One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 20 Recap


Captain Drake went into the deck to confer with Yu Wenli and advised me that Ding Kai had been a superb team member. He expected that Ding Kai will retire because the captain. I wonder whether Aunt Yu makes it?
Ding Kai explained that the captain kidnapping situation hasn’t yet come to a finish.

The sunrise is similar to their lifetime. Each day is a fresh start. It is still too late to discover joy. , His voice poured right into his heart as a warm present. When she had been carried to the theater by Lai Shen, she understood she had been completed. Lai Shen’s investigation terrified her, along with his great motives transferred himself, but she could not forgive Lai Shen for lying ?
The internet actress Liang Yingshan at He Cai regiment experienced a critical response to the prosthesis following plastic surgery. The physician told me that the very ideal outcome was the prosthesis fell out by itself, and the worst thing was that the prosthesis and the entire body have been ulcerated together. She’s still the hottest anchor once the lights are still on.

Baohua Travel Agency has completed assessing the celebrities, also also Manager Ma known as the attorney to confirm there are no issues left by Tianyue’s conclusion of their contract. He planned to flame Tianyue immediately. Unexpectedly, following the travel bureau delivered the purchasing list of this band excursion, Manager Ma inadvertently discovered that Tianyue’s earnings was almost double he Cai. He promptly changed his thoughts and commended Tianyue to be the black horse pioneer of this excursion. Permit He Caiduo and Tianyue understand the way to attract the Sunset Red Group to a golden medal buying group. Then he even also Cai curled her lipsdismissing it.
Drake stated in the retirement dinner he didn’t anticipate so many items to occur prior to his retirement. Inform them.
Yu Wenli smiled and stated they understood they were terrified they would take Ding Kai from the ship. She wasn’t an irrational person, and everybody was eventually relieved. Everybody spoke about it, the captain could be Olsen, also that I noticed he will function as acting captain on another voyage.

Sumi reported that Lai Shen whined he was blind in the start, which he should have been premeditated. Afterwards he trusted him a great deal and changed his clothing in front of his or her Lai Kun clarified he was no other motive, but had been stressed. Su Mi’s security, Su Mi declared that she’d withdraw the suit.
Tianyue advised Mayfair roughly Laishan. Mayfair confessed that she believed she’d be envious and go mad if she knew about it, however, nothing occurred. Tianyue told Mayfair she did not enjoy Laishan. Mayfair watched Ding Kai. Ding Kai explained that the captain kidnapping was due to Tianyue’s aid. He cried to Tianyue due to his prior mindset. He was able to say it had been a joke to allow her go from their home. opened.

Wang Ziyang advised Ding Kai that when Sumi insisted being busted, he would just go through legal processes, however, the boat wouldn’t like to battle such a litigation. At this time, Sumi requested to visit Wang Ziyang, and that he requested Wang Ziyang to shoot her Lai Shen to face each other.

Yu Wenli enthusiastically encouraged Tianyue to visit Chongming Island to perform with later on. Chen Anni was somewhat frustrated when she watched them familiar. He told Annie that he’d greeted the pioneer. From today on, Annie will just work at the workplace. He will correct the section for Annie. Her present advertising and advertising department isn’t acceptable for women. Chen Anni expects that Mr. Tang won’t hinder herself. work.
Ding Kai informed Laishan he wouldn’t be penalized as long as he confessed he had no occasion with Sumi. Olsen considers that Sumi can also be accountable for its withdrawal of their litigation against Laishan, although Drake reported that team direction has to be consistent with regulations in addition to humane. Lai Shen told everybody he had no occasion with Sumi, as he had been very sure he had fallen in love with her and had been prepared to resign and disembark to her.

From this infirmary, Liang Yingshan abruptly went into the restroom to eliminate her makeup and began a live air. She informed the lovers that she had been the actual herself. Her face was imitation and her entire body was imitation. She had been living wearing a mask daily. Too exhausted, she isn’t the goddess and Bai Fumi from the lovers’ minds in any way. Liang Yingshan could not help crying before the camera since she talked. He Cai supporting her was surprised when she watched this spectacle.

She made to depart. Lai Shen ceased her and held her hands. Holding the diamond ring,” he also stated: He came into the Ocean as a seaman to satisfy his fantasy and to obtain the owner of the gemstone ring. He knelt on one knee and pulled that the diamond ring hand to suggest to Sumi, trusting that she’d grow to be the owner of the gemstone ring! Within a minute, hot applause rang out from all over, and everybody sincerely desired the 2 fans!
David Fang encouraged Cai to supper, claiming for a midsize meal, also He Cai easily agreed. Leshen on the opposite side thankfully lay outside the classroom window and then observed Sumi instruct the kids to dance.

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