My Identity update Saturday 3rd April 2021 Starlife


My Identity 3 April 2021 update: starts with Avni saying I m leaving from Neil’s life, sorry to add sleeping medicine in your kheer. She ends call.Neil states Lord gave you second opportunity as Bebe, only love her and watch, this relation’s significance will change.

She says that I got clothing, but you do not laugh. He states will I laugh. Neil sees her laughs. She says that I advised you never to laugh. He asks who wears these garments. He states conquer and laughs. She receives cushion. He states I’m a policeman. They’ve a pillow fight and adorable nok jhok. He asks her to talk and inform Bebe. He states sorry, I understand Bebe advised you to try it, but she’s chilled out, she’s set up daddy’s business, she’s educated, do not understand why she does so. She says that I felt great seeing you love Bebe as far as she loves you, I didn’t get this opportunity, I’ve seen children’ Dadi becoming protective, but my Dadi attempted to kill me.
She collides with a guy and drops over Neil. Flowers fall . .plays…. People laugh. Neil provides hand to Avni. She says that I will handle. He says sometimes you ought to take aid, until when are you going to remain alone and hurt your self. She holds his hands and gets up. He gives her handbag. He purchases flowers.

Neela says the union cries and rounds are accurate, if you do not need to harm Neil and his loved ones, you need to keep this connection. Prakash says I ask you to keep this connection, I’m sure that the openings can get stuffed. They visit Avni. Neil asks Avni to not feel awful, I can not forfeit you for my loved ones, I’ll clarify Bebe, we must behave for several days, then you’re free from this connection.

Neil wakes up and doesn’t see Avni. He sees her wet clothing. He asks what is this. Shweta says we moved to run, individuals are mannerless, they’ve thrown water , do not doubt, do you imply Bebe did so. Neil says I actually doubt on Bebe. Shweta states never. Shweta signals no to Avni.He asks Avni to change and go. Shweta goes. Neil says I understand Bebe did so. She asks ‘ are you lying to me, that always bothers me, sorry. She asks him to give her garments from out, I forgot . He states I shall see. He assesses her dresses and inquires what is this, I really don’t know.
Neil says you might have told me fact before additionally Avni. Avni says you might have detained me before. He states that I wished to detain, not because you’re a criminal, you constantly lied to mepersonally, I understood you cheated me. He states real offender is Dayaben, she’s free out, how can I detain you, I guarantee you, I’ll place Dayaben behind bars, I assured Neela and Fatima also, the machine will receive justice to you, trust me, I understand you lost everything as well as your youth.
Neil informs media that DNA reveals this woman is Avni Aisha. Ali asks Avni exactly what exactly does she need to do today. Avni claims that is Dayaben’s strategy. Dayaben sees asks and news Ketan to discover relating to this woman. Diksha jokes. Dayaben gets mad. Dayaben sees every one of them laughing advertising becomes mad. Amol takes the union image of Ashish and Neela. He gets stunned. Amol inquires what’s Ananya’s mum performing with Papa, I chased her, she threatened me that no one ought to understand Ananya is her daughter. Ketan says it signifies my uncertainty was correct, Avni is living.


Fatima states why would you not inform me until today. Neela says I presumed you won’t require Neil’s aid, we must stop Avni. Neil comes and claims there’s a notion, if you help me. Bebe says that they didn’t come until today. Prakash says perhaps they moved someplace. She asserts with Shweta.

She cried seeing Neil. . She moves outside. Pandit says pure tub is essential until Shiv parvati puja. Pandit goes tilak into Avni. Bebe says you’re now prepared for Shiv parvati puja, it’ll be in day, you need to stay Nirjal quickly, I would like to realize your devotion towards this regard, if you’re appropriate to become my bahu, I shall also keep nirjal quickly along youpersonally, if I will remain hungry, you may also do. Avni asks but what is the requirement. Bebe inquires did you become scared, you stated you are able to do anything. Avni says I’m not scared. I will inform you the reasons for this, do not tell this to Neil, Shweta you see to it she doesn’t drink water, getting wife is simple, getting bahu is hard.

Avni remembers the tortures. Neil says she doesn’t need to meet with you. Electricity moves. Shweta and Bebe inquire how did lighting move. Neil asks Avni to not leave his hands. They visit somebody. Neil asks who is there. Avni says do not abandon me go. Neil says I will not move anywhere, I’m on you, we must go either manners and discover out, take good care. She asks him to deal with. He leaves her hands. Bebe requires him. He asks who are you really.



Neela asks what, you got assaulted, who did so. Neil says I didn’t see, but I’m sure Ketan did so and it had been Dayaben’s head behind this, I didn’t let her match Avni. Avni recalls Bebe’s quick and states not today, later. Neela says today we must believe well, what to do today. Ali says its due to Neil, Dayaben will understand Ananya and Avni’s relationship. Neil says we must create Dayaben acknowledge that every offender has a weak point, we must keep attacking until she breaks. They speak.
Avni inquires Neil why did we encounter . Neil says I need to go in my knees and give flowers to a woman, whom I really like a good deal. He asks what colour of flowers do you enjoy. She says Neil, I didn’t…. . Neil says as you arrived in my entire life, no day passed when I didn’t think you, once you hugged me, I believed…. She says , there’s absolutely no place for love in my entire life. She says that I will reveal, what did you really state. He drops down. She yells on him.

Prakash says I understand you’re unhappy with my Shweta’s union, but we’re happy, union runs with love. She asks him to telephone Neil. Avni and Ali are in airport. Avni says I do not enjoy working away, I needed to get Aman out of Dayaben, I can not leave him. Ali says occasionally we must return and strike to triumph in large war, we’ll return and get Aman, I guarantee.

Ali comes home and matches Fatima and Neela. They request Avni. Doctor test Dayaben. Diksha says we don’t have any money for medications. Doctor says that is calcium medication, I’ll alter it. Ketan asks Amol to proceed with physician. Dayaben says somebody is laying a snare for us, we must learn about Avni.

Neil says I’m taking Avni house, I must speak to Dayaben, you imply DNA report is untrue. She says , its false, in this way woman. He asks why not mention something, why would I think you that this woman isn’t Avni. She yells I’m Avni Aisha, Fatima’s granddaughter, Aisha’s daughter, Ashish’s illegitimate kid, I got taken by Dayaben, I m Avni who was able to wash my mum’s tears and sung lullaby for her, and I’ve seen my mom break, I’m Dayaben’s illegitimate granddaughter, whose Naamkarann didn’t occur till today, I’ve just this bullet markers because the signal, this woman is lying, who’s she. She has stunned. She inquires did you understand everything on union day. He says , everything. It rains. They get seated someplace.

She inquires is it hurting a great deal. He says that I need to be cautious, it will not hurt from now on. He thanks . He requests her to sleep bed, he’ll sleep sofa. She says , I’ll sleep sofa. He says do not assert , else I shall arrest you and ship jail. She says fine, we’ll sleep on couch turn . He states works for me. She belongs. He believes why did I get hurt hearing about Ali, I must maintain this connection until I detain Dayaben, then we’ll soon be on our own manners.


Shweta says I’m hearing Bebe’s taunts due to Ananya. Prakash says Ananya rescued Neil out of Mehta family cheat, so it means that her heart is sterile. Shweta says nice, I will offer her cash, but not even make her bahu. Bebe hears that and seems at Shweta. Avni comes to Neil and states I must talk.
Prakash says Shweta was planning to marry my buddy Veer, he died in an crash, she had been shattered, she had been a wonderful girl, and so I married her. Neela says Neil is going to become your power, he’ll provide you adore. Avni says I understand he’s a wonderful man, so I do not wish to cheat his loved ones. Prakash says Bebe couldn’t accept Shweta, therefore Shweta had expect and wished to obtain a fantastic bahu, in order that their space endings. Neela says you’ve got to keep the connection. Avni says I do not think in this union, its a lie, so I did so for Aman.


Dayaben breaks up mirror and states there’s no Avni, ” she died, I killed her hands. She belongs. Diksha says I believe Ananya is Avni, it means somebody will be actual Ananya. Ketan says , we must find Ananya to learn about Avni. Diksha says mother will know we’re smart.

Diksha states that is why Ananya desired to alter Amol. Ketan says it signifies Ananya is Avni. Dayaben says no, she’s dead. Diksha asks who’s the woman, whom Neil announced as Avni in press. Dayaben says we’ve got to discover. Neela says Neil is a wonderful man, do not leave him.
Bebe says I’d ready aarti plate, but its only an utensil, I won’t do so aarti. Bebe states this will not impact me, I will not do so aarti. She belongs. Shweta says I obtained taunts by Bebe for you, you do not exist because of me. She belongs. Neil retains Avni’s hand. Prakash asks them to cease. Avni applies tilak to himself. Prakash asks Avni to maintain Neil’s hands and arrive in.
She says Neil, anything you did…. It’ll look filmi, what will I say. She belongs to Neil. Neil says two days longer. He states Dayaben will not sit she understands that her granddaughter is with me. They have shocked visiting Dayaben and Diksha. He states what exactly are they doing here.
.plays…. She yells. Neil wipes her tears and states tears are a indication of weakness, the Avni I understand is extremely powerful. It thunders. She gets off. She inquires can you trust me. He says that I will attempt, lets go home, we must play with this husband game until we succeed in our rationale. She nods. Prakash and Shweta clarify Bebe. She says such a major lie, what is that woman doing here if this woman isn’t your choice, you’re likely to destroy Neil’s life. Prakash claims no, Neil enjoys Ananya. Bebe asks is that this true. Bebe says you have punished for your own doings, this woman didn’t take care of sunset time aarti. Neil and Avni come house. Prakash inquires where were they. Bebe sets the aarti plate.

Neela says Neil that I must depart out of here. She inquires Fatima is that her residence, why did she do so with her. Fatima says Avni obtained free of Dayaben’s clutches, Neil doesn’t even know her name, Neil could have detained her when I told you. Neela asks what exactly did you do, Neil understands she’s Avni. Fatima gets stunned. She inquires does Neil understand her truth. Neela says , he wishes to assist Avni and punish Dayaben, this angry woman has run off. Fatima says I must inform Avni. Neela says noshe will not take Neil’s help.

Avni stops Neil and inquires how can you know this woman is Avni. He asks why are you currently curious. She says perhaps this woman is a fraud. Neil asks why would you care, my family is waitingyou won’t tell me I’m wrong or right. She says I’m associated with Avni. Ali worries. Neela says Neil will handle. Ali says that he could arrest Avni. Neela says Neil won’t detain her, Neil caged Avni in union, I m Avni since youth. Neela says Avni wants Neil at this moment, not youpersonally, Neil promised he’ll help Avni, she must concur.
Neil says mind that your words, you’re talking to my spouse. Dayaben says maybe not Riya, I’m talking about Avni, that had been missing in youth, I’ve made many mannats for her, cried and missing sleep, where’s she. He says you would like to fulfill Avni Aisha, perhaps she doesn’t need to meet with you. Diksha says lie, she’d fulfill mommy, mommy has tortured her lot. Dayaben says twisting ear isn’t called torture.
Bebe says I have these bangles to get bahu, I seem designer saree and place for her, but what is the use. Shweta says it wasn’t my error. Bebe states Prakash told me whole truth. Avni comes and claims its not her error, its own error, it is possible to punish me. Shweta believes why is this woman doing so. Bebe asks can you do exactly what I say. Avni nods. Bebe says fine, meet me at 5am in the doorway, Neil shouldn’t understand that. Avni agrees. Bebe believes I will know Avni is appropriate to become my bahu or not.

Begins with Neil inquiring who are you. He attempts to unmask Ketan. Ketan pushes him runs. Neil’s hand will get hurt. Everybody come. Prakash states I think that it was a burglar, how are you Neil. Neil says I’m fine. Prakash says I’ll tell guard to lock meter space. Avni does the help to Neil. Neil says it had been Dayaben’s strategy, I’m convinced Ketan arrived here to locate imitation Avni, what do you believe, unwind, and its little wound. She says , how a lot of people would get hurt for me, I do not need this, so I told Ali, friendship is about one side and revenge on another. Neil says that your friendship is powerful. She says , he also got me back out of death, its his insecurities also, that cafe was our fantasy.

She says that I did error, I must never have come here. He states sorry. She inquires do you really wish to be in this union, why would you quit me, do you have any good reason, I’ve run off as you may not do anything, becoming near a criminal. He inquires about whom are you really saying. She states Dayaben, you believe that you can quit me threatening to detain my mom. He inquires is Neela your own mum. She states she’s like my mom. He states come, we’ll go home, Bebe is awaiting, its own desire.


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