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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 47 Recap

Everyone cheered in unison to welcome the return of Hong Kong. Under the salute and fireworks, Zhou Xiaofeng gradually opened his eyes. Although Zhou Xiaofeng’s sanity has not yet recovered, it is enough to show that he is getting better. Besides, Beijing Hospital wants to send experts to do the consultation. Shizhu thinks this is a good thing, and he specially hosted a banquet at home to entertain relatives and friends.

Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 46 Recap

However, everyone gathered at the table that day, but Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong were the only ones who were late, and Dianthus felt bad through Zhou Xiaoliu’s reaction. Under questioning by Dianthus and others, Zhou Xiaoliu confessed that Liu Pansong went to Beijing alone to consult an expert in order to find a way to treat Zhou Xiaosong, but died of a cerebral hemorrhage on the road.

When Dianthus heard this, Zhou Qing returned to Heshan alone, and took Dianthus to sweep the grave for his son Zhou Xiaoyang. As Zhou Qingnji was already older and his body was far from before, it seemed a little difficult to just stand up. When Dianthus saw him, Zhou Qing stretched out and pulled him. Zhou Qing remembered the scene when the two met for the first time, so he immediately reached out and grabbed it, and followed her carefully down the mountain.

Experts came to take Zhou Xiaofeng to Beijing, Zhou Xiaoxiao also decided to leave Heshan, ready to go to the provincial capital to start life again, run his own handicraft, and hand over his feather duster to the dianthus before leaving. Zhou Qing and Dianthus sat in the room chatting, looking at the glued old photo on the table, they couldn’t help feeling very much.

After decades of ups and downs, Zhou Qing still doesn’t forget how he promised to Dianthus that he will grow old until he die. However, Zhou Qing still failed Dianthus. Not only did she break her promise, she even threw her heart to the ground, breaking her into eight petals. Even so, the dianthus still endured the pain, and picked it up one by one, and glued it together. Looking back at this life of Dianthus, I always spent it in the process of sticking and mending, my heart was broken, and my body was bruised.

Although Zhou Qing has become a negative person, but Dianthus didn’t really hate him. Perhaps fate is like this. Only when you owe it can you be entangled. Through this conversation, the heart knot between Dianthus and Zhou Qing was completely opened. Until the next morning, Dianthus smiled and asked Zhou Qing to get up for dinner, only to find that he had died with a smile on his face. Dianthus froze in place, and then sat beside him silently, guarding Zhou Qing’s last journey.

Time came to the eve of the Chinese New Year in the millennium. The streets were filled with a festive atmosphere. Kong Linggao and his wife posted Spring Festival couplets at home to prepare things. Jiang Zhenhai ran over to stroll around and chat, discussing to accompany the dianthus to celebrate the New Year. At this moment, Shizhu was wiping the portraits of Zhou Qing and others at home, but unexpectedly received a phone call from several children and learned that they were unable to return to Heshan because of their work.

Shizhu believed it to be true, and stayed at home. Little did he know that it was a smoke bomb deliberately arranged by the children and wanted to come back secretly to surprise her. So when Dianthus saw everyone lining up behind him, he couldn’t help crying. On New Year’s Eve, the Zhou’s small courtyard became lively and the family enjoyed themselves.

When Kong Linggao was fiddling with the camera and everyone was about to take a family portrait, Zhou Yaoyao unexpectedly returned from abroad. Because she looked so much like Zhao Yingtong, everyone was a little stunned at first, until Zhou Yaoyao took the initiative to call for her grandma, and then she reacted. Now that Zhou Yaoyao has graduated, she decided to stay in the country and never leave again. She told Dianthus about her longing for many years and took the initiative to call Zhou Xiaofeng’s father.

With Zhou Yaoyao joining, a warm family portrait hung on the wall. After dinner, everyone went to the yard to welcome the coming of the millennium, watching the fireworks bloom in the sky, everyone with a bright smile on their faces, they said blessings to each other, and cherished the moment of reunion.



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