One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 18 Recap


The Ocean has received a note from the Port Authority which they’ve missed the ideal time to join the port. The station is complete and can’t enter the interface. Drake ordered for Allen to desperately inform the seamen to have an assembly about the bridge. Drake ordered for Wang Ziyang to disembark and pier together with the Port Authority, while others performed their responsibilities to support the tourists.

Pleasant authorities need her to aid in genetic testing and verification in the next period. Tian Yue was in a rush, patted the desk and asked the boat to ship a helicopter to take them immediately, but Yu Wenli was exceptionally calm. She stated that if it had been actually Ding Kai, the last would be of no avail.

Seeing Sumi coming , Lai Shen encouraged her into the theater to see the performance. Just when Su Mi went he recognize that Lai Shen had coated the whole theater to get her. He could not help but walked on the stage and danced softly. The graceful dance created Laishan fascinated from the graceful dance.
The Pleasant Island authorities told Anne Chen no signs of life was observed at the North Island and they’d already started searching the South Island.

When she arrived in the shopping street, she advised the older to swallow logically and remainder in the car by herself. He Cai, on the opposite side, was just occupied taking care of this Internet star Liang Yingshan. When she noticed Liang Yingshan received a call from the business, the business encouraged her to go to get a plastic surgery instantly, stating that her face wouldn’t last long and she couldn’t allow Qiansi’s investment from the water.

Yu Wenli requested her to remain alone for some time. She moved into her son’s dormitory and stroked his photographs and each bit of clothes, distraught. Tianyue was concerned about Yu Wenli and maintained guarding in the doorway. After studying about the Circumstance, Jia San and his spouse in the following room went into the balcony to Talk with Yu Wenli. Yu Wenli said regrettably, she knew that this was true, why didn’t attempt to quit her son at the first position, but did not give him a gentle note in the long run.

Unexpectedly, Sumi dropped. She desperately stated that everything was finished, and Leshen invited her to not give up her dream. Sumi knows that Lai Shen did not bring himself into the theater on a temporary basis. He’s investigated himself? Laishan took his sunglasses off and clarified that this wasn’t exactly what he intended. Sumi no more thought it and allow him presume that this had not occurred.

Liang Yingshan needed to do so. He promised to proceed when he came in Shanghai. He Cai didn’t anticipate the grandfathers and aunts of this older group are also quite effective at purchasing. He Cai was miserable when he noticed the stuff that they were purchasing.
She cried He Cai to help her attract the group. He Cai reported that Tianyue wanted regular tourists to enjoy the treatment of her VIP group. It simply did not work. Tianyue instantly took all the cash in the card. It had been moved to He Cai, and he left a soft and tough foam, and He Cai eventually consented.

Tianyue was living together with Yu Wenli and has been advised to visit the fire area to run a fire drill. Only later did he understand that the boat couldn’t predict the vent. For a little while, the vacationers were psychological, and Drake ordered for Wang Ziyang to take care of it in the front desk when he watched it. She advised Wang Ziyang her son had vanished while on duty, and the boat should encourage her petition. At this moment, Wang Ziyang received directions from the captain to shoot Yu Wenli into the bridge immediately.

After coordination from the headquarters, 1 hour after, the Ocean was eventually able to berth in the vent of Bahaman. What everyone did not anticipate was after disembarking, Chen Anni chose Ding Kai and stood facing them safely!

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