My Identity Update Wednesday 3rd March 2021


My Identity 3 March 2021 update:
Neela speaks to Dayaben as news station editor.  Dayaben says that your voice… Avni believes didn’t identify Neela’s voice.  Neela asks Dayaben to explain about thieving attribute.  Avni provides thought to Dayaben.  Dayaben says there are lots of servants in celebration, we do not understand whose sight is poor, I moved to perform someone’s great, it had been my Riya’s involvement, it influenced Riya badly.  Neela says that this news is going to be published on your favor.  Dayaben smiles. 

She states the best way to thank youpersonally, sometimes loved ones act like strangers, and sometimes strangers act like beloved ones.  Diksha claims with her.  She states a lot of confidence on this woman, whom we do not understand.  Avni says I’m sorry, I believe Diksha didn’t like me coming, I’ll leave.  Dayaben stops her and says I’ve observed consequence of thinking family, I’m presuming to trust strangers and watch.  She inquires Diksha to proceed.   Dayaben says you encouraged me in rough times.  Avni says you telephone me grandchild and stating this.  Dayaben says that your parents gave you great worth.   She says that I came to meet my motive and believes of Neela’s words.

Dayaben gives her consent to write publication.  Avni thanks .  Dayaben asks her to perform a job.  Ali informs Mehtas are like snakes, so they made several problems for Avni.  Neil says .  Ali states be thankful for the man who obtained this news out.  Neil asks are you currently done, you believe I do not understand this, I understand everything about Riya’s loved ones, nothing has been proved against Dayaben, as legislation exist.  Ali says its established Dayaben has stolen bangles.  Neil says anybody can occur, its not accurate, but I won’t judge anybody.  Ali says that you don’t understand Dayaben, she’s smart player.   Neil says time will state what is appropriate and what is wrong.  Ali says time is registering, you watch it.   He states only Ananya was there at the engagement celebration, just she understood what occurred between both households, but will Ananya do so, I must discover.   He gets stunned. 

Dayaben walking in home.  She asks newspaper man to place all documents here, she’ll pay twice.     He says do not stress, and ask your family to not fear.   He reads news and states who’ll disperse this, Dayaben is bangle burglar.  
Shweta says exactly the same bangles.  She inquires Dayaben did she needed to do so.   Prakash says I had been shedding 25 lakhs, what will I say.  Shweta says you can not see my insult occurred in front of everybody.  Neil states what insultwe can not leave without discovering reality.  Avni believes she ought to be careful.                                                     

Hetal states Dayaben’s disposition is quite bad, she didn’t have breakfast.   She behaves candy.  She says we do not see solution in demanding time, everybody should understand that truth.  Dayaben inquires who will think.  Avni says I mended your interview, you need to find an opportunity to tell everybody, my mom says, possibly coward or offender stay quiet, you aren’t that.  Diksha asks what exactly do you wish to say.  Avni says everyone needs to get chance to speak, words touch people’s heart, I need Dayaben to tell truth for everybody, I’ll cancel interview in case you don’t desire.    Dayaben states no, its alright. 
Riya comes there and says Neil only got this location, I can not say anything today.   Riya claims with him.  He asks her to depart, sitting free of charge is prohibited.  She taunts him his inadequate mindset.  He states that your loved ones has looted people nicely.  She states that was only a misunderstanding.  He requests the servant to receive all of the stuff, else she can shoot that also.   Neil says its own private issue.  Riya goes.  Neil asks did you speak to women in this way.  Ali says she’s particular instance, I’ll inform you Mehtas reality. 

Riya says our involvement, your mother is quite annoyed.  He states trust me, do not worry, I’ll manage scenario, your kajal is spoiling, I don’t have any tissue to clean it, I’ll provide you a telephone.  Neil asks Dayaben to not stress, and also goes.  He sees and stops Avni.  He leaves. 
Dayaben becomes dizzy.   Dayaben states take me into my area.  Avni takes her and inquires shall I call physician.  Dayaben states no, I’m fine.  Avni states take care, do not know whose poor sight captured your residence.     Avni says I’ve retained bangles in Dayaben’s handbag, it had been so hard, she had been impressed by me and requested me to leave her into space.  Neela says , since you trusted yourself.  Avni says , I was convinced, but worried, I left her uncertainty on her family .  Neela says your very first step in Dayaben’s home was powerful.  They grin.  Dayaben arrives to her chamber.    She seems very much older.  She yells and lies down to sleep.  She sees small Avni laughing.  She says that I won’t leave you soon.  She yells on her face.  Dayaben wakes up and finds herself.  She assesses her room. 
Shweta states I’ve observed fact that you find out whatever you desire.  Prakash says before Shweta does play, let’s go home.   Shweta goes.  Prakash asks Dayaben to not worry, we’ll come across a solution, Shweta is simply concerned.  He leaves. 

Each of the guests depart.  Avni asks Riya to not worry, everything will acquire nice.  Riya goes and cries.  Avni says that its not appropriate time to speak to Riya, I’ll speak with her afterwards, its your family’s individual matter, it’ll be better I depart.  Dayaben says family can rescue from large insult, I believe you’re like family, just how can you come.  Avni says it had been my responsibility, I stated jeweler did so, but did your loved ones do this.  Dayaben appears at Diksha.   She chooses her blessings and moves. 

Shweta comes and claims that I have sandwiches, come we’ll get it together.   She asks what exactly are you saying.  Neil says that your kitty buddies would have distribute this.  She says I needed to endure insult there, and now you’re blaming me.  She yells and says you’re doubting on me due to these, you believe I’ve done this, what’s going to be difference between me and them, you’ve hurt my soul.  He claims sorryI overreacted, I’m so absurd, I thought perhaps you gave news for media, as not one from Mehta household can flow such news.   She asks him to possess meals. 

Neela says we can not neglect in our strategy, mommy’s does massage to kid’s hair, and here its reverse.  Avni says we’re exceptional, I forgot to mention, that man came also, I believed he’s discovering me, Riya stated he’s his fiance, do not understand will he become Riya’s fiance or maybe not, Dayaben’s bargain will cancel.  Dayaben belongs to Diksha and states I’ll end this problem now.   She inquires did you get angry.  Dayaben says that I shall kill you and I personally, outsiders is revealing me compassion, and here my blood is doing so, you’ve retained bangles in my handbag, you mentioned many times you need such bangles, you understand this home’s condition, why would you do so, if Riya doesn’t get engaged, we’ll come on street, Mehta industries will probably be destroyed.   Diksha states I did nothing, forgive me. 

Avni captures newspaper and reveals to Neela.  She states Dayaben is going to be mad.  Neela says you attracted her face out, I’m sure following this news, she’ll be shocked, and shares could fall down.   Neela says I can not.   Neela refuses.  Avni says good, I’ll cook meals for 2 days.  Neela asks assurance, I m prepared just for you.  Avni thanks her and says that I must head to Dayaben, she’d be waiting.  Neela asks who’ll cook now.   Neela smiles. 

Shweta claims with Prakash.  He says we shouldn’t do anything which we repent afterwards, its about Neil’s life.  Shweta says I understand, each relation relies on hope, my hope broke, if Dayaben is similar to that, Riya will probably be ahead.   Shweta says that she didn’t arrive here and generated gap in usyou imply Dayaben isn’t burglar.  Prakash says we understand why will she slip.  Shweta says alright, but possibly her loved ones did so, I’ll find burglar.  Prakash says we ought to be grateful, we didn’t had reduction.  She belongs.  Prakash says I shall see her goes.  Neil thinks.   He believes of Avni. 


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