One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 12 Recap


In the day, Ding Kai took the band photograph and recalled the spectacle of sending his dad out to sea after he had been a young child, and could not help tearing down.

Following Ding Kai arrived back in the day, Tianyue chose to confer with him, but stated he was incorrect with no consent and the wall had been demolished. Ding Kai revealed the first arrangement between the two, stating that Tianyue didn’t understand the wall. And what all of the things inside signify to himhe cautioned Tianyue to put her away concern from now, and he did not want anybody to interfere with his lifetime.

Chen Anni could not locate Ding Kai anyplace. She conducted into Ding Kai’s home and requested Tianyue before she understood what was happening. She turned and left anger.

Ding Kai went home and watched the company cardbut his mom did not mention a word about him as a seaman, and just asked Ding Kai to remove the items at home instantly, otherwise he’d send him a courier.

He Cai’s mom asked him whether he had this advantage? He Cai hurriedly removed the siege and stated that David had a significant call to reunite. Following Fang David went outside, He Cai’s mother told her daughter to make the most of this success if he watched it and do not miss it. Following the meal, David delivered his mother home and gave her a present. He Cai’s mother was really happy and warmly encouraged him to come and perform at home. Following his mom left, He Cai immediately moved 2,000 yuan into David Fang, stating that this was his first appearance fee for the series now. He Cai embarrassedly clarified that because her mom always wished to obtain a wealthy boyfriend, therefore Being overly enthused about David, I hope he won’t mind. David explained that the parents’ feelings in their wives are naturally clear.

The telephone rang. Tianyue believed it had been Ding Kai. Before waiting for another party to talk, he hurried to state he was doing so because of his psychological health. I didn’t care for himso I wrapped up after speaking! Wang Ziyang on the telephone discovered Tianyue’s voice.

He Cai chose Fang David into the resort to see his mommy. There were just 3 people eating, however he Cai’s mother arranged a huge table of dishes, stating it had been to check David’s sincerity. He Cai’s mum was rather happy with David’s occupation, but she stated that her daughter stated they were getting married, and since the landlord didn’t deliver the home, she retired the home and moved into a little house today. David explained that tomorrow he’d go to obtain a better home for He Cai, and he’d certainly treat He Cai to present her joy.
At the vehicle, Chen Anni asked Wang Ziyang, did he believe he’d quit by doing so? She considered that Ding Kai and Tianyue were simply ordinary friends and wouldn’t care that they dwelt together. Wang Ziyang bluntly stated that Chen Anni and Ding Kai weren’t appropriate, since Ding Kai had no appetite, and Chen Anni was overly ambitious. What she wanted was a helper who might assist him along with also a shoulder to rely on. Ding Kai wasn’t such a individual, however, Chen Anni was. Considering that Ding Kai’s capacity could be tapped, it’s this individual that has no needs and wants that’s currently Wang Ziyang’s rival.
At this time, Ding Kai and Wang Ziyang are awaiting the deputy captain choice exam. Alan on both sides received a text message in Olsen, telling him that the outcomes were found. Ding Kai temporarily rated first. Allen responded he has to be the very first in this evaluation.
One. At this moment, Ding Kai received a telephone from Tianyue, telling his mom he had turned into a seaman. Uncle Zhu told his mum he would create an origami boat by the river whenever his mother arrived back. Ding Kai promptly delivered a message to Captain Drake, stating the episode was barbarous and his mom was in quite bad psychological condition. Worried that his mom is at risk, since it isn’t just linked to his loved ones, but in addition to his occupation, so that I am only able to give up the examination.

Lai Shen watched the band photo on the desk and requested Ding Kai if he was hiding from his mom for a seaman due to his father. At this moment, Ding Kai’s courier came, and Wang Ziyang heard he was planning to ship it to his mommy, and intentionally stuffed Ding Kai’s business card secretly, and the three of them abandoned.

The morning after, when Ding Kai arrived together, ” he noticed Tianyue painting the wall and then painted the surface of the older man. Tianyue obstructed him and both pulled Zhongtian. Yue did not stand still, and Ding Kai dropped to the floor. The scene was quite embarrassing. Ding Kai explained he was only assisting Tianyue, and that I hope you do not get me wrong.
He cried to Tianyue because of his poor attitude, but since his dad died in a shipwreck, his mom didn’t like him as a seaman.

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