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My Identity 2 March 2021 update: Neil goes. Avni tries altering bangles. She also swaps bangles. A bangle drops. She chooses bangle. Neil comes and inquires where’s bath. Maid informs him. She goes and turns. She says today I’ve make these bangles reach Dayaben’s bag. Riya asks how exactly is lipstick appearing. Avni says ideal. She chooses shagun bangles. Riya says I’m not getting the sense, such as prince charming comes to shoot princess in fairy tales. Riya says when I take easy entry, it is going to seem plain, there ought to be music. Avni plays audio. Riya hugs her thanks. Avni says I’ll get ring. Avni stumbles. Neil holds her hands. They view each other. Mere haath me personally…. .

Neil compliments Dayaben for structures, and states I enjoy simple union, no display off. Shweta says we’ll do grand purposes, we’ll inquire Bollywood designer to design clothes. Dayaben retains mind. Neil says I’m against that, you won’t endure all costs being woman’s family, we’ll discuss the expenses of union. Coffee drops on Neil. Neil says I’ll go and wash it. Dayaben states come, I’ll reveal bath. Neil states I will discover it.

Avni says wait, you can not blame Dayaben without believing. Avni states you can tell anything to me personally, I can not watch Dayaben’s insult. She inquires Riya about accepting bangles to jewellery store. Riya says , I chose it to correct dimensions. Avni says perhaps jeweler changed bangles. Dayaben says , everyone can cheat viewing expensive bangles. Avni asks Dayaben to phone jewelry store and resolve issue. Dayaben agrees. She gets her handbag to possess telephone. The bangles drop down her handbag. Everybody get shocked. Avni smiles.

She retains Avni’s hands and takes her interior Mehta home. Avni sees Dayaben performing aarti. Diksha falls and comes down. Dayaben and everybody laugh. Dayaben provides aarti to everybody.
Riya clicks on their pic and articles on fb. She presents Avni into him. Avni gets stunned. Neil introduces himself. Avni shakes handson. She states your fiance. Riya requires him. Avni says will he abandon me, Riya’s fiance is a policeman, today I need to place these bangles in Dayaben’s handbag to prevent participation. Dayaben announces Riya and also Neil’s participation. Riya states this isn’t honest, such plain statement. Shweta says she’s correct, Riya and that I have nice tuning.

DD asks Neil to hear, its only compact tika. Neil says what crap. DD states Mata ji said little tika is essential. Neil says that my sherwani looks fancy gown. DD and Neil’s mommy stink Neil. DD says I implemented him black tika. She says you did great work for the very first time. Prakash says I’m requesting your mummy to provide me breakfast, she didn’t get time from cosmetics, she didn’t allow me to eat, so that I obtained sausage in hand. Neil says assure me, you won’t telephone me Tillu out, and I’ve worn this dress to your own happiness, but I’m not comfortable. She says I’ll call you Tillu, and its own costly apparel, wear it for a single day, I didn’t tell speed to Prakash. Prakash hears and inquires why is that this dress so pricey. She states visit our son, not cash. Prakash and his spouse argue. All of them go. He believes of Avni.

Riya says you stated you’re my lover, now you’re saying you arrived to fulfill Dadi. Avni says what will I do if home has so much ability. It had been my destiny to fulfill Riya, I understand everything about Dayaben, the way the woman raised three kids, you motivated me. Dayaben says I do not wish to start beyond. Dayaben says fine, we’ll discuss this tomorrow, love with Riya. Avni belongs with Riya. Dayaben belongs to welcome man and loved ones. Avni believes to swap bangles in space. She sits to select purse. She doesn’t see Neil.

Avni says I understand you well, I’m your biggest fan, Ananya Verma. Dayaben inquires why, what do you need from me. Avni says consent, to compose a new history, where your story is going to be read, I’m a writer, its own enthusiasm to inspire new creation. Dayaben says much is printed about me, what would you compose brand new. Avni says anything you did, novel will fall short for this, your story can inspire girls, can I compose your narrative.

Shweta appears at Dayaben and states these aren’t bangles, which I’ve sent for Riya, this really is bogus, how did this occur. Dayaben gets stunned. Diksha states Shweta gave imitation jewelry. Shweta asserts for insulting them. Neil claims wait, allow me to check. Prakash says Shweta is correct, its own ancestral bangles. Shweta says its a lot of, we will depart. Shweta argues.

Avni says you’re looking happy on telephone, who had been it. Riya states my brother. Avni says you stated you’re just kid. Riya says he’s my cousin Amol, he’s analyzing graduation in UK, he’s coming India following week. She recalls Neela’s goes and words. She receives lipstick. He replies. She yells hearing him. She chooses bangles to alter.
She inquires do I understand you. Avni says I understand you quite well. Diksha asks where household are you. Avni remembers Dayaben’s words takes her blessings. Dayaben says you are Riya’s buddy.

She presents Diksha into them. Prakash loves decorations. Riya states what type of grin shall I maintain in my head. She makes Riya prepared. She says that your loved ones is indeed beautiful, who are there in your loved ones, your daddy, cousins, sorry to inquire. Riya says that my father went outside for company conference, I’m the only princess of my parents. Riya gets a phone from Aman. Avni appears on and remembers Aman.

She states any woman would deny you visiting this elaborate dress, you came after me . He says that its my best to follow, I’m policeman, so burglar beforehand and that I follow. Shweta sees them and states this is that woman who did injury, she doesn’t know driving, but asserts, visit my Tillu will teach her a lesson. Avni stumbles. Neil retains her arms. They’ve got an eyelock.

Riya insists. Neil states Riya, your buddy is dull, she can not dance. Avni believe that this is opportunity to dance and alter bangles. Riya requires Dayaben for dancing. Avni retains bangles inside. Avni seems on. The bangle drops and breaks down. All of them get shocked.
Neil’s mum Shweta stating we did rush in maintaining involvement. Dayaben states no. Shweta says we’d have ordered it in five star resort. Dayaben says do not worry, this can be shagun’s function, we’ll do actual involvement when Riya’s daddy comes, we’ll do as you mentioned, in five star resort. Prakash says we understand. Dayaben says my beloved grandson Amol is arriving after two weeks. Shweta states it means you didn’t find happy by our forthcoming. Neil says mother please.

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