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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 46 Recap

As everyone’s life is gradually moving towards the right track, Dianthus and his neighbors live in harmony as usual. Unexpectedly, Zhou Xiaofeng will come back suddenly, but at this time he is lying on a stretcher and sent home by several policemen and doctors. It turned out that Zhou Xiaofeng suffered severe injuries during the action, although the doctor saved his life, but his brain was deprived of oxygen for too long, and he fell into a deep coma.

After Zhou Xiaofeng returned to Heshan’s hometown, the doctor explained some precautions to Dianthus, as well as personal hygiene issues, and said that his family should always be with him. When Zhou Qing and others learned of Zhou Xiaofeng’s accident, they rushed to Heshan overnight. They wanted to take him and Dianthus to the provincial capital. However, Dianthus refused to agree and insisted on staying because Zhou Xiaofeng shouted that he wanted to return before he fell into a coma. Family.

Because of Dianthus’s insistence, everyone has no reason to refute, but she is not assured that she is alone, so Zhou Xiaoxiao offered to help Dianthus take care of Zhou Xiaofeng. Considering that Zhou Xiaofeng and Zhou Xiaoxiao are twins, they may be more telepathic than others, Zhou Qing also agreed to his request, and immediately took out his salary to subsidize the family with Dianthus, but Dianthus did not accept it.

From then on, Dianthus and Zhou Xiaoxiao began to take care of Zhou Xiaofeng every step of the way. Kong Linggao often came to the house to help. Seeing Dianthus white hair on the temples and still working hard, he felt distressed for her and couldn’t help crying. Dianthus doesn’t feel that her life is bitter. After all, her sons and daughters are very promising, which makes her very gratified.

Because Zhou Xiaofeng’s situation is more serious, both Dianthus and Zhou Xiaoxiao are patient, chatting about the past in his ears from time to time, taking him out for a drive by the way, looking for things he liked when he was a child, trying to awaken the best in his heart. memory. When Zhou Xiaoxiao read the newspaper to Zhou Xiaofeng, she accidentally saw a report about Jiang Lingdie, and then she knew that she had become an excellent actor.

Dianthus arranged his home in the same way he was before. After walking around every corner, he finally found an old TV set identical to his own. Zhou Xiaoxiao installed the antenna himself so that Zhou Xiaofeng could hear the sound of the TV. Although all the methods were exhausted, Zhou Xiaoxiao never responded, but everyone still refused to give up, Kong Linggao also found some remedies.

Zhou Xiaoxiao had put down the hatred in his heart and faced his own mistakes again, and even thought that Zhou Xiaofeng had too many grievances on his back, so he took the wine glass to worship those comrades who had sacrificed, and begged them to bless Zhou Xiaofeng to wake up soon. The next morning, Zhou Xiaoxiao proposed to take Zhou Xiaofeng to Zhao Yingtong’s tomb. Shi Zhu kept talking about Zhao Yingtong with him, and it really stimulated Zhou Xiaofeng and made him react.

Because Zhou Xiaofeng’s situation is getting more and more optimistic, Dianthus finally has a smile on her face, and she also believes that her son will wake up one day. Zhang Lanfen felt gratified for this, and at the same time invited Dianthus to join the elderly Yangko team to celebrate the return of Hong Kong on behalf of the streets. Although Dianthus was a little tempted, she didn’t want to leave Zhou Xiaofeng at this time. Seeing her mother was in entanglement, Zhou Xiaoxiao persuaded her to participate, and she would take care of Zhou Xiaofeng. Maybe the suona’s voice would help to wake up.

Considering that Zhou Xiaofeng had seen himself twisting Yangko since he was a child, Dianthus finally agreed. After a period of rehearsal, the Yangko team has been able to perform on stage under the leadership of Dianthus. On the eve of Hong Kong’s return, Shizhu and Zhang Lanfen led the Yangko team to the square. They danced to their hearts’ content to celebrate the motherland together with the singing.

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