One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 16 Recap


She promptly called Ding Kai to get assistance. Ding Kai reported the episode to Olsen prior to departing. Following the kidnappers from the van along with the hidden dealer fulfilled, the dealer just needed the letter to oppose them to kidnap the priest, however, the kidnappers refused to quit after obtaining the cash and pulled the captain off.

Ding Kai known as Chen Anni to get in touch with the port power to check the van details. Chen Anni simply obtained the automobile info and ran to the van . .

Following Wang Ziyang told Ding Kai of their time and content of the telephone with Annie,” Wang Ziyang discovered Chen Anni’s place under Ding Kai’s advice, and Ding Kai drove there instantly.

Captain Drake responded to the email instantly after disembarking. On the opposing side, Ding Kai could not discontinue Laishan, so that he got off the ship and ran off. Ding Kai assessed in the front desk and discovered that Sumi had disembarked along with his mom was on the ship.

Once the Ocean was 8 hours off, Anne Chen reported to Drake the anglers only consented to temporarily collaborate with the cruise boat, but there were still several fishermen deliberately making problem. Drake ordered for Ding Kai to select the pilot ship to assist Annie first. All fishing ships intercepted with baits left to guarantee the smooth entrance of the Ocean. Ding Kai could not help inquiring about the captain’s email, and the priest promised to discuss it once he returned.

Tianyue was stressed that their tour just visited scenic areas, while He Caidai’s excursion was only shopping. Sure enough, on the bus,” He also Cai exaggerated the advertising of local leaders, resulting in dissatisfaction among tourists.

Francis hurried to Olsen covertly and asked him exactly what to do. Olsen requested him to come across the letter prior to the captain. Francis wanted to utilize Allen. Olsen explained that Allen wouldn’t be a huge deal, and now his The evaluation results are extremely dangerous, and you also can not grow into one of these if you do not get encouraged. The dialogue between the two has been overheard by Alan in the doorway. He recognized that this letter could eventually become a bargaining chip at the effort for deputy captain, and has been determined to get it.

Ding Kai arrived at the deck and watched her mum Yu Wenli mentioned to the sea: Here is actually the very first and final time Lao Ding was so near him because he left. Additionally, it is a collapse of her motherhood. She had been fearful that when one day her son drifted from the sea such as Lao Ding, what could she do? At this moment, Ding Kai received an email regarding the analysis of the Sea Star from the mailbox.

Ding Kai advised the Ocean to ship Anne’s shared place to the authorities when possible. Mr. Tang was quite concerned after studying that Anne was pursuing the offenders. Wang Ziyang requested to substitute Annie, but Orson disagreed, stating Ding Kai and the authorities had passed it had been unnecessary. For squandering funds, Mr. Grant was quite annoyed and said an investigation could be launched following the episode subsided.

Wang Ziyang reported on the captain that the Sea was going to arrive in Plai Island in four times. Captain Dres told everybody that very few boats have ruined their outside transmitters such as the Seastar, therefore after sending out the distress signal, it may simply be resigned, since it requires less than two weeks in the boat’s fire into the sinking and burst.

Dress named Ding Kai into the deck and advised Ding Kai his dad was a really upright individual. He expected that Ding Kai and his mum would have a fantastic talk, since his mom has been quite determined.

Andre reported that this letter could entail the Blue Star shipwreck in 2004, so he’d place the letter in a novel, and set the book within another port they’re just about to arrive at Plei, if Captain Drake desires in the event that you pick this up, then you need to use your personal mailbox to answer, and you’ll tell him that the speech then.

Drake went into the library to discover the letter in line with the instructions mentioned in the emailaddress. On the opposing side, Ding Kai discovered her mum using a touch of resignation, stating that she didn’t wish to work , but expected that the communication between both could honor each other. He enjoys this task, and her mum should not provide the letter of resignation to the priest.

After Drake came from this library, the cab was nowhere to be discovered. This scene happened to be observed by Tianyue who had been shooting photos, Tianyue reluctantly allow the bus driver pull her to pursue the vehicle, and she called Ding Kai to inform him that the priest was kidnapped. Ding Kai told her mum that after completing the trip, she’d get a opportunity to have a fantastic conversation with her.

Chen Anni dropped over too quickly, and her cellular phone couldn’t communicate after being busted. After she caught up with the van, then the offender had hauled the captain to a little street. Chen Anni utilized Howard’s walkie-talkie to get Wang Ziyang. She’d only told Wang Ziyang where she would see that the North Star, so that she had been shot from The attack stunned.

The Ocean broadcast educated the senior team to collect at the bridge to get a meeting. Wang Ziyang helped Ding Kai and obstructed the information to prevent unnecessary stress among tourists.

Ding Kai cautioned Laishan he has been suspected of breaking up the team regulations. At this moment, Ding Kai obtained an arrangement: the ship is windy and also he would like to flee the tourists around the deck instantly.

Following Ding Kai abandoned, Olsen also requested Drake Concerning the email. Drake told himAlthough the situation was closed, the true reason for the explosion of this freighter hasn’t yet been ascertained.
Underneath He Cai’s hands on publicity, the older men and women who are in the Tianyue group followed her into the shopping road.

Prior to departing, Tianyue specially educated them to eat logically.
She lamented that it wasn’t easy for her mom. If his son was alive, he’d be as outdated as Ding Kai. When he was detained, he didn’t dare to acknowledge he was the weakest man he’d ever seen. ,

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