My Identity update Monday 5th April 2021 Starlife


My Identity 5 April 2021 update: starts with Avni saying Dayaben came to police station, Ali says she isn’t answering my telephone. She inquires Ananya, perhaps she’s occupied with Neil, they kept me away on holi daythey desired to have married, else they’d have been pulling one another’s hair, they seem happy today. He says I’ve work, you handle here. He belongs. Riya states you and Ananya loathed everything, see exactly what I do.

My Identity update Sunday 4th April 2021 Starlife

He states congrats, you’re ordinary, be a fantastic wife and remain here, I’m going. He belongs. Riya sees Ali miserable. She asks why are you currently looking serious. He says all great. She inquires exactly is Ananya, fine we will not speak about her. She moves and believes Dadi has delivered me to discover about Ananya. Constable says that her bond is carried out by Neela. Dayaben gets stunned. Dayaben remembers Avni.

I’ll come and meet this woman. Neil claims no, I do not need to call you, allow me to resolve this instance. She says its own resurrection, I’ll come along.


Avni waits for automobile. She believes to achieve Neil. She predicts Neil. Dayaben comes and asks what is the rush Avni. Avni gets stunned seeing her. Neil calls Avni and believes why isn’t replying, I’ve handcuffed her. She predicts Shweta and inquires about Avni. Shweta states Bebe started her handcuffs, ” I really don’t understand where Ananya went.
Bebe stating I’ll pull Neil’s ears now. Shweta inquires will Ananya remain like this until he’s not wonderful. She opens the handcuffs using the hairpin. Avni believes to go and assist Neil. She says I’ve urgent work, I’ll go. She belongs. Bebe says , have breakfast. She feeds the sour Muesli for her.

Bebe inquires why did you never return to breakfast, will you have food individually and then eliminate Neil. Avni says no, I simply woke up, I had been cleaning all of this. Bebe says you handed well, you retained quickly and did puja, I’m happy, you need to find a prize, I’m presuming to cook breakfast for you, what would you have. Avni states Muesli. Bebe asks only Muesli, handsome. Dayaben believes of Avni and believes that woman who married Neil is Avni. She stands at middle of the street. Traffic jams. She believes how is that possible. She moves to same location and remembers shooting Avni. Small Avni laughs. Dayaben states I’ve killed you. Avni says offense remains as anxiety, see I’m residing as your helplessness, I’ve remained close and played games under your nose, so you didn’t understand, I’ll ruin you. She laughs. Avni says you arrived on street, see. Dayaben chooses stone. Ketan comes and asks what exactly are you really doing here.


Dayaben appears on and believes Ketan was correct, this woman is actual Ananya, Avni is living. Neela says Avni wants your title. Ananya states I want my title back, I would like my entire life. Neela says enough today, I received your bond, I’m which makes you stay in five star, what else would you desire. Ananya states I need to fulfill Avni. Neela asks her to not say.
Aman asks Dayaben who’s Avni. She states do not you trust me, I’ll inform everything when correct time comes, she’s a bad thing, are you with mepersonally. He says . Ananya snacks Diksha. Diksha screams. They visit Ananya. Dayaben brings her hair. Diksha says little vamps take graduate from my mom.

Dayaben claims that woman…. Ketan says I’d uncertainty that Neela is Ananya’s mother, Amol advised me a while back. Ali says I’m prepared to do anything else for Avni. Neil says if Dayaben understands about actual Ananya, it’ll be problem for Avni. Riya believes to learn what is Ali talking. Neil says , we must reach her earlier Dayaben. Neil believes sorry Ali, I whined for you, since Riya can hear . He sees Ali on camera.
He says it signifies that the Ananya Verma she’s after is actual, our strategy is working. He requests Ananya to perform facing Ketan. He offers her a notice . Neela sees Dayaben and behaves with Ananya. FB ends. Neil states Dayaben’s poor time began, let’s feel she obtained Ananya, do not be sad, you’re waiting for this moment, we’ll send her into jail.
Avni states you’re threatening me . Dayaben says perhaps you do not eliminate courage, due to my Ansh on your poor blood, how can you get stored. Avni claims to stop you and receive my brother Aman backagain. Dayaben says he’s my grandson Amol. Avni says he’s forgotten his identity, I’ll make him Aman, you need to die. He predicts Dayaben. Dayaben says he’ll live for 100 decades. Dayaben states fine. She informs Avni she is fool to eliminate the opportunity she could have her detained by giving announcement, but she isn’t smart. Avni asks her to take and retains the gun.
Neela says , I received her bailed. Avni states you and Neil are alike. Neela says , we’re working as staff. Avni asks her how to start handcuffs, Bebe will soon be arriving. Neela says I didn’t understand you’ll be fearful of saas, you handle it. DD tells Neil that Avni predicted to speak to him. Neil recalls he’s handcuffed her. Avni believes how will I consume Muesli here.

Dayaben targets gun . Avni inquires why would you need to kill me? She sees the bullet markers and recalls shooting Avni. She states this moment, I’ll shoot your mind. Avni claims that this wound marks are signal of my success, you still want this gun to triumph, this is the failure. Aman strikes Ananya’s mind and takes .
Dayaben says our uncertainty was suitable. Aman asks who’s Avni. Bebe says Neil could have completed this, is he angry, are you burglar. Avni says I wished to venture out, he had been active, I said I’ll go alone, so that he did so. Bebe says that he used to create your Dada ji and me wear handcuffs and eventually become policeman, he’s playing with same game with bahu now. Dayaben says that I will say when correct time comes, are you going to help me. Aman says . Dayaben says I’m going to fulfill Avni, I need her to be lonely, Neil is in office, Ketan watch on Neela, Riya watch Fatima and Ali. Hetal asks her to be more cautious. Dayaben states Neil doesn’t understand Ananya’s fact, Avni will not inform him, we must use this. She goes and carries a gun, stating you will not be spared today Avni.
Dayaben asks Ananya who’s . She disturbs her. Ananya says I can not inform you. Diksha says let’s. Ananya says I shall say, tell your son to not conquer me, I’m Ananya, I’m only drifting as Avni, however, who would be you state, did Neela deliver you, I won’t tell anybody. Dayaben says you depart Avni’s individuality, I’ll leave you. Ananya asks exactly what exactly do you mean. Dayaben says time has begun to inform everybody that you’re Ananya Verma.
Dayaben states no, I will not kill you I will make your life hell, you’re still helpless lonely woman, it occurs as I need, I left Ashish from Aisha, I’ll keep Amol from you, once I do with pleasure, I’ll kill you. She belongs. Avni inquires why are you currently running, take. Neil comes and quits Avni. He states no usage to kill , you aren’t a criminal, calm down. He states I guarantee we’ll take revenge, didn’t uncertainty, does she believe you have scared of her.

Bebe asks are you currently fine. Avni says I’m fine, I’m feeling chilly. Shweta asks her to own Muesli. Avni believes how to get it. She requests Bebe to nourish her hands, as she’s overlooking Maayka. Bebe states why not, do not shout. Shweta recalls producing Muesli and incorporating salt in it. Avni comprehends that the salt and says Bebe, your palms have magical. Shweta says I’ve made this beneath Bebe’s advice. Bebe inquires Avni didn’t miss her mommy. She says I wish to satisfy your mom, call her a while. Avni coughs. Avni says its quite sweet. Shweta states Bebe made it together with love, have it. Bebe asks her to create her preference. Avni requires bowl to complete it. Shweta reveals handcuff into Bebe.
She scolds Shweta and states I’ve seen you incorporating salt inside, Avni has consumed it for my joy, look on your own. She believes Avni can not conceal her reality, she can not fill toxin in my entire life. Guard matches her and informs about Neil’s loved ones heading out. Dayaben says illegitimate blood within my property, although not for extended moment.

He states what’s going to Bebe state, you do not hear me, give me handcuffs. She refuses. He holds her and leaves her sit on the mattress. She asks him to start it. He asks her to be in the home just like a fantastic wife. She states free my hands, else I shall shout. He says alright, what’s going to Bebe consider seeing you enjoy that. She says I do not feel right.


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