francis told Wang Ziyang the appointment of this new captain was going to return. Wang Ziyang was also the goal of this Asian Donation Program. Allen was really calm. How can Wang Ziyang not have any idea?

Sumi does not understand this work yet. Lai Shen inquired why Tianyue wished to obtain a home. Tianyue reported that she had been terrified that living together would impact Ding Kai’s date. Laishan suspected that Tianyue also enjoyed Ding Kai.
Ding Kai sent an email to Andre, stating that he had been commissioned from the captain and expected he could send the Blue Star questionnaire data to himselfbecause the captain moved into the designated location final time and found nothing. Ding Kai obtained an invitation in the Locomotive Che Youhui within his mailbox to let him engage in the action.

Wang Ziyang suggested she do what she can to assist others, since she’s not grateful in doing this, and failure to do this will also have an effect on the firm’s reputation. Perhaps the organization is going to punish her rather than doing nothing for nothing. Chen Anni bluntly stated that Wang Ziyang simply cares about her own pursuits, and they aren’t similar. She informed Wang Ziyang not to be concerned about her affairs .
After tasted it, Fang Qiang believed it ought to be made to a hot taste. Beneath the agitation of these cooks, Fang Qiang After skillet fish with yummy color and taste, he advised everybody: Chinese food is the very best.

Ding Kai moved to Macau to discover pertinent Information Regarding the Blue Star. The team stated that the info couldn’t be found. He’d contact Ding Kai when he discovered it. After Ding Kai abandoned, the individual promptly called and advised himDing Kai arrived to look at that the Blue Star to look at the cargo list.
Knowing he was heading home for supper, she left a massive table of dishes to wait around for him, but she did not anticipate Ding Kai to ask him to get information regarding the pseudoscorpionfish after get off work. Following both discussed the job, Annie intentionally I took a photograph using Ding Kai and shipped it to Tianyue. After viewing it, Tianyue was so mad he dumped a ready dish to the garbage can.

Tianyue awakened in the afternoon to observe Ding Kai nevertheless went out prior to returning. After arriving in the travel agency, Manager Ma informed her great news: the firm may offer Tianyue with employees dormitories, and the price is quite inexpensive, Tianyue guaranteed to take into account. Following Ding Kai came back to supper, he sent an email to fit with the sender Andrea. After Tianyue returned home, watching Ding Kai had returnedhe called him. Ding Kai reported he went into his mum’s home last night and was going to board the airplane and wrapped up.

Yu Wenli desires Tianyue to inform herself Ding Kai’s lifetime for a seaman. Both were sitting at the lawn and chatting. Yu Wenli watched this spectacle with emotion. Both women were quite excellent. Old Zhu known as a wise and virtuous and also a sensible man, but each of them understood the mother-in-law policy. It’s to honor Ding Kai’s alternative. Parents can’t impose their wishes in their kids.

The team of this travel bureau advised He Cai the Manager Ma delegated Tianyue into the dormitory. Both could have an unusual connection. After Tianyue arrived He Cai asked him face to face. Tianyue requested Manager Ma Regarding the cause of the event. Subsequently Manager Ma told me that the dormitory had been Annie leased it with cash, who knows it is likely to go wrong.

Primary Huang told Laishan the Su Mi educated well and they understood each other until she moved overseas. Additionally, this is a point. Su Mi can last her dance career in different ways. Lai Shen informs Sumi he will accompany her to realize that her dream, and the both of them will look after the issues together.
Ding Kai immediately got a response from Andre, stating that he had been blessed to have a record. Tianyue on the opposite side was likely to locate a home to move, and also to observe the home with a representative, and fulfilled Lai Shen delivering meals. Lai Kun explained he wished to remain in this town and needed to have a visa. The food shipping firm could help him resolve this dilemma.
He advised Tianyue to grab the chance to reveal Ding Kai’s womanly charm. . After arriving home, Tian Yue dressed and walked from the bedroom. Ding Kai appeared in her dress and could not help laughing, joking that she was likely to provide Grandpa Jiang. Be a spouse! Tianyue was so mad that she shifted her house clothing, but Ding Kai told me that she was looking great when she left.

The team told him that somebody had come a couple of days back, however, the information regarding the Blue Star was no longer offered. She aided Lai Kun deal and saved him lots of cash. Lai Kun discovered that Tianyue and Ding Kai weren’t making progress, and implied she would do Ding Kai’s mommy’s work. At this moment, Tianyue just got a call from Yu Wenli and encouraged her to playwith.


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