One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 17 Recap


Consequently, in comparison with their activities, racing has no impact in any way. Yu Wenli called her mother of this team and asked the boat to ship a rescue vessel to send back herself into the island to locate her son. Wang Ziyang told me that she did not possess the right, and the exact same result was supposed to obtain the captain.

Yu Wenli requested Wang Ziyang if they’d thought of a mother’s heart? Subsequently she listened to the prince and started to eat in silence.
Olsen reported to Captain Grant the captain and Anne Chen are equally lost, and the following interface won’t provide them more time. Grant instructed Olson to depart the vent in 1 hour and he along with the next officer Morgan will place off.

Wang Ziyang walked . Tianyue inquired if it was becoming dark and the hunt team could still view it. Wang Ziyang told me that there was a photosensitive feeling, but he had been concerned about the demolition. The shipyard is near the sea. In case Ding Kai floats on the sea, then it’s easy to become dehydrated. Tianyue believes that Ding Kai’s mum’s request is reasonable. Wang Ziyang conveniences Tianyue to not be overly bleak. From the view of rescue, Ding Kai remains inside the gold 72 hours.
Francis told Olsen the Wang Ziyang was exploring all of the men and women that disembarked, paying particular attention to Alan. Olsen reminded Francis he had been into the library. Francis said he rushed for nothing. The letter should have been removed by Drake. ?
After paying the cash and delivering the merchandise, Allen eventually took the correspondence. Since the email entails all of the parties involved with the Blue Star, and Olsen and Francis will be the natives, as well as the email comes in the family members of the third survivor, therefore there might be Olsen, Francis, as well as Drake’s handle from the letter, who’s accountable for With these manages, other competitions can be trapped in the evaluation, and Allen’s present competitors will be both chief executive officers.

He explained that by the death and return time of Francis, he figured where Francis could proceed, and contacted the regional rental service. The dashboard camera revealed Francis went into the library. What occurred was: Francis got from the vehicle with the captain. After viewing the captain taking a cab, he drove the vehicle leased beforehand to accompany him. Seeing the captain came in the library, he instantly realized that Drake was here to bring it. So Francis softly sat in the corner of the libraryoverhearing the priest to investigate about the designated publication place, then he discovered the book beforehand ahead of the priest and took away the letter.

They had been arguing about how to manage the captain. After a time, Allen arrived. , He told the two gangsters to not involve himself inside, and the two ran away.
Wang Ziyang attracted dinner and requested Tianyue to depart . He advised Yu Wenli: He’d been into the scene following the explosion at the shipbreaking plant. The priest and Chen Anni fainted following the explosion, and they had been at the sidewalk when they awakened. The authorities have expanded their search and discharged search and rescue puppies and lifeboats to notify all boats which when Ding Kai is located, they’ll be rescued and implemented instantly.
He is only missing, maybe dead. Annie insisted on staying and awaiting Ding Kai. Afterwards, Drake consented to remain with Annie, stating that he could get the most recent police information and help at any moment.

Tian Yue could not sleep during the night, and kept sending Ding Kai messagespraying in his heart he would return safely.

Ding Kai vanished following the explosion.
Tianyue could not await Ding Kai to become anxious. She sent a couple of messages without response. Tianyue whined that Ding Kai fixed the automobile to the priest, Yu Wenli. Seeing that Tianyue’s expression was incorrect, she heard that Ding Kai had never return after grabbing her cell phone.

Drake told me that he was searching for the letter, but Feng didn’t bring it backagain. Wang Ziyang believed that Derek could have discovered that the letter and forwarded it to some place he felt secure. Since he was the investigator of this Blue Star event that year, the situation was closed, and today there’s a report correspondence, and Drake is going to retire, perhaps there’s proof against him at the letter, therefore that he does not need to really go wrong at this moment.

The bus came late, and the guests of this travel bureau whined. He Cai cautioned Tianyue, and when he dared to embezzle the bus he told Manager Ma to not let her take action.
Allen delivered a message: Instantly rush into the left handed shipbreaking yard to help Ding Kai in rescuing the captain. When Annie Chen awakened, she discovered she had been locked up with Drake. She promptly leaned against Drake and attempted to untie the rope attached to his hands. At this moment, both kidnappers came. They promised to be sailors.

Olsen believed that when Drake obtained the letter, he’d behave abnormally, but he didn’t respond later he came back? Olsen asked Francis if he actually did not get it. Since Wang Ziyang isn’t a fuel-efficient lamp, Ellen does not understand what he is calculating. There are lots of areas where he is wrestling. If Drake did not get it, somebody else could have it. Concerning the injury this season, is there anything that he is not doing? Understood? Francis reported that he wanted to inquire Orlin relating to this.

He explained that Ellen didn’t return after becoming on the pilot ship until he returned together with the captain. Ellen explained he was planning to collect with his buddies on Plei Island. Wang Ziyang explained that when Allen was a freighter team member, he met a few regional friends who weren’t law-abiding. They had been doing things with cash, so Allen requested them this opportunity to get what he desired, and they tied the captain collectively.

Tianyue knelt by the bed, screaming and said to Yu Wenli she had been permitted to board the boat this time, simply to let her know how great Ding Kai is and just how secure the cruise is. She did not expect things to mess herself up, she cried Yu Wenli Do not hurt yourself. Yu Wenli requested Tianyue to sit alongside her, thanking her for being so meticulous with Ding Kai. Tianyue comforted Yu Wenli by stating the very best rescue team was discharged on the staircase. They continue to be inside the gold 72 hours of saving time, but Yu Wenli is psychological.

Drake smiled and stated he was really the celebration involved in this issue. Drake reported that when he awakened he learned from the kidnappers they were sailors.

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