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Prakash hints on the newspapers. Dayaben gets alleviated. She congratulates Prakash and provides him candy. She requests servant to place four box candies for Prakash in his vehicle. Riya collides and drops. He states sorry. She says that you never learnt ways since youth, you spoiled my ensemble. He states I’m locating my earrings, where you’re sitting. She provides his earrings. He checks. She states how tacky. He states 10000rs. She says my ensemble prices 46000rs

She attempts necklace. Neil jokes .

Avni has got leaving. Neil says depart the tote. Supervisor says we must call authorities. Neil states no demand, I’m IPS Neil Khanna, you do not have ways to treat a woman.

He inquires did he loot or inquire. He states its your error also. She says what is advantage of getting fiance in authorities. He states do not spoil mood, we’ll go and arrange engagement ring, joyful, come.Avni is departing and says that he always disturbs me problems, I couldn’t alter kada. A vehicle hits her vehicle. Neil’s mother sees the dent and asserts with Avni. Neil’s mother says I’d have asked my son to detain you, he’s super cop. Avni smiles.

Avni stating that your son can not do anything and moves. Neil’s mother says whichever home you move, you will destroy it. Avni throws clothes from cabinet and yells. Avni says it obtained tight, leave me alone. Neela says we’re lonely, get mad and upset, but do not ask me to leave you lonely. Neela says its alright, we’re mother and kid, and friends also, mood swings and tantrums, buddies bear this. Avni says I can’t tolerate, how can you endure. Neela asks her difficulty to resolve it.
Avni and Neil claim. He inquires can’t I come for the store. Neil says hello, fine, relax. She asks the guy to demonstrate a ring. She asks the guy to demonstrate bracelet. He reminds she’s his shirt. She asks him to make cash, policemen are all set to make cash for everything. He says I do not want cash, tell me are you coming my top.
He says you’ve seen your actual location now. She gets mad and offers him money. She states this is really for the inexpensive earrings. She crushes and yells earrings. He warns him.
Supervisor says but alert rings when… Neil says do not clarify authorities, do you believe she’s burglar, everyone does errors, however there’s a way to state. He eliminates the Maang tika out of her own hair and provides them. He states insert this in thank you record.

Neil’s mother asks him to find love in his own life after. He says when I consented to this connection, I’ll meet it, I understand you and daddy encouraged each other always. She says that our marriage occurred in other circumstance. She states will I able to find a grin on your face. He states I’m glad smiles and see. She pulls his lips and says we wish to see many delights in your own life, after Riya once in your lifetime, you’ll fall in love . He promises to maintain Riya happy.

Ali retains Riya and claims error could be forgiven, but dual cover intentionally done error, 20000rs a earring. Riya states you cheap men and women reveal that your standing. She chooses it. He returns her cash and says you might find a mirror at this cash, in which you may see your actual face, I’ve seen your actual face now. He belongs.

Avni says its in my palms, I must meet promise to Aisha and also you personally, get enemies penalized and receive Aman back. Neela asks her to not forget herself. Avni says you understand what physician said, I don’t have any heart. Neela says but you’ve heartbeat, life is beautiful. Avni says nothing things to mepersonally, only you and Aman thing to me.

She says I have hurt. He says I’ll get antiseptic. She says , he requested me to select earring, see he loathed my clothes, I had to come back this way. She says that its not time to joke, I’m crying, you didn’t offer you a tissue, so I won’t abandon that goon. He states on what foundation, are you going to get him detained. She says he’s asked me to select earring, he looted my cash.
Neil’s mother asks him to select facial and prevent sun tan, eventually become regular. He asks is that normal, what’s this confusion. He says I will not wear dull outfit. She states punjabi weddings occur such, I’ll dancing also. He says I need something easy. She has sad. He says alright, I consent to anything to say. She says I’m quite happy, are you currently doing so particular engagement for us. Neil claims no, I’m joyful, Riya is pleased with her. She states why do I feel, you’ve kept her on your heart. He says that I won’t allow her shadow drop on my current.
Avni says I couldn’t find out who’s the man Riya is becoming participated also. Neela says I’ve imp work, Dayaben is performing bargain with them and will get powers . Avni says it’s going to occur when deal is completed, Dayaben will fulfill with her poor time .

Riya asks will I buy large solitaire ring for participation. It occurs after. Neil says fine but do not force me. She states that he destroyed my plan to modify bangles, I despise him. Neela says that you give me space on your thoughts. Avni says no, I do not concur, he comes anywhere. Avni denies it goes to space. She believes of Neela’s words and believes Neela is proper. She belongs to Neela and states you’re correct, I gave significance to wrong men and women. Neela says you create your origins powerful to create Dayaben’s roots poorer, you ought to get control, give esteem to enemies. Avni asks what, you’re asking me to provide respect to Dayaben. Neela says you get mad, calm down. Avni states I get hatred once I think of her. Neela says I understand, remember, Dayaben gets your brother Aman, command yourself, else Dayaben will know that are you, he’ll come for you, have patience. Avni says , it’s time to meet promise to Aisha, today Dayaben its time to switch the game.
She says do not irritate me, if anybody’s bad sight grabs us, folks are able to believe I’m performing Riya’s deal. He says alright, we’ll do deal afterwards. She says we’ll do deal today itself, newspapers are prepared. He insists. Servant gets newspapers. Diksha seems on.
Neil reveals two rings . She selects one. He states that this necklace looks great, you only have to grin a little. She eliminates ring and provides him. She eliminates says and necklace alter your selection, its old fashioned.
Avni enters Dayaben’s home and believes of Dayaben. She says its time to meet guarantee, I took step to receive our Aman back.

He says I didn’t understand you observed me well, you gave great description, 1 mistake, my elevation isn’t 5.5, its 5.11. She asserts. Dayaben asks Neil’s daddy to come. Neil’s daddy loves samosas. He asks the cost. She states abandon it, only have it. She says its great, my wife isn’t hereI might haven’t eaten , she simply asks me to possess coconut water, but its not affordable. She inquires will I get it done for you. He says , abandon it, I must tell 1 thing, you still act like old times, you assisted me several years back. She states Prakash, today our families will combine. He says I’ve everything for you personally, you’re committing Riya to my loved ones now, we’ll signal business deal in participation itself.

He insists. The guy asks Neil to try out ring. Neil says its women ring, not potential. The guy asks Neil to earn madam use it. She says do not think. She inquires did you only get me . He says I do not find any woman. She believes he’ll take go, then I will do my job.
Diksha states you’re enjoying tea following long time. Dayaben says its joyful time for us, we signed up cope with Prakash, Riya will make a fresh beginning, out old times of enjoyment will return, you understand everything. Dayaben says I’m dismissing this because its delights day, I’d like us to acquire old standing. Diksha states Riya got great bangles, also make it for me personally. Dayaben says allow Riya go there, have a while, and then you are going to get exactly what you would like. She belongs. Diksha gets mad on Dayaben for Exotic toddlers. She says I’ll get bangles.

She sees Neil and anxieties believing did he come here in order to find her. The guy shows her jewellery. He asks her to put on it and watch, you’re likely to get married, you’ll spend much and purchase jewellery.

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