One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 15 Recap


It was a sign of family glory. Su Mi took his trousers, it was a shame with a grin, if it was not for Laishan’s eyes difficulty, he should be a fantastic actor. Subsequently Sumi shifted his clothes before the mirror. Lai Shen desperately suppressed his appetite and informed himself that he must take his sunglasses off and confer with her, but he had been going to talk. Sumi came casually, and Lai Shen captured a glimpse of a collapse from the couch.

Jia San whined to Chef Dika he had nausea from the apple to the boat. After Dika requested carefully, he understood that Jia San’s real goal was to market his very own fruits. Yu Wenli on the opposite side named Tianyue, stating that because she can not go anywhere today, she might also take her about to see her son’s working atmosphere.

Wang Ziyang advised Yu Wenli that Ding Kai withdrew out of a significant evaluation without support, which left the company executives mad. In this voyage, so long as Ding Kai made a tiny error, the corporation would immediately suspend the contract. Ding Kai is one of the very few Chinese senior seafarers around the Ocean, so in private and public, he expects that Aunt Yu could be wary of emotions rather than let Ding Kai’s career ending in this voyage.


Olsen asked Alan about Ding Kai’s mum, and both spoke if Ding Kai’s mum could play a role in this voyage. At this time, Yu Wenli arrived to watch Captain Drake and advised him that to get a mother, the child’s health and safety is the main thing in her life. She requested the priest to discount Ding Kai after landing at the following port and request him to go home with herself. , since it is too risky on board.


Lai Shen educated Sumi that existence is similar to the sea, even though there are tumultuous waves, but in the long run it’ll be bright and bright.
From the photograph, she had been surrounded by a set of kids with a happy grin on her head. For your spouse, provided that the kids follow their heart and do what they enjoy, they’ll be satisfied. He considered that Ding Kai has to possess his motive for staying within the boat, like his daughter’s belonging to Darjeeling. Drake reported that it had been the Blue Star sea freighter in 2004.
Yu Wenli didn’t anticipate the captain to understand about it. Drake told me, The case had been investigated by myself for five decades. Yu Wenli expects the captain can comprehend her heart for a mother. Drake also expects that Yu Wenli can honor Ding Kai’s choice, since Ding Kai is extremely gifted in sailing. Yu Wenli did not say she just took out Ding Kai’s resignation letter asked for Drake’s approval. Drake immediately denied, stating that Ding Kai has to arrive in person.
Su Mi assisted Lai Shen into his chamber and asked strangely about the necklace that he wore on his throat. Lai Shen told me that it was a royal carriage and has been awarded to him by her dad.


Everybody It is odd how she can find these awards and be the lead singer at her degree. After Avril Lavigne and her colleague went into the locker room to search for something and watched their man boss in it. They then followed the sound and discovered Sumi sitting alongside the cupboard in a disheveled clothing. .

Chen Anni has docked on the staircase. Captain Grant educated: The principle of not penalizing tourists’ itinerary when you can To take care of it,” Captain Drake ordered for Ding Kai to visit the island to help Chen Anni together with her job.

Drake told Yu Wenli his daughter graduated from a prestigious college, but once she arrived to Darjeeling, she chose to remain there rather than return. The place resembles a temple at the mountains and woods, in which her kid teaches English to local students, and she’s generally at odds. They contactedonly to send postcards back every couple of months, and afterwards he knew her decision after seeing a crystal clear letter out of her daughter.

Lai Shen watched Fei Er from the corridor and ran away. He ran to Sumi midway. This scene had been observed by Ding Kai who arrived . Lai Shen promptly realised that he had some thing to do. Slipped away. Ding Kai advised Laishan to remember the rules. When there’s any deviant behaviour, then he’ll unquestionably be punished badly.
Following Ding Kai arrived back, he knew that his mom wanted to shoot him off the boat. He explained that seafarers were only normal jobs within her eyes, but it had been his fantasy and the only connection between him and his dad, so he wouldn’t stop trying. Following Ding Kai walked from his mum’s room, he hurried into Tianyue from the corridor. Tianyue was going to accept credit. Prior to departing, Ding Kai advised Tianyue using a chilly face he would proceed after disembarking.

The name of the book is quite negative. I think of this cut marks Sumi’s wrist along with the photograph of her Avril on the ship. Laishan judges who Sumi has indications of suicide and has to report it to the captain instantly. However he could not locate the captain anyplace, so he needed to locate Avril Lavigne very first. She’d won several awards but after joining the band, everybody found that she didn’t appear to be a favorite participant, her temper was quite strange, and lots of moves had a higher error rate.
I was also quite happy after I came. Afterwards, Tianyue requested Alisha, the guest area supervisor, to choose Yu Wenli to go to the cruise. Eliza stated that the gear on the cruise boat was complete. They believed it was much better than on property and intended to be at sea for a very long time. Following Yu Wenli arrived at Ding Kai’s dormitory, she requested Tianyue and Alyssa to operate, and she then ordered all Ding Kai’s clothing and took them off.


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