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Monday update on Zara’s Nikah 29th March 2021



Zara’s Nikah 29 March 2021: Zara is in her area and smiles. She hears somebody and sees Kabir leaping in the window. He provides her dupatta backagain. Zara says what exactly are you doing here? Kabir says Imran assisted me leap the window. Zara smiles .

Zara appears in the camera and remembers her wedding night. Kabir said to Zara we fought when we got married. Zara says I did not receive any present the very first time. Kabir says that I have one today. He presents her a camera. Zara smiles and asks if he’s fine? You do not enjoy taking photos. Kabir says but you want to present and shoot pictures so why not. Zara says that I love you for this, I’ll take photos when you pose . She attempts to shoot his photos and he covers his face. Zara says I’m considering Kabir? I can not be of Kabir and that he can not be mine.
Kabir calls his slave and inquires did you’ve Bubbli’s letter? He says I’ve torn it. Kabir says you’ll find all the bits and bit that letter back.

Irfan informs Zara that until you leave I wish to force you to eat my own kheer.

Kabir informs Zara that how can you believe I would forget you? I won’t ever allow you away from me. Kabir says you understand what I requested God? I requested him to kill me, I started working at a bomb group to expire and be together with you. I will die but I will not allow you away from me. Zara fixes her tears. Kabir says when I saw you , I understood why God did not give me death, he desired me to meet you . He holds her hands and says that I won’t ever abandon you . . Kabir says remain 1 minute. He’s a knife and holds her hands. He yells it and provides her knife. He places her hands on his throat and also sits on his knees. Kabir says to kill me and then depart. Zara states you’re a priest and thus don’t attempt to act as a lover. Kabir says to kill me then depart. Kabir smiles and says you could not kill me. Zara says I can not kill anybody, I give life to people who wish to die. Kabir brings her nearer and states give me my entire life is with you. I will not allow you to go. Zara believes I’m sorry but I must go. She says you’ve got no right, I have begun living with no and you need to go habituated to live without me also. I’m leaving. She starts packing, Kabir attempts to prevent her. Zara says in the event that you stop me then I will whine about this buff Kabir into the head priest Kabir, I am certain that priest Kabir will not allow injustice have been a girl. Kabir is astonished and quits himself. Zara packs her things. Kabir regrettably looks away. Zara is miserable too but does not show it.


Scene two
Kabir tells Imran I must prove to Zara I am not with this Bubbli. Imran says you’re likely to demonstrate your love to Zara? Kabir says that the instructor has diverted Zara so that I will prove her wrong. He begins rejoining the paper.

Zara informs Kabir I simply know that you just held a hands on a woman called Zara and explained to her that you care for her. Kabir is shocked and states you’re speaking about that Bubbli? I didn’t state anything like this.

Kabir claims to Zahida I have never begged to anybody but I am folding my hands on you, please free my love.
Salma arrives to Zara and states you’ve made me completely fine.

Salma says I did not know but then I believed Kabir understands Ruksaar can do anything and have divorced , he’s kept her at the home but there has to be a motive to rescue her from Zara. Kabir comes there and states I’ve a while, he renders from that point. Salma states did they have a struggle?
Kabir attracts the rejoined correspondence to Zara and states it is evidence of my love for youpersonally, this can be a letter out of this Bubbli. Salma reads the correspondence which Kabir is a fool, so I know you love the children and if you attempt to locate me then I won’t spare those children, I arrived to fool you however that I fell in love with you but you never looked at me with love. Zara recalls how began hating Kabir. She looks at him thinks. Salma informs Zara you presume Kabir and Bubbli. . no. Kabir says that I told you that which on the very first day. I composed a letter to you. Zara says I did not receive any letter. Kabir says if you did not get it where can it be? Zahida comes there and states I have that correspondence. She says I have this letter on your area Zara. Salma is astonished to determine their affection. Kabir informs Zara there was is just one Zara within my entire life. I love you just.

Scene 1

Salma informs Zahida that you’ve ruined our Zara’s life. Salma states who are you? Zara isn’t needing to dwell with us? She’s calling you a mother when Ia m real mother. She attracts cash and states one can take everything out of me but abandon Zara only. Zahida seems on.
Irfan gives medication to Salma. Zahida says do not fret about me Salma, I won’t ever arrive before you . Salma says Kabir enjoys Zara a great deal and he’ll convince Zara to remain here. Zara comes there and states no Amma, I’m not staying back on anybody’s convincing. I’m leaving. Irfan stops Zara and states you would like to leave your old buddies? Zahida is miserable.

Irfan claims to Zara which you are able to create Salma fine should you take in Kabir. Salma adopts and hides it. Irfan says you ought to leave everything on God if you married him the very first time, you hated each other but you then fell in love and madly in love. . Irfan claims that time will return.

Kabir leaves her hands but lifts her into his arms. She’s surprised. Kabir says in the event that you attempt to do anything I will fall down and that I understand that my Zara won’t allow me to fall. Zara blushes. Kabir says you’ve lost weight could be as you missed me a great deal. He begins carrying her into her room. They remember their minutes together. Kabir puts Zara about the mattress and goes nearer to her.

Kabir tells Zara there was just one Zara in his lifetime and will always be. There was not any one in my entire life, I love you just. Zara looks on and says that I did not come to keep here. I’ve completed my job here and that I will leave today. He says you stated what you mentioned, you may speak to me today alone. He leaves from that point. Zara looks on and says that I do not wish to speak with you. Kabir is stunned and extends back for her. He holds her hands and says you’ve got to speak to me. Zara pulls her hands back and says that I am a stranger to you, do not touch me. Kabir catches her hands and throws water in their combined hands. He says that I shall wash my hands 1000 times but that I won’t ever depart from your hand. Zara says you can not force me. Kabir says you must speak to me.

Kabir states then how can you really know about her? Zara remembers the flashback of the way she’s got told and treated Zahida that she’ll go and fulfill her Kabir again. I’ll hug him closely. She suddenly watched from her automobile that Kabir is holding a woman’s hand and said to her he does not wish to lose her. I needed to run to you and inform you that I’m here, to prevent you and be together with you but I then moved away since I watched you pleased with that woman. I moved away out of your life. Kabir says I want you’d have come to me and speak to me. Zara says that I was very happy for you going in your own life. I then moved to Irfan and Salma’s home and saw that woman as their own daughter. I thought you forgot me and that woman was bringing joy back on your own lives. Kabir says you knew all of that by staying away? Zara says I believed if I return afterward I’d place my parents’ lives in danger, and so I went back into my own teacher. God shut one door but opened the other doorway to consider others. Zara says songs gave me serenity and gave me a sense of management to take care of others. My life isn’t in accordance with yours . I’m a stranger for you therefore do not come to me with no notice.


Zara smiles and says it is so yummy. Irfan says what’s exactly the same as previously. Zara says I understand that your, Salma and Kabir’s love has not changed. I really like Kabir also but he’s not my husband. Irfan states but he could turn into your spouse, why are you behaving like this with him? Zara says that he can not turn into my husband. I can not keep away from Kabir but once I had been with himhe had to endure so much pain. I am aware that Kabir will take me but he will not take my thought process and he’s a head priest, therefore I do not wish to pressurize him. My thought process is valuable to me and that I can not abandon it but I do not need to hurt Kabir. Irfan says I understand your love is powerful, I believe that you must drink Kabir. Zara states I am prepared to take care of him and give him time but can he accept me love for songs? Irfan says you’re correct, I’ll speak to Kabir.
Kabir begs to Zahida and states I can not live without her. Salma takes him out there and hugs him. She states Irfan has persuaded Zara. Salma states Zara has approved a nikah. Salma says you get started preparing for this. I heard Zara stating that her favorite memories were with you. Kabir says I understood and trusted my love. Salma says seem there. He turns to watch Zara staring at him. Zara shyly moves . They recall their minutes together. Zara states in the event that you thank me afterward I’m not yours. He attempts to visit her Salma pulls him back and says you’ve got to keep away from her until nikah. Kabir says I can not live without Zara and I feel as though she can not without me also. Irfan calls Salma therefore that she leaves. Zara smiles at Kabir and places a dupatta facing her. Kabir smiles.

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