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Monday Update On Ring of Fire 29th March 2021 Zee world



Ring of Fire 29 March 2021: Shristi sits beneath tree and seeing kids fighting attempts to prevent them and falls upon pooja thali. Pandit angrily cries she did a significant sin by falling thali and needs to be penalized by tonsuring her mind. Shristi faces and like her punishment will fix everything, she doesn’t think in this and isn’t prepared to endure punishment. PAndit attracts shaver and is going to tonsure Srhsiti’s mind when Baiju reaches and moves Pandit.

Abhimanyu takes Ragini into her area and says he’ll listen to her. He inquires is it. She says that he did, but imitation love. Anurag finds her hiding door and feels depressed and believes he enjoys Ragini a lot and even today.


Inebriated Ragini calls Anurag together with his title. She asks if she needs to notify everybody who he is. Anurag asks to inform afterward. Abhimanyu comes. Ragini says she wishes to inform him that Anurag is. Their relationship is similar to pumkin and knife. .

Abhimanyu excitedly watches soccer game on TV. Anurag remarks he likes football a lot and inquires Parag which group he supports. Parag says that he and Ragini/Guddi enjoys cricket. Abhimanyu says he had been captain of his group. Anurag inquires if his condition? Abhimanyu says his faculty team. Anurag says he had been captain of his group and also have kicked many objectives. Ragini asks him to describe the game. Abhimanyu says it’s simple. Ragini says she’ll bring juice to them . Ragini goes to kitchen also prepares juice. Anurag enters and maintaining her active in his discussions combines alcohol in Abhimanyu’s glass and provides two ice cubes as a hint.

Ragini continues. Abhimanyu says she’s so beautiful, who won’t love her. Ragini claims love is of two kind, 1 that satisfies every other’s deficiencies as well as other where a few goes together, but if somebody comes, they alter their spouse exactly the same occurred with her, and she tried to act like her husband desired, but she neglected. Abhimanyu believes she informed truth, he will do what he must.


Baiju proceeds to shopkeeper and compels him. Shopkeeper states Baiju is providing money rather. Baiju gives leaves and money. Dulari states Baiju shifted like in Bhojpuri movies. Revathi says wicked can’t change and is behaving. Daadi asks to not take bad’s name in this Home
Pandit says he cried in religious difficulties. Baiju says that he did a mistake by means of girl and can’t appearing in to his own eyes and his mum, they’re doing error by insulting lady. Puppet asks pandit to proceed, Baiju is an area goon. Baiju asks to test then. Baiju defeats them all.

Shristi feeds her and inquires to nourish her today. Their psychological bonding and recalling Vishu continues. In Ragini’s home, Vikral reveals shooting goal to Abhimanyu. She states it’s late night today, they’ll practice tomorrow. At nighttime, Divya cries reminiscing Vishu and inquires god he chooses great people like Vishu rather than punish goons such as Baiju. She predicts Anurag. She speaks and asks to come home shortly with bhabhi shortly.

Ragini continues her play and says she’s a great deal of sorrows in existence. Anurag asks to inform what sorrows she’s and that are the motive. Ragini inquires why if she, her husband was a betrayer, she’ll tell fact to Abhimanyu and chooses her mouth close to his ears,” says that he shouldn’t hear, she’ll talk only to babuji. Ragini inquires Abhimanyu if he understands she’s already married. He says that he understands. Parag asks to visit her room.

Vikral requests him to demonstrate his gift rather. Abhimanyu goal clinics. Ragini enters. He asks to demonstrate her gift today. Anurag enters. Ragini happens. Abhimanyu praises she’s standing like specialist, who’s her trainer. Vikral states who else . Ragini reminisces promising Anurag she won’t shoot , but shoots. Abhimanyu says she missed a little, let him instruct her. He holds her teaches. Anurag enters holding snacks and has jealous that no one could touch with his Ragini, let him different Abhimanyu first. He serves drops and snacks chutney on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says seems like he’s still not proficient at home work. Anurag says might be this home’s food likes his garments. Vikral scolds him he is incapable of anything.


After they leave, Anurag faces Ragini and says that he can’t see anyone else bothering, just he gets right on her. She reunite and states just she’s correct on herself and only she can decide who will touch her, it’s her life and she’ll wed the boy her father has selected. Ragini gets anxious and asks servant Anurag’s wound. Anurag inquires what about his core wound. Ragini says she’s not worried about his soul . Vikral warns Anurag to obey his business, not interfere with Ragini’s life. Anurag says he’s attempting to rescue his life.

Baijju cuts Shristi’s hands and then his hands and states pandit he known as shristi as sinner, but she’s same blood such as his, when he eliminates pandit’s bloodit is same. He ties kerchief on Shristi’s wound and states that they all search god at idol, but maybe not at a woman who’s fighting for life and also for her loved ones. Pandit and his staff feel guilty.

Anurag then functions juice to Abhimanyu along with many others. Abhimanyu says he’ll clarify what soccer game is through these juice glasses and buys them. All of them gulp juice 1 move. Ragini gets inebriated and begins speaking. Anurag realizes she ate alcohol rather and reminiscing her unable to take care of alcohol once believes what to do today. Ragini continues her play. Parag asks her to calm down since babuji is out and requires her to space.

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