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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 19 Recap

In the senior team assembly, Olsen declared: A female tourist stated that the team had entered her room and sexually assaulted. To be able to avoid the problem from becoming worse, he ordered for the whining tourist to be locked in the area, and the resort manager Hashmi would look after her without departing. Drake requested Wang Ziyang to inform the tourists, along with the boat promised to inquire into the issue as soon as you can, and if needed, it’d discount Laishan, and sometimes even hand it on to the local authorities.

Afterwards, she suffered an automobile crash along with her leg was totally busted. At that moment, she fought in a white group, only hoping to show that the yellow-skinned herself could dance well, however she didn’t anticipate that after from the locker room she thought about the physician’s words and burst into tears, but had been misunderstood by her coworkers. With an affair with the supervisor, and consequently questioning her function can be obtained this manner.
Ding Kai told his mum for a lot of years that he chased his waywardness all of the time. If he had not been considering studying abroad, his dad wouldn’t go sailing to be able to spend less. He believed that remaining was closest to his dad, each time that he went to sea, he also told his dad on his confession.

She became determined her son’s occupation was quite dangerous, stating that he’d fabricated countless flows in the previous eight decades, and thought it just because he had been his son. After she noticed that the authorities discovered a corpse that seemed very like Ding Kai, she desperately believed her son had been gonebut she believed his son was responsible and wouldn’t leave her occupation and mom alone.

Drake reported he would make arrangements following the thing was dealt with. Olsen suggested he could utilize this issue to investigate if Ding Kai was the captain. Shield Ding Kai.
Annie Chen created the soup fed Ding Kai herself onto the deck. Tianyue had shot the cake to watch Ding Kai, but she walked off with mixed feelings after viewing this spectacle. On the opposing side, Wang Ziyang persuaded Lai Kun to not get mad and tell the facts. Lai Kun confessed the matter was completed by himself, and asked that it be passed over to the authorities at the next port. Wang Ziyang educated him if the offense is convicted, it won’t merely involve Laishan’s livelihood, but also go through the criminal procedure. Seeing that Laishan was silent, Wang Ziyang needed to let him hand him over to the local authorities in Hong Kong three times afterwards.
Ding Kai expected that Wang Ziyang could have new hints to inform him that he wished to investigate together with himand Wang Ziyang easily consented.

She expected that Ding Kai would confront the love of the sea and honestly, rather than hypnotizing herself to perform it for her daddy. She knew Ding Kai’s ideas. Her dad couldn’t return due to the crash. Her son needed to shield people and stop the tragedy from occurring again, so that she encouraged his son! My fantasy finally got her mum’s knowledge and understanding, Ding Kai could not help but hug her mom closely!

Unexpectedly, she conducted to Chen Anni again at the corridor. Chen Anni requested Tianyue to send the cake into Ding Kai. Tianyue refused. Annie told her team. There were regulations to not get too near tourists, and Tian Yue returned into the area using all the cake after hearing .
She did not wish to describe, and eventually opted to leave the dancing troupe. She initially planned to have another look in the point that belonged to her Ocean to finish her life. Afterwards, she fulfilled Lai Shen, who’s distinct from other guys. When she wished to finish her life, Lai Shen rescued her together with his own optimism and concern. He awakened Su Mi first that day to let her see the sunrise.

Ding Kai requested Su Mi to apologize, saying that he must speak with her as soon as you can daily, but the truth Su Mi clarified aren’t all accurate. If she insists to not draw the litigation, Laishan is going to be fired and moved to the local authorities. Ever since that time he has never managed to function as a seafarer he enjoys.
Following Drake heard Wang Ziyang’s report on the analysis, he requested him to compose a comprehensive investigation report on the Shanghai authorities. Wang Ziyang called the surveillance out and stated he found that Ding Kai could have understood it because if Laishan was pushed from this area with a female tourist that afternoon, Ding Kay is at the corridor. He implied that Ding Kaishang ought to be in the custody interval to determine how he concludes the issue.

Tianyue was miserable and brought the cake into Mayfair. Mayfair threw off the cake that was expired. Both were speaking about Laishan and watched the drunk Sumi from the pub. Mayfair understood Then, she had been the tourist whining to Laishan. She was so mad that Tianyue reluctantly helped Sumi back into the area when she watched it.
The physician told Ding Kai following the examination there was nothing significant about skin injury. Yu Wenli’s hanging hub eventually let go. Tianyue watched the mom and son in the door finally give up their prior adultery, and walked off with confidence.

After coming in the area, Tianyue persuaded Sumi to not try it, inducing Leshen to lose his own job and destroying his potential. Sumi was mad that they believed Leshen’s words and believed they had been prodigious, therefore her words weren’t plausible, and she pushed the skies. Yue drove out her. Who understands that Tianyue had only walked into the doorway when Su Mi abruptly fell to the floor. She curled up and cried and informed Tianyue she was a dancer and had a very significant itching on her meniscus. Now she’s been planted.

He confessed that this incident proved to be a chain reaction brought on by his own personal action, but the evaporating envelope left him suspect that Allen was involved with the episode. Then, Allen was crushed out by the kidnappers, and there was an explosion. Allen clarified that he didn’t need to entangle the kidnappers overly much. Drake guessed the Blue Star had unidentified secrets, but he had been going to retire, and he didn’t wish to bring the fact of the issue into the tomb.

He asked Anne to return to the area to prevent himand informed Ding Kai what the tourist whined about Lai Kun. Then both went on to see Lai Kun collectively, Wang Ziyang told Lai Shen that when this thing wasn’t explained, not only he, but additionally Ding Kai could be impacted. Lai Kun subsequently told them the procedure for his own interaction with Su Mi. Wang Ziyang reported that if Sumi didn’t draw the litigation insisted that Lai Shen had sexually attacked, he’d nevertheless be handed on to the local authorities for criminal offences.

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