One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 14 Recap


Later, he gave Yu Wenli into Ding Kai. Ding Kai requested her mum to run fire drills based on cruise boat regulations. However, as soon as he started the movie, her mum was going to phone the captain. Ding Kai needed to lock her mum inside the room and notify the safety employees. This tourist gets a propensity to behave aggressively, and nobody is permitted to let out her without his consent.

David Fang encouraged He Cai’s mum and daughter to see the operation at night. He explained that David’s functionality was uncharacteristically great. He divorced as soon as three decades back, and today he must pay a huge monthly care charge. The home is also leased. The car also has to have a loan. He Cai could not hear, so she informed her mom it wasn’t David who whined to her, but she lied to her mommy!

Tianyue delivered her bag into Yu Wenli and stated to her the cruise is quite safe. Yu Wenli cautioned Tianyue to not look after her own family affairs, otherwise she’d turn her face instantly. Tianyue was going to depart, along with the neighbor Jia San and his wife arrived. Collectively they convinced Yu Wenli she had paid over 10,000 with this ticket. She managed to get on the ship to visit her son. It is a gorgeous thing. There’s not any need to generate everyone. Not pleased. At this moment, Tianyue obtained Chen Anni’s message and asked about the development of the topic. After she discovered the outcome, she told everything that was anticipated.

Ding Kai known as Tianyue and asked her mom why she obtained her passport without purchasing the tickets. There ought to be bounds in communication between individuals. Tianyue contended that individuals should assist each other when getting together. She believed that Ding Kai was indifferent and enthused, but she finds herself incorrect. Folks are goneDing Kai cautioned Tianyue to not interfere with his own life from today, and proceed after disembarking, do not contact if there’s anything, and write a letter when there’s some thing to do.

Sumi could not help crying when he noticed the graceful dancing of the dancers at the pub. After a time, Laishan arrived at the pub. After viewing Sumi, he instantly put on sunglasses and proceeded to feign. Sumi walked over to say hello liberally and clinked glasses to want the both of them would satisfy each other. Lai Shen whined he frequently travels on the Ocean, therefore that he is quite knowledgeable about cruise ships. After she left, Lai Shen took the ring out thanking the ring to deliver him good luck and allow him to fulfill the most beautiful woman on earth. Afterwards, Sumi assisted Lai Shen to see the sea around the deck. He inadvertently found the traces of this slashed wrist Sumi’s wrist.

Mayfair’s mum, Alisha, is your guest area foreman. She forced her daughter to wed her Laishan. Laishan was choosing a ring at the mall. She was scared to conceal beneath the counter when she watched Ailisha coming over. Chasing union is terrible. Lai Shen then ran to a gorgeous woman in a white skirt Su Mi when she caught up in the hallway joining her shoelaces. Seeing that the woman was going to get an assault, Lai Shen had a notion and pretended to be blind. , Sumi had no option but to quit.

Annie Chen requested Uncle Zhu to assist contact Yu Wenli and let her get on the cruise boat in the title of coordinating blossoms. After Yu Wenli understood the fact, she was angry. She called the authorities she was kidnapped. At this moment, the cruise boat departed from Hong Kong. To take care of it, Tianyue also helped convince, but Yu Wenli was demanding and requested to see the captain. Wang Ziyang briefly agreed upon viewing that and took her away in the scene.

Following Chen Anni’s telephone, Tianyue understood she needed to allow Mama Ding move on the ship to dispel her worries. So Tianyue requested Manager Ma for its most lavish VIP group, but the VIP team with the best requirements were organized, and Manager Ma delegated her a possible group, also stated that when Tianyue could lead this group nicely, he’ll be a teacher. Up.

Yu Wenli said coldly which has been his obligation. Wang Ziyang told me that Ding Kai had his own responsibilities. Though he wasn’t Ding Kai’s lobbyist, he expected. In this voyage, Aunt Yu ought to quit letting Ding Kai make errors.

She sneaked to the presidential package live broadcast after purchasing a bag from the mall. She had been bumped into by Eliza who had been cleaning. After Eliza reported on the safety office, Liang Yingshan had been carried to the cashier of this mall for a burglar, and the bundle was confirmed. It was really that she purchased it. Liang Yingshan watched the handsome Ding Kai and instantly expressed her perception, but she wished to have a photograph with Ding Kai. Ding Kai was also refreshed. accepted.

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